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The gas has solidified.

HeLianYin gawking at her chuckle "perfect".
Nod to Yin
Sit in front of the mirror.
The maid combed her long hair like smoke, and her eyes were envious.
How many generations does it take to marry He Lianyin? Young ladies must have saved the bodhisattva, right? I’ ve come to enjoy my life, married a beautiful man, loved her, spoiled her and never left her.
He Lianyin looked at the sharp face in the mirror behind her and suggested, "Pull up the wealthy family’s hair."
Looked up at Yin to see her.
He said, "Your hair is so sexy that I don’t want others to see you like this."
She couldn’t help laughing. "What is this? It’s just a hair."
"I can’t. I’m the only one who can see some looks."
She squints "virtue"
Since the night when they embraced each other, their feelings have grown by leaps and bounds. Now it is natural to joke, and say whatever comes to mind.
"I don’t agree anyway."
"Good," she compromised and said to the maid, "Pull your hair away. Just keep it simple. I’m going to see my friends tonight. Don’t be too dazzling."
"That can’t be done, housewife. Although her clothes are low-key, her temperament is absolutely eye-catching." The maid said naughtily.
Kiss Yin’s lips "You are sweet"
The maid gave her a simple hairstyle, a little powder and an unusually eye-catching diamond necklace, which was noble and elegant.
He Lianyin said with satisfaction that "this dress is very suitable for you to look good"
Her eyes were as quiet as the sea, and she smiled and said nothing.
be late
They arrived at the lobby of the luxury car club on time. Tonight, the general manager Chennai specially closed for one day to celebrate his birthday.
The club building is covered with a red carpet.
Snow Nai greeted the distinguished guests at the door.
She was dressed in an indigo dress and made up beautifully, just like the princess said in a foreign country that she was lazy and charming.
Han Luoxiao came over. His eyebrows were clear and handsome, holding a bunch of flowers, and he came to Xue Naixiu. "Happy birthday to you."
He handed out all the flowers and gift boxes in his hand
"Thank you." Chennai smiled and accepted the flower gift box but didn’t push it back. "I accepted the flowers in the gift box. Mr. Han should take them back. It’s too expensive for me to accept."
Section 297
Han Luoxiao slightly one leng "you haven’t opened it yet"
"I know what it is without opening it."
"The necklace, right?"
Looking at Han Luoxiao’s unhappy face, Xue Nai smiled with amorous feelings. "Take it back. This gift is expensive and not as much as I already have. Mr. Han, please give it to the girl you like."
"The girl I like is you." Han Luoxiao looked her in the eye and didn’t shy away.
"I’m not Xia Jin"
"You are"
"Don’t Mr Han is born make mean? I heard from Mr. Yuanxi that Xia Jin liked you very much since middle school. You waited and waited, but in the end you chose someone else to leave her. Now that she has left you, you are going to die and haunt me. Mr. Han, as I said many years ago, I’m not Xia Jin, and I don’t like you, such a stalker, to let go of yourself and others, okay? I’m so tired of you pestering me like this. "
Han Luoxiao doesn’t seem to care about her words. She stares at her and smiles gently. "Ah Yin has told me that you are Xia Jin. Don’t keep it from me. I already know it."
"oh? How did Mr. Helian tell you? " Chennai hooked his lips and looked at him with lazy eyes like a valuable Persian cat.
The appearance tickled Han Luoxiao’s heart.
"That time he drank too much and revealed that Chennai I don’t care whether you are Chennai or Xia Jin. I decided that you and I want a generation to be with you."
Snow nai sneer at "oh you want to go? Do you have this qualification? "
"Although my capital is not high and rich, I am richer than him on Hong Kong Island, and I have created a company now. I am at least self-reliant and more secure with me than spending money at home."
Snow nai light lift eyes "you don’t forget that you are also a rich young master, but you came to Beijing with your parents’ money and started a business, boasting that you are your own leader. You are no different from Gao Ze."
品茶论坛"There is a difference." He put his arms around her slender waist and lips with a faint smile. "I am single-minded to you and he is not to you."
Snow nai body a stiff back two steps to break his arms "so what? I like being a bitch as much as Master Han. I’m partial to being born. I just don’t like pestering me and beating me. I just love the kind of person who never looks me in the eye, you know? A man like Master Gao is a woman’s lifelong ideal. It is often more touching for a woman to become single-minded than for a man to be pestered and beaten. "
"Chennai, don’t be angry with me. I know you still like me."
Snow nai couldn’t help laughing "still like you? Ha ha, master Han is really humorous. "
"Chennai" Han Luoxiao frowned and wanted to touch her face.
"That’s enough!" Chennai waved away the broken-up eyebrows and eyes. "If Master Han is coming to my birthday party tonight, please go in. If you are coming to confess to me, please go back. I am not in the mood to recall your old lover with you. Do you know? I am very sick of you. "
Han Luoxiao’s heart was dull and dull with a shock.
Snow nai said that he would send flowers and throw them into the trash can next to him. A blue dress seemed to curl up in the fog and the skirt fluttered.
Han Luoxiao’s face was bloody and slowly withdrew his sight, and then walked into the club hall with heavy steps like a daughter.
Snow nai watched him go away without a trace of emotion.
When he chose to abandon her, she will never go back today, even if all men don’t want her, even if she wants to die alone, she will never chew the grass of Han Luoxiao.
before long
Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi arrived, wearing the same British suit, equally handsome and tacitly joking.
Occasionally, Jiang Chenxi will dial Yuanxi’s hair and he will arrange his hair.
Yuan Xi laughs upside down.
Snow nai saw these two people happy.
These two people are probably the best friends they know now. Although they are not together yet, they are not far away from each other. It’s just a matter of time.
"Snow Nai" Yuan Xi reached out and greeted Snow Nai. Peach blossom eyes were long and thin. "Have you received the news? I heard that Ah Yin will bring Xiao Yin here tonight. "

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