Gao Xiaoxiao felt a slight pain in her waist and lamented that she was really a naive ghost pretending to be drunk and jealous!

Can you look at Yu Jinchuan and say, "No, Uncle Yu, we don’t seem to be on the way?"
"Why don’t you drop by? Don’t you live in Xiangxi Garden?" Yang Xi aside enthusiastic said.
Gao Xiaoxiao slightly embarrassed "er …"
Fortunately, the old lady got up and said, "Let’s call a car for Xiaoxiao ‘er. Isn’t your friend Jinchuan waiting for you? It’s more than ten o’clock. Go quickly. Don’t delay coming back late. "
品茶Gao Xiaoxiao also nodded in agreement, but …
"No" Yu Jinchuan smiled. His expression has always been soft and his voice is kind, but it gives the race a firm refusal. "I’ll take you back to the jeep. It’s spacious. Let’s go."
Then he picked up his coat and came over. He bent down slightly and said kindly to Gao Xiaobai, "Your name is Xiaobai, right? Your mother should hold your father and I will carry you out, okay? "
Gao Xiaoxiao+Gao Xiaobai "…"
Yu Yu’s old lady’s face expression can’t help but get a little weird.
Others didn’t notice, but her steel did.
When Jinchuan looked at Xiaoxiao ‘er before the dinner, his urgent and trance eyes were almost the same as those when he looked at Gao Zhiqiu.
She knows that Xiao Xiao’s good-looking son is a bit like Gao Zhiqiu, but … That’s Ah Shu’s wife. It’s Kim Chuan, the daughter-in-law of the Korean family. Although she is almost fifty years old, she is still single and unmarried, and she is still a little worried.
Gao Xiaobai doesn’t talk with a pair of big black and white eyes watching Yujinchuan.
Gao Xiaoxiao saw that Yu Jinchuan had been bending over and waiting there, and there was no way to say, "Little White, thank you grandpa."
Gao Xiaobai blinked his eyes and said "Thank you, Grandpa".
Yu Jinchuan’s smile deepened and he reached into Gao Xiaobai’s armpit and picked him up easily. "Let’s go."
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and said goodbye to all, and then held the Han Shao to the door of the restaurant.
Section 232
"Goodbye, little white brother!" Niu Niu shouted urgently
Gao Xiaobai waved to my girl and was held by Yujinchuan and walked towards the door.
Soon after the door, "little uncle!" Suddenly came the sound of time behind him.
Gao Xiaoxiao stopped to see time Pu carrying glasses and Gu Liqing, the maid of honor, coming together.
Her body is no longer the previous pink gift, but a red cheongsam.
If the previous ceremony showed her little daughter’s charming feeling, now this cheongsam can highlight her enchanting figure and delicate facial features, and the whole person is becoming more and more charming and generous. At first glance, there is a kind of "gorgeous" momentum.
Gu Liqing from always wearing the light purple bridesmaid dress with cold eyes whooshed to the front embrace Han Shan and Gao Xiaoxiao together.
"Little Uncle" Time Pu finally came over with a sweet smile on his face and asked, "Why did you leave so early? Is there anything urgent?"
She is really curious how Yu Jinchuan left with the Han’s family. Especially when I saw him holding the child in his arms, he looked like a family … If she remembers correctly, it seems that they just met for the first time tonight, right? Time pu has some taste in his heart.
Yu Jinchuan looked at Time Pu and simply said, "Well, a friend came to D City to find me."
Time Pu nodded, although there are still questions, but it is not good to ask again. Well, he nodded, "That … little uncle, take care."
Yujinchuan nodded and left with Gao Xiaobai.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at the time and nodded politely, then he also helped Han Shan to follow Yu Jinchuan away.
Looking at Han Shu, almost the whole person depends on Gao Xiaoxiao’s intimate but dependent appearance, which makes Gu Liqing’s teeth itch with hate.
Until Time Pu said "Let’s go"
She suppressed jealousy, turned around and walked with her to the main table.
At the main table, Zheng Lin and Yu Xiyuan toasted. Jiang Mengyi saw that the table next door was almost ready, and she lost her temper at Master Gu.
"You look at Korea’s family. What do they mean? This dish is only half full. Are they all gone? It’s too much not to say hello to us! "
Master Gu frowned. "It’s good that people can come."
Besides, isn’t it the same to say hello to Yu’s family?
Jiang Mengyi eyes a stare "it’s not like we begged their home since I’m here, we should respect a host family when we leave …"
"Stop talking, Guangpu is coming." Master Gu held her hand.
Jiang Mengyi swallowed her breath and immediately turned her face and looked at her with a smile when time came. "Why didn’t Guangpu come with you?"

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