This man Lu Qing has never seen through it.

Everyone wants something in the world, but Su Jiu’s eyes are always faint, so people can’t see emotions. Su Jiu is like snow covering the wilderness, covering the original, but people will hurt their eyes if they look at the snow for a long time.
Lu Qing deliberately avoided Su Jiu.
Meng Yan joked that this kind of psychological king does not see the king.
Lu Qing dares to dominate his business empire, but he has always been very low-key and modest, especially with Qin Miaomiao:
Chapter 965 Your experience and my body
See Sue nine lu qing light way at this time "you’re here.
Su Jiu waved his hand and didn’t stay long. "Think about my words carefully."
Lu Qing sent Su Jiu outside the ward.
Su Jiu waved "Take good care of her"
Qin Miao Miao lies in a hospital bed and carefully ponders the purpose of Nine Lords.
It can be seen that Master Jiu is very afraid of the killer organization. She has never seen Master Jiu so careful after following Master Jiu for a long time.
The killer organization has a new leader.
Lu Qing went back to the ward, Qin Miao Miao said Su Jiu’s purpose and asked, "Do you think there are kidnapping Dabao people and killer organizations?"
Lu Qing said, "I think it’s fantastic."
The former kidnapper called him and claimed to be Chen Daoer’s ruthless hand, but at that time, the kidnapper had not changed the device, and then the kidnapper’s style changed greatly.
Qin Miao Miao said, "I’ve always wondered how much it would cost for the kidnappers to make such a scene."
You can see high-end photographic equipment, line launchers and digital cameras everywhere.
It’s all money
Lu Qing said with a smile, "Why do we have the same idea? I also think there is someone behind the kidnapper, but did the person behind the kidnapper support him from the beginning or help him when he saw his profit value halfway?"
Qin Miao Miao said, "Do you also recognize the kidnapping of Dabao and this killer organization?"
Lu Qing shook his head. "I’m not sure now, but they will make moves again if they fail to plan. Simon, I’m considering sending Dabao to Nine Ye for upbringing."
Master Jiu is the most dangerous and safe around him.
Qin Miao Miao is not willing to let Dabao come to Jiuye so early. Even if Dabao adopts Jiuye, it is also her child and her pride.
Lu Qing was silent
He is a child, and his father and mother have the same feelings.
But life is better than death.
That night, the doctor gave Qin Miaomiao a physical examination to confirm Qin Miaomiao’s health and suggested that she leave the hospital.
Qin Miaomiao went straight to the nursery after discharge.
Each of her three children has a heavy burden on her to shoulder the role of mother, but she has been troubled by so many things recently that she forgot to take care of her children.
Dabao followed and was sent back to lie side by side with his two children.
The light in the nursery is very warm, and the children’s skin looks like a layer of glaze.
Qin Miaomiao squatted by the bedside and stared at the three children.
Lu Qing looked at Qin Miaomiao and their children by the door in silence.
Parting sadness is elongated by silence.
Qin Miao Miao Wu wear the mouth small SOB.
Lu Qing sighed in his heart and bent down to hug Qin Miaomiao’s shoulder and sit side by side with her.
There are wind chimes hanging in the crib, which make a slight noise because of the wind brought by the land engine.
Lu Qing said, "once I read a very emotional story, my parents and daughters will eventually leave. You see, those small animals will be driven out by their parents to stand on their own feet when they grow up, and so will we."
Our children’s life is to spend the best and happiest time with them, and then watch them leave, have a lifelong partner and have their own children. We old guys are finally forgotten.
Lu Qing added a malicious sentence.
No matter how much you can’t bear to wait for the children to grow up, you still have a daughter-in-law and forget your mother, so you should focus on me;
Chapter 966 You have a bad eye
Qin Miao Miao rare emotional qing lu is moved to hear his last sentence I don’t know so good can rely on his shoulder to hit his chest "you are such a jerk.
Lu Qing pouted her mouth, but she remembered reading an article a long time ago that her father bought orange back. It was really a bad thing that could evoke sad feelings at night.
Da Baoan came back and was sent to Su Jiu’s side. Master Lu didn’t eat lunch in his room when he heard the news.
When people are old, sometimes they are childish like children.
Lu Xun felt this was his chance.
Knocking on the door, Lu Xun respectfully said to Master Lu, "Why should Dabao’s surname Lu be modified? Can’t the Lujia family afford a child or does the Lujia family need to kowtow to Su Jiu?"
There is a statue of Guanyin with a thousand hands in the room, and the fragrance of Guanyin flows from Guanyin seat, which is full of sandalwood smell.
桑拿按摩  title=Master Lu is sitting straight and his face is blurred in the fog.
Lu Xing’s heart jumped.
He barged in rashly, but it disturbed the master’s repair.
About ten minutes later, the incense burned out and the mist became shallow.
Master Lu got up and walked out of the room.
Land punishment and master behind him.
The master said, "Are you serious when you bring back a girl for land punishment?"
Lu Xun paused and quickly replied "Wen Wan is a good girl"
Lu Xun didn’t answer Master Lu’s question positively. He regarded Mo Wenwan as his bed partner. At this time, he admitted Mo Wenwan’s status and met the right girl, so he was in trouble. He didn’t want to leave a romantic impression on Master, so he wanted to bring this topic to the past.
"Master, it is difficult to tell the ending of falling in love, but don’t worry if I have a child, I will hold it by your side."
It is too easy for land punishment to have a child. He is not at ease when he pays for it.
Master Lu’s eyes are bright. "True" people are old and like excitement, especially children.
Mo Wenwan raised his arm when the sun was slipping from his shoulder.

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