When she saw a man blocking her front, she wondered if Li Zhiyuan had seen her side. I hope not.

I’m having a good talk with my sweetheart today. I shouldn’t notice this side.
She hasn’t covered her hand yet. The man stretched out his hand to hold her hand.
Suddenly, a hand stretched out from one side, and a man’s hand was white and slender.
Before her hand covered one side, her hand was already dragged away.
She is one leng.
桑拿会所  title=Had raised his eyes to see the iron gray suit man beside him looking at her frowning slightly.
Jiang Shier’s heart suddenly jumped, and then he felt as if he was burning a little.
A feeling of embarrassment spread to her.
Still being seen
Get up He frowned lightly and looked at her eyes in a mess.
Jiang Shier unconsciously don’t open her eyes. Her little face is getting hotter. She knows that this is a shame for her, and she feels ashamed herself. She has been brought up very well since childhood and rarely loses her manners.
Li Zhiyuan pulled her up slightly.
When she was pulled up, she heard the highheeled shoes stepping on the ground and lifted her eyes unconsciously around Li Zhiyuan.
I saw that I had just been talking to Li Zhiyuan and that one came along.
The woman’s line of sight is unconscious. She looked at her body and could feel the other person’s line of sight sweeping her skirt with wine stains.
She’s even more embarrassed
She didn’t open her eyes and felt that the woman had approached without a trace. She pulled out her hand and turned to the waiter who was hit by her. Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the road.
It’s not my fault that your skirt is dirty. The waiter was a little scared
Jiang Shier looked down and felt even more embarrassed.
The man behind her who helped her to show the way suddenly came forward. He directly took off his coat and covered it. He looked at Jiang Shier and smiled. If it’s dirty, block it.
Li Zhiyuan’s eyebrows suddenly puckered up and his eyes were a little black.
Thank you.
She rushed to thank you.
You’re welcome. Are you going to change it? I’ll see you off. I’m just doing the same thing. The man continued with a smile.
She looked down at her skirt and couldn’t hide it.
That much trouble is not good, she looked at the man unconsciously.
She’s all dirty. She really should be replaced.
But there’s no extra clothes to go back to.
It’s so beautiful, lady, it’s me. The man hasn’t finished yet
Jiang Shier felt that her wrist was buckled again.
The man buckled her wrist strength and pulled her vigorously, so she unconsciously took two steps towards Li Zhiyuan.
She was a little startled.
Section 62
Looking up, I saw Li Zhiyuan sipping his lips and his handsome face showed some security. Even his eyebrows were slightly frowning. She just saw him and that woman having a childhood pleasure.
Chapter 31 External factors She is in a good mood when she comes
Some hearts have a bad taste.
She thought it made him angry.
She opened her mouth to explain.
At this moment, the shoulder coat has been taken by the man to Li Zhiyuan and directly returned her shoulder coat to the man, saying, I’ll take her downstairs to change it.
He took off his coat and covered her.
Deep and remote black eyes swept her one eye, Jiang Shier one leng felt that the eyes were unusually cold.
Her heart sank unconsciously.
Some chagrin …
She was a little afraid to see Li Zhiyuan. She looked at her eyes and lowered her eyes slightly. She thought that Li Zhiyuan had liked the girl for many years now. It might be not good for her to disturb him.
Although they are engaged, they should know that she will still have it.
Not because …

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