Shang Xue couldn’t help laughing slightly when he looked at this scene. It is said that motherinlaw and daughterinlaw have been natural enemies since ancient times, but they can’t see any disharmony factors.

Mom, I’ll do it! Huangfuqing said that she took the soup bowl from Huangfu’s mother’s hand and carefully fed Yan, who had soup and meat. The feeding speed was slower. Huangfu’s mother looked at her granddaughter who was asleep, and she took Shanger Snow to one side to talk. I’m guarding your snow here, so […]

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It’s near

Jing Luan can already see the man’s chest figure above the sea. What person? Hands up across a short distance JingLuan shouted at there a kind of inarticulate familiar feeling that he didn’t shoot directly. At this moment, the little guy’s expression has become dignified. If he’s right, it’s daddy But how did daddy get […]

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Inevitably, because of his words, those memories that were buried in her memory and were unwilling to think of the pain again reappeared in front of her eyes.

After that night, how much she helped to find him, but she ran to her family and was told that he had gone abroad and would never come back; Knowing that she was pregnant and wanted to abort the child, the doctor told her coldly that if she was going to have an abortion, it […]

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I just told you last night that I can’t remember who Yang Zheng looks like. After saying this, I found that he is very similar to Rui Eyebrow. In other words, he looks like Master Gu. No accident, Yang Zheng should be an illegitimate son of Master Gu.

This makes sense, regardless of the master. One son, Javey, and one grandson are not so interested in these two fathers. It seems that there is another son and grandson he likes more. If this thing is true, Gu Rui, let’s deal with Yang Zheng and yang xian behind Tibet. We know that it is […]

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Dressed in auspicious clouds, dressed in dark clothes, with white forehead wrapped in red belts, eyes full of emotions and gloomy eyes, eyebrows raised, lips bright and beautiful, but also like natural charm. When you are angry, you seem to smile, when you are ambiguous and far away, you are unpredictable, and you can move your eyes in a neutral way.

It’s really fascinating. "I don’t want to wait with him" is the conclusion of Han Luoxiao after watching him for ten minutes. HeLianYin angry stare a few people "make group small exclusion, right? Believe it or not, I beat you. " "Don’t just don’t" Jiang Chenxi pouted when he saw his face. "If we are […]

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Youkan Mountain took a deep breath and said, "Well, I’ll say that our Youjia family is an ordinary ordinary ordinary people with no background. Huili and I have a limited pension in recent years. Even if Xiao Qiao really wants to get married in the future, we can’t give a dowry. Xiao Qiao is my daughter. I’d rather she find an ordinary man to earn money every day than her. Your family is wronged and despised and insulted!"

You Xiaoqiao immediately after hearing these words, his nose was sour and his eyes were red and swollen. Just want to open the shoulder was Yu Yuting to press a. She looked up and saw that Yu Yuting’s jaw line was tight. In the past, her eyes were a little sloppy and frivolous. Instead, she […]

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It’s too exciting, and in the end, I don’t know if they agreed or what, but they actually touched the wrong place

"My mother, will you stop fooling around? I’m a wounded man now." The body of the Chapter 145 "Mystery" I’m depressed. Why do these two women want to seduce me? I’m so good that I deserve their temptation. And Yuqing snow, this girl is also trying to fix me up with her mother. Why is […]

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