I just told you last night that I can’t remember who Yang Zheng looks like. After saying this, I found that he is very similar to Rui Eyebrow. In other words, he looks like Master Gu. No accident, Yang Zheng should be an illegitimate son of Master Gu.

This makes sense, regardless of the master. One son, Javey, and one grandson are not so interested in these two fathers. It seems that there is another son and grandson he likes more.
If this thing is true, Gu Rui, let’s deal with Yang Zheng and yang xian behind Tibet. We know that it is easy to win. It’s really a good calculation.
A gun is easier to hide than an arrow.
If things are really as you guess, it would be terrible for Master Gu and Yang Zheng.
Thinking of this, Hejun couldn’t help but hit a tingle and take out his mobile phone. You wait a moment, I’ll call someone to check this matter first.
In addition to the family, Lin Yuehong may also start work. She knew that Lin Yuehong must hate her and her four children, because this woman will not be braindead and really do something to hurt children.
This matter later you let the demon Wolf they check
Speaking of the demon wolf Ouyang Xianqian, I think of Gu Huiqin talking to myself that day. Master Gu has already suspected my identity and estimated that I am the daughter of Jiyang for a long time.
I want to hear your opinion first.
If we really want to wait for him to make a fuss about your identity, we might as well take the initiative to tell some people who may be afraid of this identity. What do you think?
This matter will be solved sooner or later. Hejun prefers to take the initiative rather than explain passively.
This is the military style, and he believes that Ouyang Xianqian, a fellow soldier, will agree with his own practice.
Ouyang Xianqian really thought about this question: What form should I tell you about these people?
She hasn’t come yet to tell the master and Sue’s family that she wants to finish this beautiful thing. Besides, it’s rare. Now, Sir, it’s just the right time for her to tell him about it.
Can’t run to the front of the somebody else straight spicy tell people that I am JiYang daughter? !”
He Jun felt that Ouyang Xianqian’s attitude towards Jiyang was different this time. So you don’t mind letting people know that you are a Ji family girl?
Do you mind denying this fact?
I’ve figured it out now that I can’t escape, I’ll face it positively.
People often say that happiness is a day when they are unhappy, but why not be happy every day? !”
Admitting that it’s his wife is not admitting it, but also facing it positively. At least when it comes to things, it can be solved well. I admit this heavy identity and admit him.
It’s good that you think so. He Jun, the strongest soldier in Jiyang, has almost idolized this old fatherinlaw. I’m sure I can tell you that he is still alive.
So you know where he is?
I know that he was arrested by the Japanese, but I don’t know where it is. The military has sent someone to spy on him. I believe that your father and daughter will meet one day in the near future.
To this matter, he is not going to tell Ouyang Xianqian. Now listen to her and accept this father before he tells her the news.
Tell me if you hear from him in the future.
This is no problem.
At this time, Mr. Wang’s mobile phone rang and answered the words, It has been confirmed that Yang Zheng is indeed the illegitimate son of Master Gu, and yang xian was brought up by Master Gu himself.
Looking after the master according to the eye situation should be intended to give the family business to this illegitimate child. He Jun couldn’t help laughing at the thought that Gu Rui boasted that Yang Zheng was his good friend. I really want to know what kind of expression Rui’s face will be when he knows the truth?
I don’t want to know that it’s absolutely better than wonderful Ouyang Qian sneered I finally know what it means to be crooked
Master Gu keeps a lover outside. This lover is just like his own personal friend. It’s interesting to add a mistress Gu Rui who is about to be born and an illegitimate daughter Gu Jia.
Nine times out of ten, Little Sun is their handwriting. If they dare to attack you and Little Sun one after another, let’s at least give them a gift first. What do you say?
These people are not too angry with themselves, but they dare to do it with their own children. Ouyang Qianqian can’t forgive them. They originally planned to wait and watch the drama, and their mind suddenly changed. Since Yang Zheng is close to Gu Rui and gets along with his friend’s identity, he definitely has a plan, and the plan is not small. It will not be possible to pierce his identity for the time being.
桑拿会所  title=But don’t let these two people make some contradictions and charge some interest. I’m not happy in my heart. Let Gu Rui know that his little lover is not like Yang Zheng, and let him suspect that his head color may be green. Let them love to make some minor contradictions first.
These people are willing to wait and see their drama if they don’t calculate themselves, but they annoyed her and felt sorry for themselves if they didn’t add some blocks to them.
Well, I’ll arrange this to make sure they get bored. His wife and children are his lamella, and these people will bear his anger when they brush his lamella. Who is the real mercenary group to be investigated? Let’s deal with them again and dare to let our son go.
Well, I’ll just sit back and watch the drama. It’s natural for men to protect their daughtersinlaw and children. Ouyang Xianqian said that he would be happy for his men to protect himself and children.
But …
Let’s take a look at our son’s information first, and lay the battle well first.
Together two people opened their brains together and looked at the information sent by Chen Xi.
Section 53
Unfortunately, the information about Hejunji is not very clear.
It serves to show that this mercenary group member has done a perfect job in keeping information confidential, which has to be called He Junpei. From this point of view, this first mercenary group is not an easy enemy to deal with.
It seems that there is a shortcut to know more about them, that is, to arrest the core members and pry their mouths open before realizing this. Hejun is not right, and he is even more uncertain about the next day.
Although frustrated, it does not affect Hejun’s agility. When Fang Shao said this, Do you mean that the other party’s goal is slim?
Besides, I can’t figure out what the other party wants to go by name.
But why do they want me? According to their analysis, this group of people should be Japanese Ouyang Xianqian, who believes that he is not enough to call the Japanese government to think about it.
Even if the Japanese government did it, they wouldn’t be silly. People in the country are just like the first mercenary group hired by Sam. If I didn’t guess wrong, Japan also hired a third party to compete for this thing.
This third party should have something to do with the Japanese cabinet, otherwise they won’t trust to leave such an important matter to an unfamiliar third party to do what we want, so don’t confine it to the Japanese government.
When Fang Shao said this, a name Chuan Dao Fang? suddenly popped up in Ouyang Xianqian’s mind.
It is not impossible for the Chuan Dao family to get closer and closer to the Japanese pavilion since their marriage with the Watanabe family.
I’m afraid I’m running out of luck when I think of my unresolved hatred with Chuan Dao Fang. Even if I know that the other party is daoshanhuohai waiting for myself, I can’t back down. This is the minimum quality of her soldiers
I don’t want everyone to worry about her, so I relaxed and said, If this woman is true, I have nothing to be afraid of. I can beat her when I was pregnant more than ten years ago, and I can still beat her ten years later.

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