"That … I also don’t want to go to the hotel" Lu sorrow gathered filar silk long cilia dare not go to see Lin Mo Chen cold face.

"If you don’t, go to my house." Lin Mochen was very calm and patient to pull Ann to get ready.
Compared with Lin Mo-chen, he was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks when he calmed down and worried about Lu.
Why don’t you go to his house and kill her? What should we do? What should I do?
Lu sorrow used his quick wits. She covered her left face with Liu Kai’s slap. "Ouch, I … My face hurts."
Lin Mo-chen let go of the safety belt and leaned over. His right hand was warm and cool, and his long finger tapped the small jaw of landing sorrow, while his left finger gently brushed away the hair on her left face. After that, he carefully stared at Lu’s sad face and saw that her left face was red and swollen, and her white face became more and more obvious.
Lin Mo-chen’s deep eyes are even darker, which is distressed and worrying.
Lu’s eyes are full of his worried face, and her heart floats with a little guilt.
"Does it hurt?" His voice was as soft as a feather.
"Well, it hurts." Lu nodded heavily.
She tried her best to squeeze her tears in a real way, and she was miserable. She thought that Lin Mochen would be soft-hearted when she saw her weakness …
"Then let’s go to the hospital." Lu’s sad face is full of smiles, and his big eyes are clear and bright, like the purest crystal in the world without any impurities.
Lin Mo-chen felt that she could resist such worries, which was beautiful and clean.
He was also infected by her smile.
Lu sorrow to see his handsome face swept away just haze color this heart secretly secretly pleased it seems that she is pathetic.
She pushed her luck. "So you agreed?"
夜生活"Mrs. Lin, you think it’s beautiful." Lin Mochen’s fundus smile instantly condenses her eyes like night. "Choose a hotel or my house yourself. If you don’t choose it, I’ll help you choose it."
Lu you’re a little narrow-minded. He can see through her eyebrows and eyes. It’s so tender to want to play with him.
"…" Lu sorrow du up cherry mouth very unhappy.
When he saw her, he didn’t answer "then go to my house"
"No, no, no-"she objected.
"No, I’m going to the hospital to see a doctor. My face really hurts." Lu You frowned.
"You won’t remember today’s lesson if you endure pain." Lin Mo-chen seems to blame her for her real tone but reveals warmth.
Lin Mo-chen pushed open the car door first, then went to the co-pilot position and pulled open the door. He stretched out his hand and carried Lu You out of the car and walked into Fu Li Hotel.
He went straight to the elevator and went straight to the vip suite on the high floor. He opened the door with a touch of his room card to the induction lock.
He took Lu sorrow into the door, crossed the living room and went directly to the innermost bedroom, and put her gently on the soft big bed, but she was fidgeting.
"You go and take a bath first." Lin Mochen stretched out his hand and put his suit and coat on the bed at will.
Lu You was embarrassed. Don’t open your head. Your white face is also dyed thin red. "Um … can I not wash it?"
Lin Mo-chen looked down at Lu You’s side face. "Then I don’t mind my way to erase your man’s taste!"
Sure enough, I am very angry! This is clear enough, but Lu’s sorrow still dares to say more. She immediately got up from bed and anointed her feet and went to the bathroom.
Lu worried about bathroom door’s whole manpower and leaned against the door panel.
Shame as Lin Mo Chen devil wears prada said it was him!
If she stays with him like this again, she feels like she’s going crazy. She thinks she’s the chopping block and he kills her.
Lu Yu told himself not to think too much. Anyway, the enemy will have means to resist him. He also said that women should not be strong in this respect. She began to undress and take a shower. She washed it carefully with bath lotion to make him angry.
Lin Mo-chen took a look at the direction of the bathroom, then picked up the phone and dialed "I’m Lin Mo-chen. Send me some ice packs to relieve swelling and pain, a clean dress, a pair of flat shoes for underwear and underwear … that’s all for now."
He went out of the bedroom, got coffee beans and coffee machine from the kitchen, ground coffee beans and made coffee by himself. He enjoyed doing it himself.
When Lu You was washed out, he smelled the mellow coffee in the room.
Lin Mochen came into the bedroom with two cups of coffee to "taste"
"You cooked it yourself?" Lu you was surprised.
Tianjiao Lin Mo-chen can actually make coffee by himself, and the beautiful picture is unimaginable.
"I’m a human being." Lin Mochen put a good coffee cup aside.
"I have always recognized your God."
The atmosphere is warm and intimate, natural and friendly.
Lin Mochen heard the doorbell and turned to leave. When she came back, she had more ice packs, ointments, clothes and shoes.
He put the clothes and shoes box on the sofa and then went to the landing. Worry naturally took her hand and sat side by side by the big bed. He wrapped the ice pack in a white towel, then fixed her jaw with one hand and gently applied the ice pack to her red and swollen left face with the other.
"Hissing-"She still couldn’t bear to exhale in pain.
"If you know that it hurts, you have to send it to the door?" Lin Mo-chen felt angry at the thought of pushing the door and pushing the screen at that time. If he hadn’t gone to the Star Media and talked with Gu Na at that time, the consequences would be unimaginable.
"I’m talking to him about work. I didn’t expect him to …" Lu sorrow knew his carelessness.
That beast Liu Kai can do anything by virtue of his position as a gold medal agent in the regiment.
"Don’t you need me to wake you up when the hidden rules prevail in Mrs. Lin’s circle for a day or two?" Lin Mo-chen raised her head with an index finger and forced her to look at him. "It’s a pity that Mrs. Lin is so beautiful."
"Mr. Lin is really not what you think." Her heartbeat is disordered again and she is eager to explain herself.
"If Mrs. Lin doesn’t abandon me, I’d like you to make an exception." Mrs. Lin Mochen buckled her waist with her long arm and held her on his thigh.
"I was wrong. I was really wrong …"
"It’s late"
For a second, he has easily sealed her rhombic lip, but the cool lip is as hot as volcanic magma and wants to melt her. She wants to escape, but he is even more presumptuous.
He clasped the back of his head and continued to deepen the kiss, forcibly grabbing the sweet fragrance of her lips and teeth.
Mrs. Lin is so cute, and Mr. Lin is so gentle. A pair is made in heaven. Ye, thank you for your support. Ye Meiniu loves you and you don’t explain.
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☆ 4. A man has a monopoly on women.
Lin Mo-chen’s kissing skill is superb, and he is dizzy with tenderness and sorrow in strength. Passive and active arms are wrapped around his neck, and the fragrance of coffee is dyed with his lips and teeth. The two people are inseparable.
Lu Sorrow Lin Mo Chen buckled his waist and imprisoned his arms. His stalwart made her more slender and petite, and he held her in his arms. They clung to his palm and waist, and when he held it, his breathing became heavier and he longed for more.
Confused, he will buckle her waist and slide her fingers to the front fingertips to pull her white bathrobe belt.
She felt a loose waist and rational return, opened her eyes wide and looked at him with a small hand holding his big palm. "Don’t do this, Lin Mo-chen."
"Don’t what?" Lin Mo-chen asked, "Isn’t this the case with hidden rules?"
His hot air blew her delicate skin as white porcelain, and her eyes were as sharp as the deep sea, so strong that she was scared and nervous.
"…" Lu sad language.

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