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Han Dong "…"

The next day, the entertainment of major newspapers occupied the biggest area, not "who won the great prize" nor "who dated who where the relationship was confirmed" nor "who played big cards to offend the director" … Because almost all the headlines of newspapers and magazines on the front pages of major entertainment networks reported the charity dinner last night, the focus of the report was to put Yu Jinchuan back to his biological daughter who had been separated for more than 20 years. Almost all the photos were Yu Jinchuan’s appearance with Gao Xiaoxiao and Gao Xiaobaitai.
"Yu’s family finds her own daughter who has been separated for 23 years", "The last bachelor in D city has already been hidden from marriage, and her own daughter was found yesterday", "The ordinary woman became a modern Cinderella in darling daughter overnight" …
Gao Xiaoxiao sat at the dining table with a newspaper, her hands were tight and her face was white. She was not happy, but …
"Congratulations, my wife finally found her biological father." Six sister-in-law said with a smile when she brought the seafood omelet.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao put the newspaper embarrassed and smiled at her.
"Good morning, Mommy." Gao Xiaobai was dressed in a milky yellow sweater and ran downstairs with her dog jelly.
"Good morning, baby" Gao Xiaoxiao just finished putting it at the table. The mobile phone rang. She picked it up and saw that the WeChat group was madly brushing information.
Yan Nansheng congratulates Sister-in-law for confessing her ancestors!
Qi Chenghao congratulates Sister-in-law for recognizing her ancestors and returning to her ancestral home!
Feng Chen’ an congratulates Sister-in-law for recognizing her ancestors!
Lu Ziheng, congratulations
Yan nan rises to Lu San, can you keep a good formation?
Section 326
Does Gao Xiaoxiao think that the word "Renzuguizong" is so awkward and not like a good word?
Just thinking about how to reply to Han Shu, I suddenly made a frightened expression, "Who will add my wife in the trough?"
Gao Xiaoxiao …
Guan Yan turned out to be Brother Yu’s sister. I just read the report.
Guan Yan is right. Congratulations, Sister-in-law!
Yan Nansheng reported that Yu Xiaojia also said that you were his brother-in-law and took advantage of you.
Han Shao Yu Xiaosan, get out of here!
Of course Yu Yuting didn’t come out. I guess I drank too much last night and I still have a hangover at the moment.
Gao Xiaoxiao shook his head and simply said, "Why don’t Xiaobai go to see Aunt Huanyan with her mother today?"
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of milk and reached out to small tongue and licked his mouth around. "Is it a big aunt?"
"I forgot to change my mind for a while," said Gao Xiaoxiao.
Gao Xiaobai gave her a light look "… good"
At the same time, in the First People’s Hospital, Yang Xi walked into the old lady’s ward with a newspaper while wearing a soup thermos.
"Mom, look, the reports came out last night."
Old lady Yu couldn’t wait to take the newspaper and read her face from beginning to end. That’s a comfort.
When she came last night, she also had to attend the meeting. Dr. Nai told me that it was best not to go out for activities easily, especially on crowded occasions. It’s hard to say if she accidentally bumped into the situation, and it might even delay the recovery period.
There is no way that she can finally wait in the ward to receive the good news, and she is still not sure until she sees this report.
"Mom, you can rest assured now? Rainy son has forgiven Jinchuan. I’m sure it will be lively this New Year. When the time comes, let Rainy son bring Xiaobai back to accompany you and meet them. "Yang Xi said with a smile.
Old lady Yu nodded and suddenly frowned. "By the way, how do you know that Qiu didn’t attend last night?"
Last month, my friends worked hard to win the sixth place in the monthly ticket list. Although there is no reward in the monthly ticket list from this year, I am still very happy. Thank you ~ In February, we will continue to work hard and hope that if you have tickets, you can continue to support Han Shaoha ~ (づホホづㄥ)? ~
He can’t stay in this house any longer.
Old lady Yu nodded and suddenly frowned. "By the way, how do you know that Qiu didn’t go to the dinner party last night?"
"Uh" Yang Xi leng leng "seems to have no past"
"…" Old lady Yu pondered for a moment and then nodded. "I know. I’ll ask Jinchuan later to see what’s going on between them and what Cheng Yan has been up to recently. Why can’t I see him every day?"
Yang Xibian opened the lid of the thermos pot and said with a smile, "It’s almost the end of the year. Maybe you’re busy. It’s not that you don’t know that this child is a workaholic."
"Alas," the old lady Yu sighed, "This horse is going to celebrate the New Year. Anyway, he is also married, but when will Xia Xia come back? Ask Cheng Yan later and let him look for it. Don’t be busy with work all day. This Xia Xia has been missing for almost two months. Don’t find anyone. What happened? "
"Good mom, I know." Yang Xi Dihan went into the kitchen and took out a clean bowl to give the old lady a bowl of bone soup.
The old lady Yu took a sip of soup and said, "There’s Huanyan. Isn’t it that she’s sick? You have something to help me in the past today. Anyway, I also have Wu Sister-in-law to take care of me. "
"Well, I’ll go to see her later." Yang Xi said at the bottom of her heart, but she was really an old lady. Although her leg was broken and she was in the hospital, she still had an endless heart.
Yujia in the military compound
The deafening bell rang again and again in a bedroom on the second floor.
Yu Yuting’s eyebrows in the big bed are getting tighter and tighter. Finally, I couldn’t help jumping up and reaching for my mobile phone. I took a look at it to show that I pressed the answer button and put it in my ear. "Hello!"
"…" You Xiaoqiao was startled by this fierce roar and didn’t dare to speak for half a day.
"Dare to call me how dare not speak? Talk! " Yuyuting shouted at the words with his eyes closed.
"Boss" finally sounded in a weak and soft voice, "Sorry, boss, you … haven’t you got up yet?"
"nonsense!" What Yu Yuting hates most is being woken up, especially in the early morning after a hangover! I feel like my temple is about to explode.
"I’m sorry, boss. You didn’t answer my phone last night. My office waited for you all night and didn’t dare to sleep. It’s nine o’clock before I call you." You Xiaoqiao explained.
"…" Yu Yuting is too lazy to talk nonsense. "What can I do for you?"
"The boss is like this. I have resigned from your brother and returned to the office last night. Will you stop firing me?"
Yu Yuting snorted coldly. "Every month, you invest in water, rent and salary. You make me more money in a month. Are you doing charity?"
"Boss, you can’t do this. Although I can’t get any cases in general, I get 3 yuan a month, but at the same time I also work as a company security guard, cleaning and chef. Is this a good deal for you?" YouXiaoQiao don’t say
"…" Yu Yuting was choked up and took a deep breath. "Well, in that case, I’ll fire you now. You can go and work for whoever you want. You can go to whoever has a high salary. Let’s move out today."
"Boss, don’t do this." You Xiaoqiao actually cried at that end. "Boss, 555555, if you hadn’t saved me from those hooligans, I’m afraid I would have been ruined by them. My personality is that you know that if that’s the case, I will definitely throw myself into the river and die. You saved my life. I swore to God at that time that I, You Xiaoqiao, would be a ghost in my life! If the boss wants you to live in this world for one day, I will definitely follow you around and serve you! "
"…" Yu Yuting suddenly felt that he was out of his mind early in the morning to discuss this idiot problem with a crazy woman here.
品茶论坛"I sincerely to you heaven can learn heaven and earth can be described! Boss hey, boss, did you listen? " You Xiaoqiao sighed for a long time and suddenly didn’t hear Yuyuting’s response and shouted in horror.
Yu Yuting reached out and scratched his ear. "Can you say something nice during the New Year?"
He is not yet thirty years old, so it sounds unlucky to live in this world for one day.
"Hey hey boss, you’re not angry with me, don’t worry. I won’t go to Xia Xia there from today. I’ll wait for your order in my company." You Xiaoqiao listened to Yu Yuting’s tone and immediately crossed the head.
"Well" Yu Yuting disdainfully nodded "Hang up and wait for my notice later"
"Okay, boss, goodbye, boss. You go back to sleep. Sweet dreams, boss. Bye-bye."
Finally hung up, Yu Yuting threw the mobile phone with a hard and continued to sleep.
It didn’t last long, and soon the door came "bang bang" and was knocked.
Yu Yuting can’t be fidgety, pull up and simply suffocate his head and ears and go back to sleep.

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