As soon as his voice fell, he got a dirty look from Lu, but he couldn’t send it in front of his father

"Then you’d better go back!" Lu You loosened his sleeve and crossed him to his father. "Dad, I agreed with Lin Mochen that he would let his friends pick him up so that we wouldn’t sleep on the sofa and he wouldn’t drink and drive."
She doesn’t want to sleep with him. She doesn’t want her parents to get so close under their noses.
Lin Mo-chen can be a hooligan, so she can also be a little clever.
There are many ways for Lin Mo-chen to leave, one of which is to ask assistant Pang Bo or secret Meng Jiang to pick him up.
He just wants to stay here and then … she doesn’t want to think about it any more.
Lin Mo-chen didn’t expect sorrow from Lu to come to this recruit. He hooked his lips and it was really a little clever.
"Are you? Then I’m relieved. "Lu Yong nodded.
"Then I won’t disturb my uncle and aunt’s rest." Lin Mo-chen buckled Lu You’s hand. "I asked Xiao You to accompany me."
"Good" Lu Yong agreed. "Little worry, you send Xiao Lin."
Lu You smiled to reassure his father, "Dad, go to sleep and I’ll send him."
Lin Mochen went out with Lu You.
"You should call Mr. Pang quickly. You will wait a long time after you go." Lu You kindly woke him up.
Lin Mochen took her mobile phone in one hand and sent a voice WeChat to Pang Bo, "Pang Bo, I am worried about my home, you come and pick me up and go back to Rhine City."
He sent out his voice and looked at Lu You. "Don’t worry, I won’t stay?"
Section 56
"I … that’s not what I meant." Lu was so worried that he didn’t dare to look at his sharp eyes. "I don’t trust you to go back alone? Besides, it’s always a hundred times more comfortable for you to go back to Rhine City to sleep on the sofa than for my family. "
"It seems that you are not white, I’d rather sleep on the sofa in your house." Lin Mochen put the mobile phone back in his trouser pocket.
Lu sorrow directly don’t talk to Lin Mo Chen sent to Sarah’s next to "my building".
Lu sorrow hasn’t turned around when he was pressed by Lin Mo-chen. His hands held the handlebar and Lu sorrow was trapped in his arms.
His proximity made his breath haunt her and made her feel stressed.
Lu You reached out and pushed his chest to stop him from approaching "Lin Mochen, what do you want?"
"What do I want to do?" Lin Mochen’s deep eyes are as dark as the night. "Will you not know?"
Lu Yougen couldn’t resist his strength. The closer he got to her, the more he folded his hand to his side.
"Can you let me go first and then talk?" Lu sorrow coax to please him.
桑拿会所It seems that she angered him by driving him away. Who said that it makes no sense for women to be born narrow-minded and angry? She doesn’t agree with men, okay? Otherwise, why did Lin Mo-chen get so angry after a little thing?
"Lu You really know how to play tricks, so I won’t sleep with you if you drive me away?" Lin Mo-chen speaks very badly.
Lu sorrow Zheng big eyes looking at him is gradually dyed blush.
Lin Mochen looked at her charming. "Mrs. Lin, we are husband and wife. Today your parents also agreed that one day we will sleep together and I will give you my baby."
"I’m still young, I want to work more for a few years, and I don’t want a baby." This is what Lu You made a good plan for himself before he met Lin Mochen.
"We can talk about having a baby later, but now I want to do one thing." Lin Mo-chen withdrew his hand.
He buckled her wrist with one hand and opened the gate of the car with the other, and quickly pushed Lu Yu to the car.
Lu sorrow didn’t have a chance to struggle. When she didn’t resist, she didn’t want to get up. Lin Mochen’s tall body also got in.
He deceives her, and she clasps her hands, and the two of them confront each other one by one.
Lu sorrow tightly staring at his eyes still have a little guard against more is blushing.
She doesn’t want anything to happen to him here.
He stared at her like a hunter, staring at his prey like a cheetah in the dark, dangerous and elegant.
In this narrow carriage, his breath doesn’t surround her tightly, and such low pressure makes people suffocate and even more flustered.
"Lin Mochen, my parents have agreed with you and promised us to get married." Lu You woke him up. "What would they think if you did this to me?"
"They won’t see" Lin Mochen’s breath blows her face and itches. "They are very relieved that we are together and they are asleep."
"One thousand Mr Pang to see? It will ruin your image in front of you. "Lu You can’t bear the pounding heart." This is really not good. "
He is too close to her, so that her eyes can be clearer and she can appreciate his perfect beauty carefully.
"He came and didn’t dare to look!" Lin Mochen is overbearing and domineering.
"Lin Mo Chen … I …" Lu sorrow bit bite lips can’t find the words.
"Come on, everything at home is bought. When will you move in with me?" Lin Mo-chen recalled the past. "You promised me once, otherwise I would really move here and bring a marriage certificate to let my parents know that we are legal, so that no one can sleep on the sofa in the same room and bed."
"Lin Mochen, don’t I have to pack my things and take them with me?" Lu You tried hard to let himself report to him. "Besides, I have to go to the company to report to General Manager Gu about my work. When my work is arranged, I will find a suitable time to let my parents know that we have obtained the license, and then I can move there aboveboard, don’t you think?"
"Mrs. Lin, I don’t think anyone is more miserable than me. I will be separated from my husband and wife when I get married." Lin Mochen complained, "You are not distressed at all, and I can’t see that you are so anxious that you are very happy."
"It’s … it’s really nothing." Lu You shook his head seriously. "Recently, there have been many things that have been handled, and sometimes Mr. Lin can’t wait for this, can he?"
"Sure enough, I can’t wait." Lin Mochen is particularly looking forward to their cohabitation day.
He feels that he can have a warm home like that, which he hasn’t had for many years, and it is an expectation
"Mrs. Suolin has to give Mr. Lin some welfare comfort or she will really be unable to sleep tonight."
Then the man kissed like a spring rain.
Strong and hot, eager and affectionate.
"Well …"
Lu sorrow was kissed by him, and he couldn’t help but feel low. But there was a temptation in the man’s ear, as if to encourage him to be more crazy and deepen the kiss.
She was kissed by him, and she was so aggressive that she could bear his enthusiasm.
And a man like him is used to mastering everything and being dominant, and she is not allowed to refuse at all.
She knew that she was also able to resist him and kiss her, and she was used to his enthusiasm and habit of being kissed by him.

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