Everyone inside amplified their ears and noted the situation here. After that, the manager also looked at Li Qinglai recklessly!

It seems that no one has applied for a job in Qiancheng for a long time! It’s the woman with an English name next to her eyes! Almost the whole company has this Asa who can speak some English. Of course, this famous Xiaoli woman married herself a foreign name, which not only made foreign […]

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It’s the elder. Mok nodded. Adventurer, please come with me.

Let it take us there Two people out of the big elders cabin monk wants to walk with Chen Mo in the past. Chen Mo is too slow. Let the black phoenix fly directly and let Dark Phoenix fly with two people to the location of the flame lava monster. There are rich forests around […]

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The gas has solidified.

HeLianYin gawking at her chuckle "perfect". Nod to Yin Sit in front of the mirror. The maid combed her long hair like smoke, and her eyes were envious. How many generations does it take to marry He Lianyin? Young ladies must have saved the bodhisattva, right? I’ ve come to enjoy my life, married a […]

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Mom, she’s here to find Feiyang’s brother. Chen Xiao said toward Chen Yun again.

Several women looked at Feiyang, their eyes were freezing cold, and the cold sweat on Feiyang’s face came. I didn’t have a woman outside. Why did you suddenly say that Cao Cao came? Open the door with a smile, said Chen Yun lightly. All the women in the living room looked at the door in […]

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Xiao Mo Mo immediately threw away the duckling, raised his two meat paws and learned to rub his little face like Gao Xiaoxiao, which was almost deformed.

Looking at her daughter’s beautiful picture, Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help being happy. It’s really a "daughter follows father" to love beauty at such a young age! After the mother and daughter cleaned up, Han Shan took a shower inside, and Gao Xiaoxiao took her daughter by the hand and went upstairs first. When you go […]

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Gao Xiaoxiao felt a slight pain in her waist and lamented that she was really a naive ghost pretending to be drunk and jealous!

Can you look at Yu Jinchuan and say, "No, Uncle Yu, we don’t seem to be on the way?" "Why don’t you drop by? Don’t you live in Xiangxi Garden?" Yang Xi aside enthusiastic said. Gao Xiaoxiao slightly embarrassed "er …" Fortunately, the old lady got up and said, "Let’s call a car for Xiaoxiao […]

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Song Qingcheng nodded

Jiang Chi and Yu Tingchuan got to know the whole situation of the Song Dynasty better, chatting and saying, "There are only a few days before the Spring Festival, especially after the Spring Festival, relatives have to walk around and eat, and they have a headache at this time of the year." Said Jiang Chi […]

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Is it so nice? Su Mo couldn’t wait to slap her stepmother in the face.

This woman’s ulterior motives are now deliberately making her look like a deserted wife and pretending to be poor and saying that she is good is really disgusting. Luo Ruixi smiled faintly. "It’s a wonderful thing to fall in love, and it just happens that I am a friend of Sina’s that I know how […]

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