She can stand it without love, affection and true marriage. The only thing she can’t stand is her lack of honesty and loyalty!

Even if you no longer recognize me as a female ,I am divorced! I will give Gu Chuan another week. If he and you don’t agree to divorce after one week, don’t blame me for taking things to court! Depending on Xun Huixin’s consternation, Xia Xiaozhou pushed open the car door with anger. After saying these words, he turned and strode towards Mina’s house.
桑拿会所  title=Behind Xia Ranqiu flustered high call Xia Xiaozhou you give me back, you give me back … She also too lazy to ignore.
As soon as she ran into Mina’s house, the words rang. When Xia Xiaozhou saw that it was Xia Ranqiu, she did not hesitate to press it off, but the latter obviously refused to give up and immediately called in, and there was a tendency that she would not hang up if she didn’t connect. She gave her mobile phone to the whole world with a cruel rope and sex, and finally it was quiet.
With a wry smile, Xia Ranqiu is afraid of being half dead with anger at the moment. The picture is thrown out of her head and Xia Xiaozhou strolls to the floor, only to see Mina looking on the terrace.
Xia Xiaozhou walked over and looked down her line of sight, just to see Xia Ranqiu’s car go out like an arrow. It was a temporary relief. Xun Huixin and Xia Ranqiu also knew that Liang’s family didn’t directly rush in and escort her back.
However, she knows very well in her heart that she really can’t stay at Mina’s house, otherwise she may not be able to make a direct charge for her until Xun Huixin loses patience completely. She has already troubled Mina too much, so she has rented a good room. She decided to clean it first in the afternoon and see if she can move there tomorrow.
After making up your mind, Xia Xiaozhou suppressed her grief and depression, so she easily asked Mina, Sister Niu Wu, I’m going to the city. Are you interested in going with me? When I’m done, let’s go shopping first and then come back after dinner outside. What do you say? No, take her to see her first, rent a house, let her know what’s done is afraid to say no, and let her move out.
Mina could naturally see that she was forced to smile when she was wronged and wanted to go to town for fun. She pretended to be in high spirits and nodded and agreed, Anyway, Liang Bin has a dinner party and won’t come back for dinner tonight, so we just happened to have a good time!
To start, the two men immediately went upstairs to eat, changed clothes and drove off.
What is this place? Why are we here? What exactly are you going to do? Can’t even I tell the mystery? Listen to Xia Xiaozhou’s instructions to drive into a parking lot near the central square, which is not a big community, and park your car. Mina asked with a gun and a bead while taking a security belt.
Xia Xiaozhou smiled with a mysterious face. You will know soon. Mina has repeatedly asked her what she wants to do when she goes to town, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t say that she was afraid of letting her know before and drove home directly.
Walking into the ladder and pressing the tenth floor, Xia Xiaozhou finally rented a room and planned to move in the next day.
Sure enough, Mina immediately pulled her hand back with a straight face. Didn’t I tell you that if you dare to move out, I will never pay you? It seems that you have turned a deaf ear to my words!
Xia Xiaozhou felt that she heard the sound of grinding her teeth and immediately lost her smile. Dear love, how dare I turn a deaf ear to your words? Your words are imperial edict to me!
Seeing that she eased the color of God, she said, Love, I know that you are good to me, but your home is your home after all, and it is you and Liang Bin’s house. Even if I am better with you, there is no reason why I can’t live without food, right? You’ve seen the feeling these days. It’s either this or that that comes to me, which makes your home restless. Even if you and Liang Bin don’t say anything, I’m sorry, and I’m going to work soon. If I continue to live in your home, I’ll have to go back and forth every day for nearly four hours. How tired will that be? Don’t you have the heart to …
Liang Bin and I both welcome your permanent residence. If you feel sorry for your class, it will be better to solve the problem. Why don’t I drive you or you drive my car every day? Before she could finish her sentence, Mina had interrupted her by highhanded.
Xia Xiaozhou was very moved and looked up at the ceiling before laughing. Your car is so expensive and my technology is broken and accidentally damaged. How can I afford it? Besides, what will you do if I drive your car? If you really can’t bear to see me as soon as I have it?
I don’t have a car! Mina still didn’t good the spirit said or slightly red rim of the eye I know you are really afraid that I am difficult to do, afraid of giving me trouble will be in such a hurry to move out! In fact, you don’t want so much. During this time, you also saw that Liang Bin’s mother only comes here once a month. There is nothing difficult for me to do. You have to move out. When you move out, I will live the old chat life again!
Talking ladder to Xia Xiaozhou pulling Mina to go out, she took out the key and was about to open the door, only to find that she had been in a trance all the time yesterday and didn’t even notice where she rented it. When I looked at the contract confirmation address, I didn’t expect to see what the furniture was. It happened that there were five people on the tenth floor!
She touched her forehead, but she couldn’t take the key and try it one by one, could she? I’m afraid I’ve been arrested as a thief before she tries it out.
Mina immediately turned to sorrow and joy. I can’t remember this broken place. Don’t come after we leave. Xia Xiaozhou was about to enter the ladder.
Xia Xiaozhou in distress situation gently earned take off her hand. Sister, I paid a year’s rent of 20,000 yuan. If I don’t come to live for 20,000 yuan, it will be a waste of water. I am not as rich as you.
Can’t I just pay you 20,000 yuan? Mina deliberately looked around with critical eyes. It is not very convenient to park on the slow side of the corridor, and the greening of the community is not good. How can you live? Even if you don’t live in my house, don’t come to live in such a broken house! There are several suites in Liang Binming’s name. Why don’t you just pick one to live in?
Xia Xiaozhou’s thanks are not sensitive. Liang Bin’s famous rooms must be ridiculously large villas. I am exhausted to live alone just cleaning.
He took out his mobile phone and hesitated for a moment before sending a message to Situ Xi. Sorry, I forgot the date of renting yesterday. Do you remember? Waiting for the information to be sent out, the feeling in my heart was a little nervous and a little expecting.
Almost as soon as her mobile phone screen showed the message has been sent successfully, Situxi’s words came and Xia Xiaozhou couldn’t help wondering if he was staring at the mobile phone all the time. But in any case, the Yin haze brought by Xun Huixin and Xia Ranqiu has suddenly flown to the outside of the cloud nine.
Didn’t you say to wait until I got back before moving?
Familiar with the deep voice, Xia Xiaozhou burst into a smile unconsciously. There are only a few clothes I can handle myself. Looking up, I saw Mina staring at her mouth with stars and asking her, Is it Situxi?
Xia Xiaozhou slapped her open with an angry and funny hand, then retreated to the aisle window and gave her a gesture of Don’t follow me before continuing to talk to Situxi. I was distracted yesterday … I didn’t remember the house number, but now I can’t get in. I wonder if you remember? What a shame!
Situxi didn’t answer. There came a female first. President, everyone is here for the meeting.
With the man and beeping, Xia Xiaozhou can imagine how busy Situxi is without being there. I seem to disturb you? Really sorry …
It was quiet over there soon, and the sound of Situ Xi’s voice I’m glad that you can contact me actively without disturbing me was indeed full of pleasure.
Xia Xiaozhou cheek burning for a moment just a little asked your wound all right? It sounds like you are very busy. Anyway, physical fitness is the first priority, so you should take care of yourself.
I’m fine, don’t worry. SiTuXi sounds hoarse. Are you alone in the past room? I mean, if you’re not in a hurry, you’d better move there when I get back. What do you think?
He entered Xia Xiaozhou’s ear through his mobile phone without losing his gentle voice, so that Xia Xiaozhou suddenly felt very wronged and wanted to talk. Yesterday, you saw the love shape. Today, my mother and my elder sister found me again and gave me a good scolding. My mother even threatened that I wouldn’t want to get divorced unless she died … This is the beginning. If I don’t move out, Mina’s house will be afraid of being chicken .How can I take me in again and again? So I’m going to clean the room later and move here early in the morning.
Lonely nai sound heard SiTuXi heart a tight consciousness pulled pull tie holding a mobile phone hand is becoming more and more force even knuckles are turning white, he still oblivious since you are not happy, just move in the past. When will you move? I’ll send a car to pick you up.
Without waiting for her answer, she comforted her, Believe me, it won’t be long before I’m so unhappy. The news has been given to Gu Chuan. If the latter is really a snob in his bones as he expected, I believe that things will turn around in a few days.
Xia Xiaozhou didn’t know why. When Situ Xi simply cleaned her up, although she knew that only a few words of comfort could not solve the problem, her heart was still a lot easier. I’m fine, I just felt a little bored in my heart! Said and feel a little embarrassed to smile but it’s all right now, hehe …
Before I finished laughing, the woman carefully sounded again, When can the meeting start?
Xia Xiaozhou was surprised that he had put the cart before the horse and asked, Do you remember the house number? I won’t bother you.
Then I’ll call you later. Situxi is really busy at the moment, and there is a room full of shareholders waiting for him. During the meeting, there were many people who didn’t tell him anything, so he hung up soon.
Look at your face. Immediately after receiving his words, it turned cloudy and then sunny. What sweet words did he tell you? Just hang up, Mina has jumped at Xia Xiaozhou with red stars in her eyes, and took a step to avoid her. She went directly outside Room 15, took out the key and opened the door. In an instant, the whole corridor was lit up.
Xia Xiaozhou didn’t look at the room carefully because he was absentminded yesterday. He thought it was a good body and Situxi said, It’s still barely able to live here so he signed an appointment with the landlord in a daze.
Now, take a closer look at the house and sit facing south. The light is excellent and the decoration is quite weak. The most important thing is that the windows are clean and even every little corner is spotless.
So I immediately liked it here, and even Mina kept asking her and Situxi’ where did it go?’ I didn’t feel bored.
She went into the bathroom and wiped every room carefully with the original basin and rag, and wiped the floor again before she looked aside. Because she had never paid attention to her, Mina kept pouting and smiling. Dear Sister Ai Mei, I’m going to the nearest supermarket to buy some necessary life. I wonder if Sister Mei wants me to go?
Mina didn’t give her a good look and was about to rebuff her, but suddenly she smiled with malicious intent. If you want to go, you can tell me where you and Stuart have developed.
From the moment when Situxi confessed in disguise to this moment, Xia Xiaozhou’s heart was full of seven hundred feelings, and he almost couldn’t help telling Mina what he said several times, just like when she had a new love in college, she always asked herself to help her’ analyze’ and let her help her’ analyze’ because she felt a little unspeakable every time she said something to her mouth.
Now that she once again asked if she could buy a life to blackmail her, she reluctantly said yesterday’s love and finally frowned and said, I don’t know what to do now …
What should I do? Words haven’t say that finish has been Mina face excited interrupted you silly ah, of course, is to promise him! What do you think? Situ Xi drives millions of famous cars, and others are famous for their noble temperament. He is definitely born rich or expensive, and others are so eyecatching. These external conditions are already better than Gu Chuan’s king egg. I don’t know how many times! If you don’t say goodbye, you will take him out. It’s better for Gu Chuan to meet you. If you let your parents and family meet you, you will think that you have a vision. You should have promised him at that time!
Xia Xiaozhou language looking up to heaven for a long time didn’t good the spirit way you also know that his condition is good? So you’re not afraid that I really promised him and he ended up abandoned? Don’t you know what I am? As Mina said, Situxi’s background must be either rich or expensive, which means that he has seen many women who have been to the United States. It is very likely that there are countless people who know that he is not used to eating delicacies this time and occasionally wants to change porridge dishes.
Mina saw that her eyes were dim and confused, and she didn’t want to gag at her words. Knowing that she was already somewhat tempted, she put away her smirk and encouraged her to say, Love. Listen to me, you graduated from a famous university and are a wellknown online writer. You can’t lose your face if you are dressed up in the hall and taken out to the kitchen. If a man can marry you, it will be a pity for generations.
You are my good sister. Of course, you think I’m all right. Xia Xiaozhou smiled bitterly. But others may not be like this. For example, Gu Chuan wouldn’t have come this far if he could think of Mina like this. Of course, she has an unshirkable responsibility for getting to this point.
Mina’s color is getting more and more serious. Boat, what I said is true. You don’t want me to say this just to comfort you. You should believe in your charm. Although I have seen Situ Xi twice yesterday, I still saw him from afar, but I have a feeling that he is your destiny. If you have feelings for him in your heart, don’t miss him!
Seeing that Xia Xiaozhou’s god color is still full of hesitation and hesitation, he eased his face color and added, Take a step back and say that even if you and he finally fail to get together, you can still keep good memories of each other, and you won’t feel sorry when you think about it when you are old. Why not give him a chance to try?
Xia Xiaozhou is utterly confused. I don’t know how to answer Mina, and I don’t know how to face him when Situxi comes back four days later. I can temporarily confuse I know, I will seriously consider you.
Well, then you should seriously consider it afterwards. Mina, like Situxi, also knows her ostrich sex. Knowing that sex can’t push her hard at once, she grabbed the car keys and took the lead to walk outside. See you later. Xia Xiaozhou stayed where she was and didn’t move back and stabbed her. Didn’t you say you were going to buy a life? I’ll go back on my word if I don’t go. No, you went. She just woke up from a rude awakening and went out.
When I bought something and came back, it was almost six o’clock. Both of them were tired and hungry, so they decided to eat hot pot.
I found a restaurant where two people love at ordinary times, went to a hot pot restaurant, ordered a table of food, and then came out almost a little. Mina was thinking about Liang Bin’s dinner party and came back. If she was drunk and nobody took care of her, she would drive home in a hurry.
Xia Xiaozhou certainly has no objection.
When she was about to arrive at Mina’s house, it suddenly occurred to her that when Gu Chuan left yesterday afternoon, she said that he would come to her after work today. Her heart love plummeted, which made Mina stop and let her wait until she went back to make sure Gu Chuan had left, and then called her back.

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