For a moment, team A, Draven, threw a big move directly!

Two axes crossed very quickly and produced high output. Rexer also pushed the czar up, and the other party and the output Zhou Sheng were directly seconds. Seeing that Zhou Sheng died so soon, Lin Tianliu showed a toothache expression. Zhou Sheng had a big problem with these waves of group battles. In fact, when […]

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The man is a little depressed and frowning, which was a breakthrough last night. Well, he hasn’t shown much yet. He was completely ruined by a pack of medicine from Han Cheng Li!

Think of that little Muchuan and wish that he could be dismantled at the moment! It’s not enough to make trouble for him! Now, a good night ruined his bag of medicine! Men are depressed … Lin Ya was angry for a while and then fell asleep. In the final analysis, it was attributed to […]

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Luo Ruixi has been thinking about this problem, but if you think about it carefully, it seems that it is too mean to yourself. What do some others think of him? He is quite unpreparedness, but if Su Mo is also pawned, it will really outweigh the benefits.

Think like this Luo Ruixi face difficult to show some hesitation. But he also knows in his heart that he likes to be with women for a long time, but he doesn’t do anything further with them, as if he likes men or not. Anyway, there are only two possibilities. Ah, thought of here, Luo […]

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Han Luoxiao stopped with chopsticks. "What do you say to making a platinum zodiac necklace for mom?"

"There is no sincerity at all." Hanrose pursed her mouth and was not very happy. "Mom’s leg is not very good. We should take the right medicine and buy a foot massage machine at least, don’t you think?" He Lianyin was suddenly named and smiled faintly. "Since you have said so, I will lend flowers […]

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The doctor said you were … well, it was very troublesome anyway, and I gave you a lot of medicine. The yellow tights can’t remember what the doctor said.

Lin Tianyu: Forget it, it will be fine later anyway. By the way, what time is it? four o’clock in the morning Ah … Lin day exclaimed, I didn’t expect to be dizzy for so long. The yellow tights also suffered some injuries, with their heads wrapped in gauze and their arms wrapped in gauze […]

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Accompanied by Yu Tingchuan’s mellow magnetic male voice, "According to the blood, I admire Professor’s wife as the mother of the whole city, and I also want to address her as a mother-in-law. This family relationship is too weak, which makes my wife or her mother unwilling to look back and remember."

Yu Tingchuan said these words politely and bluntly. It is precisely because of this directness that the other party is more likely to fall into a state of speech. Yu Tingchuan’s tall and straight back silhouette is also reflected in the floor-to-ceiling glass of the hotel. His voice comes again in the light. "Sometimes it […]

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Shenfangqiao How could it be her again? What coincidence in this world appears one after another? And the more afraid things will happen. On how to avoid it carefully. Actually, she couldn’t say why she would mind Ye Qingting seeing Shen Fangqiao so much. Maybe it’s because she watched too much idol drama, and she […]

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Xiao Mo Mo immediately threw away the duckling, raised his two meat paws and learned to rub his little face like Gao Xiaoxiao, which was almost deformed.

Looking at her daughter’s beautiful picture, Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help being happy. It’s really a "daughter follows father" to love beauty at such a young age! After the mother and daughter cleaned up, Han Shan took a shower inside, and Gao Xiaoxiao took her daughter by the hand and went upstairs first. When you go […]

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Han Dong "…"

The next day, the entertainment of major newspapers occupied the biggest area, not "who won the great prize" nor "who dated who where the relationship was confirmed" nor "who played big cards to offend the director" … Because almost all the headlines of newspapers and magazines on the front pages of major entertainment networks reported […]

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See you Xiaoqiao injustice nod Yu Yuting couldn’t help their "I really RanTong is Liu Nancheng’s wife, I just went to say hello. That woman’s personality is just like a man’s domineering. I have never regarded her as a woman and you misunderstood."

"…" YouXiaoQiao face immediately froze "who is Liu Nancheng? Don’t try to cheat me! You two are so affectionate … " "I really didn’t lie to you." Yu Yuting felt a little funny. It turned out that this little idiot misunderstood for a long time. He held out his hand and rubbed her hair hard […]

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The music sounded.

Yin anran has heard this song I can’t wake up in my dream. I am under house arrest in the red line. Section All the stimuli are left with fatigue and pain. When I hug you from behind, I expect her face. To tell the truth, I don’t know much about it, but I am […]

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After leaving Wang Yejia, I finally felt relieved and sighed, because I have finished everything at this stage, and now I finally have to do what I should do.

I came to Yuanyuan by bus and finally came here again. I went straight all the way. I came to the top floor of the teaching building and the principal’s office. I just wanted to knock on the door when it was opened. Yan Wang came out dressed in a professional secretarial costume. She was […]

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In front of Zhao Yufang, it’s really not better than how he believed Zhang Meili’s nonsense and divorced that woman in Zhao Yufang!

Worst of all, they made him and Lin Ya so stiff! Otherwise, although he can’t dominate Kyoto now, at least he can eat and drink! But look where he lives and what he eats now! He is really blind! Section 21 Zhang Meili dropped a card and said, "This is my daughter who gave you […]

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Wen Ya was so angry that she couldn’t refute her. She was afraid that this man would love this man, too. Even if this man hurt her again, she would hate him.

Ink Sina see wenya a pair of soldiers to have means to resist the so-called expression in the mind more agitated, he said those words is hope Wen Ya angry hope this woman jealous crazy, but he was wrong, he misjudged the woman in front of her, this woman calm self-sustaining is mocking him manic, […]

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She is white. People like An Hao won’t kill easily. He will think of legal weapons to punish Gu Qishan, but Gu Qishan is different. He kills people without blinking an eye, so An Hao is bound to be at a disadvantage. She doesn’t want him to be killed by Gu Qishan.

"Why? Heart me? " Anhao looked at her funny. "If I really mean it, I will stay here and don’t go back to Qibang. I don’t want Gu Qishan to threaten me." "You put me under house arrest here just don’t want Gu Qishan me to threaten you? You really think too much, Gu Qishan. […]

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