Good news rubbing his head what’s the matter? Are you still unhappy because Aunt Qingqing didn’t keep her promise and told us about your asking her?

Good news rubbing his head what’s the matter? Are you still unhappy because Aunt Qingqing didn’t keep her promise and told us about your asking her?
Sihan shook his head. Actually, I just want to tell you this through Aunt Qingqing’s mouth. I’m too small to talk, and you don’t necessarily believe me. I will deliberately make some noise to worship Qingqing’s father. My paranoia will definitely feel that there is a problem here and I will ask Aunt Qingqing about it. Although I have an agreement with Aunt Qingqing, how can we meet your friendship for many years? When you ask Aunt Qingqing, you will violate my instructions and say it from Aunt Qingqing’s mouth, and you will believe everything I have made, that is, to give you a wakeup result …
The good news is that you are in distress situation, love and hate.
Good smelly little along while, we this a few selfsustaining our adults are you this kid to play you what is the structure of this head? Why are you so full of flowers and intestines? Are you born in my stomach? How can my gourd head give birth to a gourd baby!
Sihan cocked his little neck and looked at his mother with disdain. A gourd doesn’t give birth to a gourd baby. Do you want to give birth to a big melon? Besides, the head structure and the flower intestines can’t be pulled together. Let’s go. Let’s go to Ling Dad’s right. I went to see Ling Dad. I just heard them say that Ling Dad’s plane will arrive soon.
Good news …
Section 34
Smelly little you live for me! No, fool, what do you mean by short and long! Do you call mom a fool? I think you are really itchy!
Sihan wouldn’t be silly to meet Zhou Chuhan at the door, but he didn’t seem to see it, and he left with his hands held high and his hips lifted.
It’s not funny to yell at you with a child. Lie down quickly and don’t have a headache again for a while. Zhou Chuhan rushed over to appease his wife after staring at the smelly little eyes.
The good news was that the fire was thundering, so I told Zhou Chuhan how I deliberately caught their attention and went to Qingqing to borrow Qingqing’s words.
Husband, you said I said his sentence is wrong? What’s wrong? It really pisses me off that he should say that he is not a fool.
Zhou Chuhan is also very angry. Smelly Xiaozhen said that I like being suspicious?
Jiayin nodded mercilessly. Well, he said he also said he wanted him to make some noise on purpose. You will be suspicious and investigate to see how right he is.
Zhou Chuhan eyebrows twitched hey, you are a team with me now! Like a pig, my teammates say that you have nothing to lose.
Good news …
44 what goes around comes around.
Let’s get two people together. Let’s talk about it. It’s really no one to stare at each other and look at each other.
Half a day to say in Yan and mom come back today? I’ll go and have a look, too.
Come on, if you go like this, it will also make mom worry that Lingchi Yan is asleep anyway. If you go, he doesn’t know when you are going to see it again. Zhou Chuhan directly denied it.
Good news stretched out his hand and touched his forehead gauze is really not suitable for going out.
Sihan just said that she would go to see Lingchi Yan Liao Shanshan and didn’t catch her. I’m worried that Liao Shanshan will be mad and come out to deal with her again.
Zhou Chuhan gave Jiayin a reassuring look. Don’t worry, I picked two of the most alert people from my hand, stretched out my hand and took charge of two children’s safety, and Jamie didn’t pick up girls. I believe Liao Shanshan should have nothing to blame.
Good news nodded. It’s best that you don’t care if I pick up Ling Chiyan and her motherinlaw. There must always be someone to take care of them when two women get a man back.
品茶论坛Zhou Chuhan poured a glass of water for Jiayin. I just came to tell you to lie down again and again. If you don’t listen, come back and see how I can tidy up you.
Jiayin scratched his neck. Why is this line so familiar?
Familiarity is right. You just said a few days ago and forgot now? Zhou Chuhan also bowed their heads and kissed a good news and then left.
Good news reached out and touched his lips, which really turned the tables.
Aussie Park Boyz
Liao Yongqing slapped Liao Shanshan in the face f * * king! How dare you disobey grandpa’s orders! If I had known you were so disobedient, Grandpa shouldn’t have saved you!
Burying her face, Liao Shanshan didn’t dare to resist. One sentence was a small apology. Grandpa Shanshan was wrong and Shanshan knew it was wrong.
Liao Yongqing pointed to Liao Shanshan and swore, How did you swear to Grandpa when you were half dead? You said that you wouldn’t take revenge or kill Zhou Chuhan, and that grandpa would cure you at all costs and give you a chance to contact Zhou Chuhan. What happened? Don’t you have a mobile phone meeting in a whole year!
While a woman in red giggled with a smile, Grandpa, I don’t think Shanshan didn’t have a chance to hand it, but she didn’t even think about it. She died once, and she still couldn’t carry it clearly. It must be that Zhou Chuhan was kind to her, and she began to be mean and infatuated again.
Liao Shanshan suddenly tilted her head and stared at the woman in red. Liao Zhu, don’t talk nonsense there!
Liao Zhu showed no weakness. Who can’t spit ivory in a dog’s mouth? It seems that I was right, and you are so angry here, right?
Who through …
Shut up! If the business is not done, it will be noisy here. You haven’t finished your account yet. You should talk less. Liao Yongqing showed partiality to another granddaughter.
Leave a message for you Zhou Chuhan didn’t have a chance to kill first come back don’t startle, but you pour incredibly still bold to tie people your mind is full of shit? Aren’t you pushing us into the fire pit together?
Liao Shanshan’s grievance is Grandpa is either thinking that Shanshan is losing his head … Grandpa, please give me another chance. Shanshan will definitely kill Zhou Chuhan if there is another chance.
Liao Zhu sneered, Come on, Zhou Chuhan is your nemesis. You can’t kill him in this life. I’ll let you open your eyes and see how Liao Zhu killed Zhou Chuhan, eliminated grandpa’s eyesore and got Emgrand!
Liao Shanshan also sneered, Since you are rushing to die, I can’t help it. Don’t blame me for not waking up. It’s not fun if you kill someone.
Liao Yongqing nu strike shanshan you give me to shut up! If you don’t have it, don’t say that you don’t have it. You have neglected Grandpa to cultivate you in recent years. You really let me down. Go back to the wall and think about it and wait for a new one!
It’s white. Liao Shanshan was scolded by Liao Yongqing, and Liao Zhu gloated and returned to his place.
Liao Shanshan returned to her residence, angry and resentful, and didn’t kill Zhou Chuhan. When she came back, she was scolded by her grandfather and mocked by the little bitch. I really hate bleeding under her eyes.
Bitch raised a daughter as cheap as her mother. That Liao Zhu is a grandfather and granddaughter on the surface, but actually her mother was born with her grandfather. Who doesn’t know? No one dares to say it because of grandpa’s face.
I don’t know what grandpa will have to give myself, but grandpa didn’t give up on himself, as expected. After all, he has worked for grandpa for many years, and he has worked hard. If he wants to behave well, he will definitely have a chance to be taken seriously, and it is not too late to take revenge on Zhou Chuhan.
Liao Shanshan went to the bathroom and took a bath. When she came out in a bathrobe, she actually saw Liao Zhu sitting on her sofa.
What brings you here? I don’t think I invited you Liao Shanshan cold sentence.
Liao Zhu crossed her thighs and looked at Liao Shanshan and evoked a special smile. You didn’t invite me, but Grandpa asked me to come, so I had to come and have a look at it.
Liao Zhu said, picking up the remote control of the tea table and pressing the wall, he immediately came out with a profile and a video.
The biggest drug Lord in Myanmar, Kerala, a hybrid of South Africa and Russia, is a mercenary. He was born rough and coldblooded, killing people like hemp. Recently, he did business with grandpa to buy us a batch of arms, but grandpa kept pressing the price, and he still hesitated to make a decision. Grandpa found out that this Kerala doesn’t like anything, and he likes the same woman. Grandpa must not let grandpa down when he sent you to contact Kerala this time. Liao Zhu blinked at Liao Shanshan, and the look of gloating at the drama was simply not hidden.
Liao Shanshan is tearing his hair out. What? Grandpa asked me to sleep with Kerala? There are so many women in the gang who just give it to me!

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