This is the second time that Zhou Shiyun has asked Lin Tian in this way. I don’t know if it is something or nothing.

But Zhou Shiyun said, But Huang Hu is much worse than you.
“?” Lin Tianliu showed a puzzled expression.
Zhou Shiyun said in Lin Tian’s ear, Just now, I saw that many people wouldn’t rollerskate if they hit a yellow tiger. Even if no one hit him, they would fall even worse. Someone hit him.
After hearing this, Lin Tian looked at the past and found that there were indeed some people wandering around the yellow tights, some were Wu Haoren, while others Lin Tian didn’t know where they were from.
Wang Mengmeng, on the other hand, has been helping the yellow tights without being hit.
Another person quickly slid to the yellow tights, and before the yellow tights could react (or even if the yellow tights could react, there was no way), they hit the yellow tights.
While looking at Lin Tian over there, someone accidentally bumped into him again.
This time it’s Liu.
Lin Tian was hit again.
His back pain was not good after he fell to the ground, but Lin Tian soon got up again.
Too much, he said to Liu.
Liu smiled. We didn’t mean to.
Besides, even if we do it on purpose, what can you do?
Chapter four hundred Show doubts
This second sentence is a bit arrogant, and some jumped to copy the website to visit.
Lin Tian sighed and took a deep look at Liu and then at the yellow tights.
Yellow tights were knocked to the ground by several other people several times in succession, while Wu Haoze was always by Wang Mengmeng’s side.
Wang Mengmeng didn’t talk and laugh with Wu Hao this time, but he always stayed beside the yellow tights. Wu Hao always showed a very treacherous expression and put his hand on Wang Mengmeng’s shoulder.
Hu Dong has been far away from here …
If we compare this place to a battlefield, then Hu Dong is a person far away from the battlefield.
Wu Hao and others also told Hu Dong to let Hu Dong join them and find trouble with Lin Tian and others.
Although Hu Dong has some conation (after all, he had a grudge with Lin Tian), he didn’t promise in the end.
Because Hu Dong know Lin day this person buhaore.
On Game or Life
After Lin Tian sighed, he quickly slipped up.
He was fast, first he was sliding, but when the speed reached a certain level, he suddenly turned and slipped!
Zhou Shiyun said at that time that Lin Tian could not skate backwards, but actually … because he could and skated well.
And his speed is faster than the average person. Zhou Shiyun looks a little stunned, but he doesn’t know why Bai Lintian suddenly slides so fast.
This speed in the eyes of others is to see a black shadow across a moment! Lin Tian has reached Liu’s side.
Lin Tian sprinted twice to reach the peak speed and then slammed into Liu! !
Lin Tian has been practicing martial arts since childhood. Not only is his muscles wellproportioned and full of explosive force, but he also knows where he will hit someone. It won’t hurt him and the other person … will have an accident!
Lin Tian slammed into the past and everyone heard bang!
This is much louder than before! That Liu almost flew out and fell to the ground!
The most important thing is to hit someone. Lin Tian didn’t fall!
The noise came to see that Liu had fallen to the ground and let out a scream.
Lin Tian stabbed so fast and his body was so hard that he just stopped a hundred pounds?
Liu Yi was hit by a stupid, really stupid. Liu felt that his eyes were dark, his ears were buzzing and he was like falling apart!
He was so sick that he almost passed out.
Lin Tian’s impact on people is much stronger than others’ impact on him. Liu suffered a loss at this time and could not get up for a while.
Liu’s friends quickly slipped past several people around Liu. What’s the matter? Are you okay?
I depend on this naive * * * black Lin!
A few people cursed a few days ago, but there was no response. Instead, they said to everyone, My hands are black and not as black as yours.
This ….. is a lesson. Don’t mess with me or the yellow tights, or every one of you will be like this. Lin Tianyi grinned with his white teeth.
In the eyes of those people, the word white can be replaced by solemnity.
Fuck you threatening us?
Lin day you fucking read silly? You dare to provoke nanzan university’s third child!
Believe it or not, we hit you together?
These words were all said by those people. After listening to them, Lin Tian showed disdain. Come and see who killed who if you don’t believe it!
品茶论坛This sentence is a cruel word. In fact, most people will despise it when they hear these cruel words, but when it is said by Lin Tian, it will be full of power.
And ….. Liu hasn’t recovered yet, and those people who are still lying on the ground haven’t compared with Lin Tian. They quickly helped Liu to take the chair outside for a while, and some people went to buy water.
Liu spirit is still in a trance, sitting in a chair, and his face is full of stupefaction. It seems that … he hasn’t recovered from being hit and dizzy.
Shout Lin sighed after seeing those people leave, and then rubbed his shoulder while people were not paying attention.
Just hit so hard, Lin Tian himself suffered some injuries, although it was not serious, but how many times there was some pain.
Lin Tian’s body is not suitable for playing with people now, even if he just made that move, Lin Tian feels that his body is falling apart.
Lin Tian was so biting that Hu Dong almost stumbled in the distance.
Hu Dong know Lin Tian buhaore, but don’t know Lin Tian so buhaore.
To hit a person at that speed can be said that if you don’t grasp it well, it is very likely that both of them will roll to the ground, and then who will be injured more and who will be injured less will be lucky.
But Lin Tian dared to do that and didn’t get too much damage, but Liu almost passed out …
In Hu Dong’s eyes, Lin Tian just moved, and it was very terrible.
Hu Dong feel glad that he didn’t get Lin Tian otherwise …
Hu Dong looked at it and was still waiting in the distance. Liu couldn’t help but swallow the water.
Mom, this guy is a beast! Hu Dong andao a in my heart.
He has given Lin Tian a label in his mind that he must not provoke.
There is a saying in Hu Dong’s mind that this guy must not be provoked.
Brother, you have gone too far. At this time, Wu Hao slipped to Lin Tiankou and said 1.
Wu Hao looks very ugly.

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