Dressed in auspicious clouds, dressed in dark clothes, with white forehead wrapped in red belts, eyes full of emotions and gloomy eyes, eyebrows raised, lips bright and beautiful, but also like natural charm. When you are angry, you seem to smile, when you are ambiguous and far away, you are unpredictable, and you can move your eyes in a neutral way.

It’s really fascinating.
"I don’t want to wait with him" is the conclusion of Han Luoxiao after watching him for ten minutes.
HeLianYin angry stare a few people "make group small exclusion, right? Believe it or not, I beat you. "
"Don’t just don’t" Jiang Chenxi pouted when he saw his face. "If we are with you, we can’t even enjoy a girl’s admiring eyes. We must be red flowers if we are not green leaves."
"That’s right, I don’t want to be a green leaf when I’m old. I want to enjoy being loved by a girl. None of you want to stop me." Yuan Xi nodded heavily and made up his mind
"Depend" He Lianyin lip liner took sunglasses with a sip "is that ok? Brother will be a green leaf for you. "
Anyway, he has a wife, so he doesn’t have to show himself.
"No," Jiang Chenxi shook his head. "It’s still very imposing. The nose is too straight and the mouth is too beautiful."
He Lianyin looked funny and nai adjusted her glasses. "It seems that you are rejected by our body."
"…" HeLianYin almost hurt slightly narrowed his fèng and narrow eyes "who is this old recruit who provoke?"
"Blame you for being too beautiful." Even the people who have always supported He Lianyin Han Luoxiao went to the camp over there.
He Lianyin is a little in distress situation, squinting at their enchanting eyes with a little vigilance and suspicion by taking advantage of height. "It’s strange that you reject me for everything? This is not the case at ordinary times. Is there anything you are not telling me? "
"No," Yuan Xi shook his head first. "We couldn’t find confidence with you. We decided to let you go to the bonfire party by yourself."
"Why?" He Lianyin’s discontent beeped "Little Xiaoyin has to come with me"
"Don’t" He Lianyin turned his eyes slightly and simply refused him. "I want to go with Sister Rou later. Since you are isolated, go by yourself."
"What am I going to do by myself?"
He Lianyin thought about his face and answered him flatly, "Then don’t go. Let’s go to your house."
"…" HeLianYin face dark "hey you intentionally"
"What on purpose?" He Lianyin asked him that he was obviously unhappy when he saw his frown. She tilted her head slightly and stretched herself. "Oh, forget it. I went to dress up Rou’s sister late. It’s her day. I’m busy. Help yourself."
He Lianyin one leng.
He couldn’t understand how Hector even Yin suddenly became so inhuman when he was still very gentle yesterday. Are you angry? Or what? But it’s impossible. She just helped him dress. Why did you suddenly pull the strings? Is it really because he is so beautiful? I don’t believe you when you say this.
As he meditate.
Look at me with a few friends behind you. I’ll look at you. You almost can’t help laughing.
He Lianyin thought for a few minutes in silence and turned around. A few people behind him were busy again, and they were very busy wearing their own clothes with their heads down.
Han Luoxiao is already dressed, sitting by the fire in the living room, staring blankly at the fire.
He Lianyin walked over without a smile in his eyes and whispered, "Ah Xiao, what are you doing here?"
He means to ask him what’s going on now. What’s the rhythm of Xiao Yin’s saying to go and bolt the door of the house?
"Look at the fire" Han Luoxiao answered his question very coldly, holding his chin up.
"Look at the fire?"
"That’s right"
He Lianyun’s eyes are puzzled. "Are you all right?"
"No, I just want to watch the fire." Han Luoxiao’s expression is cold and a little impatient. "If you have nothing to do, just go to the party and don’t disturb me to watch the fire."
He Lianyin almost looked at Han Luoxiao with a cold look. He stared at the burning eyes.
Actually, he was very scared and kept saying, Yin, please go. Don’t ask me any questions. This look is so scary.
He Lianyin saw that he ignored his love and went to Xi Xi Xiao Yuan Xi.
Yuan Xi saw him coming with a stare and turned to pour water, pretending to be busy.
He Lianyin is getting closer and closer.
品茶论坛Yuan Xi glanced around and ran to the toilet outside in a panic. "Oh, I can’t, I have to shit."
Haven’t approached him He Lianyin "…"
These people don’t want to talk to themselves about anything?
He Lianyin stretched his jaw and thought.
Finally, the reasoning was pointless. Jiang Chenxi urged him to leave quickly. He waved his sleeve first and left the quiet mountain path. His cold face was so annoying that a good bonfire party made him want to get angry and beat people.
Good-looking. Why?
Nowadays, being good-looking will be excluded and isolated by the human body.

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