The doctor said you were … well, it was very troublesome anyway, and I gave you a lot of medicine. The yellow tights can’t remember what the doctor said.

Lin Tianyu: Forget it, it will be fine later anyway. By the way, what time is it?
four o’clock in the morning
Ah … Lin day exclaimed, I didn’t expect to be dizzy for so long.
The yellow tights also suffered some injuries, with their heads wrapped in gauze and their arms wrapped in gauze several times.
It looks like a mummy, Lin Tian teased and asked, Have you been here for several hours?
Wang Mengmeng and yellow tights nodded.
Lin Tiannai: I’m not a child. I don’t care. Go back and rest. Oh, no, it’s today. I should be able to leave the hospital tonight and get together then.
This how line? You are so badly injured because of us, and you must look at you. Wang Mengmeng is serious.
Lin day gave her a look.
There are still changes in this ni
I used to see a stupid girl in Nanshan College, but now I can see her understanding and maturity in her eyes.
Although it has not been too long since I lost it, Lin Tian really has a feeling that things are transformed.
At the beginning, I was very free to live in the college, and I also helped Huang Hu to ruin Hu Dong’s class. At that time, there was no pressure at all to talk about things.
Now … Lin feels like he has a big mountain, and he is a little out of breath.
I’m really tired
Go home and talk to you this afternoon. What are you trapped into? Lin Tian tried to make his tone gentle.
Huang Hu and Wang Mengmeng looked very entangled. Finally, Huang Hu said, Well, I’ll send MengMeng back first, and then I’ll come back to see you.
Go away, you are so ugly, I’m afraid I’ll wake up and have nightmares. Get out of here and don’t disturb my sleep! See the gentle way, Lin day some frustrated, also revealed the original sex.
Huang Hunai wanted to say something, but Lin Tian said, Don’t make me swear, hurry back, or I’ll go back to Z city at noon!
Don’t don’t don’t, just met you, which can go back so soon? I can’t go yet. Yellow tights know that Lin Tian is determined to let himself go, so they will no longer travel, get up and take Wang Mengmeng to leave.
When leaving, Wang Mengmeng seemed to think of something and said to Lin Tian, This is your mobile phone. There are many people calling you. We are afraid to wake you up and turn your mobile phone to mute. Look.
Lin Tian took it and said, OK, I see, you should go back to rest quickly.
Yellow tights and Wang Mengmeng just smiled, and they walked away hand in hand.
See two people back, Lin Tianfa laughed from the heart.
It is an excellent thing for Lin Tian to help Huang Hu and Wang Mengmeng, and it also satisfies some places in Lin Tian.
These two guys don’t know if they have lived together. Lin Tian muttered something, and then watched it on his mobile phone for a while.
Six missed calls are from Chen Ranxin.
Five missed calls are Huang Yingying.
And Chen Wenwen, Fat, Meng Fan … Always, Lin Tian saw twenty missed words.
It seems that Lin Tian didn’t reply now, but sent a text message again.
There are a lot of these short messages. The first one is from Huang Yingying, which says, I saw the Z team, Lin Tian, you want to … quit the Z team?
Answer the words.
Where are you?
Huang Yingying sent a lot of short messages, and Lin Tian thought about it and replied: In S city, I want to quit.
Chen Ranxin also sent some, probably asking where Lin Tian is and whether she is angry with her.
Lin Tian faint sighed, and finally put the phone.
The accident made him questioned, and he was looked down upon and laughed at by several people.
Also drove him to leave the Z team. These things seemed to happen just a second ago.
Lin Tian has been dreaming about the scene that day recently.
It seems that Master is right … it’s not surprising that such things happen too much.
But … that woman is too mean. Lin Tian said to himself.
Mickey’s malice impressed Lin Tianliu, but Lin God knows that he will find the field back sooner or later.
He looked out the window at some hazy scenery, and he couldn’t sleep at all.
桑拿会所When, he found a most comfortable position and continued to talk to himself.
This is what he likes to do very much. Although it seems naive and unreasonable, this is how he spent his chat when he was very lonely.
The semifinals may be my last battle in the Z team. Looking at the scenery outside the window, Lin Tian also hung up a few bitter corners of his mouth.
At noon, Lin Tian changed his ward. The place where he used to stay was not very good. When Huang Hu left, he specially changed Lin Tian to a better one. Of course, it was not a special ward.
There was a man there, covered and unable to see clearly.
A nurse came to change Lin Tian’s dressing.
Lin Tian was very lovely and lay there, rubbed by the nurse’s little hand on his back.
Lin Tianren is very good, and his luck is also very good. This nurse is not an aunt, but a girl who just graduated, and she looks pretty.
Lin Tian had a wound on his back, but yesterday he was hit on his back by a gangster …
Lin Tian can’t see his back now. He turned to the little nurse and said, Well, is my back ugly?
Well … The little nurse blushed.

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