good! This is my class leader, Teacher Ye.

good! This is my class leader, Teacher Ye. Teacher Ye, this is my mother Ouyang Xian Qian, who has been working with her grandfather before returning to Beijing. The teacher has long known that your mother is a great girl. Mr. Wang knew that the little woman wanted to ask the teacher about the little […]

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Nai Yang Feifan inwardly sighed that only after waiting for an hour, he slowly recovered his energy.

Su Yueying frowned. She always thought that Yang Feifan was pretending to be a pig to eat tiger. Keep pretending, Miss, and see when you can put it on. Su Yueying bent down and stretched out his hand and pulled Yang Feifan by the collar, trying to pull him from the ground. What surprised Su […]

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Luo Ruixi has been thinking about this problem, but if you think about it carefully, it seems that it is too mean to yourself. What do some others think of him? He is quite unpreparedness, but if Su Mo is also pawned, it will really outweigh the benefits.

Think like this Luo Ruixi face difficult to show some hesitation. But he also knows in his heart that he likes to be with women for a long time, but he doesn’t do anything further with them, as if he likes men or not. Anyway, there are only two possibilities. Ah, thought of here, Luo […]

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Han Luoxiao stopped with chopsticks. "What do you say to making a platinum zodiac necklace for mom?"

"There is no sincerity at all." Hanrose pursed her mouth and was not very happy. "Mom’s leg is not very good. We should take the right medicine and buy a foot massage machine at least, don’t you think?" He Lianyin was suddenly named and smiled faintly. "Since you have said so, I will lend flowers […]

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Even though it was not the first time to kiss him, she was still clumsy, and her little face turned red from lack of oxygen.

A pair of small hands unconsciously encircle his neck. Meng Yichen overpowered her soft bed and forced her to possess her. Dye dye … He murmured her name. …… next day It’s rare for Meng Yichen to sleep late. When he opened his eyes and saw a villain in his arms, a warm current slipped […]

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This man Lu Qing has never seen through it.

Everyone wants something in the world, but Su Jiu’s eyes are always faint, so people can’t see emotions. Su Jiu is like snow covering the wilderness, covering the original, but people will hurt their eyes if they look at the snow for a long time. Lu Qing deliberately avoided Su Jiu. Meng Yan joked that […]

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Chang Huanyan was lying on the sofa watching the WeChat message sent by Gao Xiaoxiao and almost laughed.

She can almost imagine that Han Shu’s personality is sure that there is a black face, but she has to take a pen to fill out the interview draft under Gao Xiaoxiao’s words. The bathroom door suddenly opened at this time. "What’s so happy?" Depressed by low magnetic sound. Chang Huanyan looked up and saw […]

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Flail knife is a unique weapon of Miao nationality, in which a wooden pole is about five feet long, and both ends are connected with a spear-shaped blade. The holder of the weapon can turn the wooden pole constantly by turning his wrist flexibly, and the two blades will continue to pursue the enemy and will never stop until he cuts off the enemy’s head.

Ling Feiyang’s body has leaned back and evaded the crisis on both sides. He pointed out a sharp finger to the flail knife and the wooden pole. It was just the other day that he learned the one-yang finger fingering! This means that the wind is faster than the chopping speed of the knife, and […]

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