See you Xiaoqiao injustice nod Yu Yuting couldn’t help their "I really RanTong is Liu Nancheng’s wife, I just went to say hello. That woman’s personality is just like a man’s domineering. I have never regarded her as a woman and you misunderstood."

"…" YouXiaoQiao face immediately froze "who is Liu Nancheng? Don’t try to cheat me! You two are so affectionate … "
"I really didn’t lie to you." Yu Yuting felt a little funny. It turned out that this little idiot misunderstood for a long time.
He held out his hand and rubbed her hair hard for a few times. "Rantong is a lawyer, and she never refuses to suffer. I just want to introduce you to her and often walk around the family. If she helps you, you will not suffer even if you are stupid."
Although everyone in the big family is familiar with each other because of their complicated interests, after all, not everyone can be close friends. These people are particularly good simply because they grew up together and know each other well, and because they are congenial to each other.
Although his people may not like each other’s personalities or disagree with their styles, they will still have contacts depending on their family. At this time, there will often be some infighting, which is why he wants to introduce Rantong to You Xiaoqiao.
"…" YouXiaoQiao shout looked at him and saw his eyes honest expression turn note don’t … What you really misunderstood?
Section 417
"Follow my left hand, right hand, a slow motion, right hand and left hand slow motion replay …" A familiar mobile phone bell suddenly rang, and Yu Yuting picked an eyebrow to loosen her hand.
You Xiaoqiao bowed his head and took out his mobile phone from his handbag. He pressed "Answer" because he was thinking about not looking carefully at who was calling. "Hello, who are you looking for?"
"Little Joe, it’s me. Oh, my God. Are you … scared silly?" Words that Han Minxia heard YouXiaoQiao words immediately make a fuss over there called to get up.
You Xiaoqiao was busy with a black line and said, "Uh, I’m fine. What’s the matter, Cui Hua?"
Han Minxia explained, "I’m sorry, Xiao Qiao just sent that message to you secretly behind my back. He was joking with you. Don’t be angry. Don’t get me wrong. He hasn’t talked about any girlfriends. You should be his first real girlfriend."
"…" YouXiaoQiao blinked and bit the mouth.
If Yu Yuting explained just now
Yu Yuting’s explanation has convinced her of most of it, so now she is close to 90% convinced.
However, it is necessary to make sure that everything you say is true.
"Of course it’s true. Can I lie to you? And ….. "Han Min Xia Yin suddenly felt a little low, as if she had put her hand over her mouth." You should know that the two brothers are twins, but I heard her mother-in-law say that when they were still in her mother-in-law’s stomach, they didn’t play the right game all day. At that time, her mother-in-law was dying, and almost all of them spent the next few months in the hospital with abdominal pain. After they were born, they also fought every day from childhood to adulthood, you know? When they were fifteen years old, they smashed each other’s heads with bricks. If my father-in-law was not angry and sent them to two countries to study, I don’t know how many bloody cases to leave. "
"Uh …" YouXiaoQiao listen to scalp pins and needles "they are not brothers? What will happen? "
"So I said they love each other and kill each other. I can tell from the name. Haha, it’s too late. I won’t bother you and Xiaosan. Oh, always remember that you are his first and only girlfriend. Bye-bye." Then Han Minxia hung up.
"…" YouXiaoQiao slowly put the phone face is very serious thinking about a problem from the name?
Yu Chengyan? Yu yuting?
"ah!" Suddenly, a flash of light and flint flashed across Xiao Qiao’s mind, and it was no wonder that a "reproduction" and a "Yu Ting" flashed across his mind.
Yu Yuting glanced at his smile over his mouth. You Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but jump his brow.
A woman who cries and laughs for a while is a strange animal.
Yujia in the military compound
Han Minxia put the phone back and looked at Yu Chengyan who was holding a quilt next to the sofa. "If you don’t allow the bed tonight, sleep on the sofa for me!"
It’s too bad and too damaging to send that false news to Xiao Qiao behind her back!
桑拿论坛He is anxious that Yu Xiaosan is unhappy, isn’t he?
"My wife is too cold for a bed … not enough." Yu Chengyan was pathetic.
If this picture is seen by others, it will be guaranteed to be laughed off. Where is the sharp and capable lawyer before?
But in front of his wife, he pretended to be poor and used to it, so he didn’t feel ashamed and no outsiders saw it
"Hum is not enough, just borrow it next door!" Han Minxia is determined not to let him get into bed tonight.
We have to eat her tofu while she is asleep again!
It can be said that he has done everything except that there is no real thing. Han Minxia also feels that she can’t keep the last line of defense, especially since she has passed the critical period of three months and her body is particularly sensitive and can’t be provoked a little …
So thinking of her, she went over and uncovered herself and lay in a warm and comfortable bed.
"Well …" She sighed and then reached out to put out the bedside lamp.
The room suddenly left a small wall lamp next to the sofa with a charming orange light, but Yu Yuting was able to pull her lips and "resign" the sofa to lie down.
He is about 1.5 meters tall. Although the sofa at home is still large and spacious, it is still a little uncomfortable to lie down like this.
He put his hands behind his head, crossed his legs and slowly closed his eyes.

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