Mom, she’s here to find Feiyang’s brother. Chen Xiao said toward Chen Yun again.

Several women looked at Feiyang, their eyes were freezing cold, and the cold sweat on Feiyang’s face came. I didn’t have a woman outside. Why did you suddenly say that Cao Cao came?
Open the door with a smile, said Chen Yun lightly. All the women in the living room looked at the door in an instant.
Just a moment later, I saw a young woman wearing a white coat and a long shawl walk into the living room, and then scanned the living room for a week, and her eyes were fixed and flying behind her, showing a big laugh and running to the front of Feiyang, throwing herself into his arms.
Snow shine, why are you here? Feiyang also asked from the first consternation.
Listen to mei elder sister said that you were ill, so I came over. Chu Xueqing squinted with a bright smile and leaned in the flying arms for a long time, looking straight at the women beside her with jealousy, which loosened the flying arms and then replied with a smile.
桑拿会所What’s wrong with me? Feiyang said with a face of black line.
Take two steps without illness. ChuXueqing said with a smile.
Well, don’t be ridiculous, said Fei Yang, skimming the pie mouth.
Hello, I’m Li Siqi Feiyang’s girlfriend. Li Siqi came to Chuxueqing and smiled and held out his hand.
Hello, my name is Chuxueqing Feiyang’s good friend. Chuxueqing and Li Siqi shook hands and said with a smile.
In this way, the outsider who was in the hearts of many women appeared.
Chapter 245 ChuXueqing is here.
Well, let’s go to your room in Feiyang’s building. Chuxueqing and Li Siqi shook hands and then pulled Feiyang to the floor.
Why do you want to go to my room? asked Chuxueqing curiously.
I’ll check your room for you. Chu Xueqing replied of course.
How did you get here? Feiyang pointed to his room and continued.
Come by plane, of course, ChuXueqing replied, and then dragged Feiyang into his room and went to the bed to seriously say to Feiyang, I’ll check you carefully when you lie down.
I really want to check my body flying also ChuXueQing is what I want to talk to myself?
Of course, Chu Xueqing nodded solemnly, and then he sat down on the bed and flew to lie down, and then the novel said, Lie still and I’ll check it for you.
Snow shine, how did you find my home? Feiyang asked curiously.
Little Black sent me here. Don’t talk, Chuxueqing replied.
Oh, it’s Xiaohei. Where is he? I’ll thank him. Feiyang knows.
No, he took me to the door and drove back. Chu Xueqing replied.
Oh, so where’s your luggage? Feiyang continued.
No luggage ChuXueQing shook his head and said.
How long are you going to stay here? Flying has some headaches and staring at this stupid girl.
Well, I don’t know. Chuxueqing looked up to heaven and thought for a long time before shaking his head and said.
Well, I’ll take you to buy clothes later, said Feiyang with a sigh.
Yes, yes, we’ll go to buy clothes later. Now you lie down honestly and I’ll check your health first. Chu Xueqing said with joy when he heard that Feiyang wanted to buy clothes for her, and then took out a bloated glove from his white coat pocket and put it on his hand.
What is this? Feiyang asked curiously.
This checkup ChuXueQing waved his gloved right hand and asked of course.
Ok, float in the sky, that’s it. This girl can always come up with something she hasn’t heard before and surprise herself by lying in bed and waiting for Chu big doctor to check.
Because the flying bedroom door is not the original building, the women are all around, but they are afraid to disturb them. They are both curious and poked around at the bed outside.
See Chu Xueqing’s glove palm pressed a few times, and then she heard Ding Yi’s glove palm pop up a purple light from the top of the probe.
Well, don’t move in bed and then close your eyes. Chu Xueqing said with a gloved right hand.
Flying in accordance with the words do lie flat bed tight body gently closed his eyes.
Chuxueqing stretched his gloved right hand to Feiyang’s palm, and the purple light kept flashing from Feiyang’s head to the toe glove center.
After the purple light swept the flying body, Chu Xueqing took back his right hand, and then pressed it somewhere, and the purple light disappeared. Chu Xueqing pressed the palm of his hand to himself again for a few times, and then Chu Xueqing leaned out a 3d human body structure map with many English words and some numbers next to it.
Well, brother Feiyang, congratulations, you are not sick. Chu Xueqing told these data and watched it again, smiling and congratulating Feiyang.
I’m not sick float in the sky opened his eyes quite some nai said.
Eh, I said that your body is not sick, but according to Sister Mei’s statement and Sister Xuan’s testimony, there seems to be something wrong with your brain. Chu Xueqing walked back and forth with his hands around his chest and made his own judgment.
My brain is no problem, said Feiyang with black lines.

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