Even though it was not the first time to kiss him, she was still clumsy, and her little face turned red from lack of oxygen.

A pair of small hands unconsciously encircle his neck.
Meng Yichen overpowered her soft bed and forced her to possess her.
Dye dye … He murmured her name.
next day
It’s rare for Meng Yichen to sleep late. When he opened his eyes and saw a villain in his arms, a warm current slipped through his heart.
He evoked a lazy smile and his slender fingers touched her cheek.
Well …
In his sleep, Yin An dyed a beautiful eyebrow and frowned and looked a little strange.
Meng Yichen’s brow is slightly wrinkled.
However, the person in my arms didn’t move, and his little face was very reddish.
Meng Yichen raised his hand and touched her little face, only to find that it was very hot. He quickly touched her forehead. Damn! She had a fever!
Although Yin Anran was asleep, her nose was uncomfortable, and her little face was unconsciously wrinkled into a ball.
Meng Yichen poured a glass of water and brought antipyretic to help her up and let her rest on his chest.
He handed the medicine to her mouth and the water cup to her lips, but she only took a sip of the medicine and spit it out with all the water.
She can’t swallow it!
Meng Yichen looked at her flush face and frowning eyebrows as if she had been twisted.
Meng Yichen took out another medicine and put it in her mouth, then drank a mouthful of water and covered her soft lip directly.
Well …
Yin anran was forced to accept the bitter feeling that permeated her whole mouth, and she always swallowed the medicine
Meng Yichen didn’t immediately let go of her with her uvula and agreed to let go.
Yin Anran fell asleep quietly after taking the medicine.
He covered the bed for her and never left.
Yin Anran slept directly until about two o’clock in the afternoon.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Meng Yichen sitting beside her.
How do you feel about dyeing?
Yin Anran is still a little dizzy uncomfortable … She melody nowadays.
After hearing what she said, Meng Yichen became nervous again, and hurriedly reached out to her forehead only to find that her forehead was still hot, although it was better than earlier, but it was obviously still burning.
Chapter 4 You are responsible for me.
Meng Yichen immediately asked the servant to call the family doctor.
The family doctor came over and examined Yin Anran. The best way to reduce the fever quickly is to have an injection.
Yin anran was held in his arms, and when the needle went into the back of her hand, she felt a pain and her consciousness shrank.
As a result, this needle didn’t stick well. Meng Yichen said coldly, If you don’t stick well, you don’t want your doctor’s name!
桑拿会所The doctor was too scared to be born for fear of making another mistake.
This second time, it went in smoothly
Meng Yichen has been holding her, and she has been given intravenous drip in a daze. Because of this, she is quiet, and he sleeps again in his arms.
Meng Yichen looked down at her little face. The woman behaved like a cat.
Yin Anran also woke up after a bottle of infusion bag or needle water.
After taking antipyretic and injection, she was much better than before. When I opened my eyes, I saw her Meng Yichen’s arms.
She sat up from his arms, and Meng Yichen just wanted to raise her hand and let him move.
Have you been holding me for a long time? !” As she spoke, she pulled his arm and gently rubbed it for him.
Her behavior is suspected to make Meng Yichen’s heart warm and her lips look at her with a smile. You love me.
It’s an affirmative sentence, not a question.
Yin Anran rubbed his arm for him. Just let me sleep in bed, and I will make my hands numb.
Because I want to hold the dye.
After half a ring, Meng Yichen’s numbness disappeared. He looked at her. I asked Sister Wang to cook some porridge for you and let her bring it to you.
No, I’ll eat. I’ve been in bed for a long time.
After eating, she went back to her room and just took out the words, only to find that the words were gone. After that, she found that Qingshuang had called her several times.
Yesterday, after coming out of the bar, Meng Yichen called her, and she got bored, so she muted it. Unexpectedly, her mobile phone disappeared directly.
She hurriedly gave Gu Qingshuang a message.
As soon as the words are connected, Gu Qingshuang has a series of problems.
Little dye you and that person is how to return a responsibility?
Qin Ai knew what she and Meng Yichen did, but Gu Qingshuang didn’t.
Green frost this question is a long story. Do you have time? Let’s talk to you in detail when we meet.
As soon as Yin Anran hung up, Meng Yichen came out of the bathroom.
He was naked, wrapped in a towel, and his chest was so strong that he almost had a nosebleed.
Around is Yin Anran also have to admit that this guy is in great shape!

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