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The music sounded.

Yin anran has heard this song
I can’t wake up in my dream. I am under house arrest in the red line.
品茶论坛All the stimuli are left with fatigue and pain.
When I hug you from behind, I expect her face.
To tell the truth, I don’t know much about it, but I am eager for you to know it.
I can’t wait until I’m restless and favored forever.
The woman sang this red rose with a hoarse voice and sang a different charm.
Women’s songs are really wonderful
Let people unconsciously immerse themselves in her songs, even if Yin Anran is a woman.
At the end of a song, there was a warm applause, and someone kept calling for another song, another song.
The woman smiled enchanting, shook her head and walked away.
Yin Anran drank some wine, and she couldn’t help but take out her mobile phone. These days, she didn’t know where Meng Yichen went, and he didn’t reply to her with a message.
This is the first time he has seen such a situation when he was with him.
Yin Anran didn’t know that an accident broke a bracelet, which provoked him to react so strongly.
But it was this sudden accident that told her the importance of the bracelet to him.
Yin Anran drank too much wine in the cup, and the spicy feeling stimulated her throat, which made her cough.
Suddenly, a hand of fine fine jade handed a paper towel.
Yin Anran looked up, and it was a woman who was singing just now.
Chapter 6 Love
She took the tissue and said thank you.
The woman smiled and sat down beside her and put the glass in her hand on the table. "Is this your first time here?"
Yin Anran nodded. "How do you know?"
A woman smiles like a red rose.
"We don’t have as many people here as other bars. It’s relatively less noisy here. I probably remember the appearance of frequent visitors, and it’s the first time for you and me to meet."
Yin Anran nodded. "You have a beautiful voice."
"Thank you for your compliment. Here, this glass of wine is on me. It’s softer than the one you just drank, little sister. You can’t drink such strong liquor."
Although Yin Anran is young, she is also a little guilty about the words "little sister". "I am twenty-two."
"Twenty-two, that’s not too big. I think you’re in a bad mood and brokenhearted?"
Yin Anran shook his head.
"That is quarreling with my boyfriend."
Yin Anran didn’t speak and took the glass and drank a mouthful.
"It seems that I was right," the woman chuckled. "You young girls always value love too much, and it’s still you who get hurt in the end."
Yin Anran suddenly laughed when listening to the woman’s words. "You don’t look big either. Why are you so sophisticated?"
Women never look over thirty years old.
The woman chuckled "is there? But it’s always bigger than your little sister. "
Yin anran smiled, can it still be like this?
"Little sister, what’s your name?"
"Yin Anran, just call me Xiaoran."
"Yin An Ran An Ran Xiao Ran has a nice name." The woman raised her glass. "My name is iffany."
Iffany and she chatted very well, and they said a lot of things.
I’ve had several glasses of wine, too. iffany seems to be in a mood, and she plans to pull Yin Anran to continue drinking. Yin Anran waved her hand. "iffany can’t drink any more, I’m going back." When she looked up at her eyes,
Iffany raised his glass and gulped down the last sip of wine, he smiled like a flower. "Well, don’t force you to come and play again when you have a chance."
Yin Anran nodded and called the student to buy the bill.
Although she drinks a lot, she has always controlled a small amount of consciousness and is still awake.

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