Zhang Hao is so regretful at the moment that he is still too young and inexperienced that the barrel caught the opportunity to strengthen the group. Tang Qin Lingjiela has been the first to die. Although the barrel hangs up, it is as troublesome to bring Kieran back to life as not to die.

Zelas made a great contribution and dropped an output point in a perfect second, which created a favorable opportunity for them to pursue.
Pan Sen is a wild man with an egg knife and a poor giant’s belt. He can’t bear a wave of skills from bombing across the street. He is also beaten in Pan Sen. Don’t want to lose his mind.
Everyone can see that the blue side has finished outputting and exploded at this time, and Qpick flies and is driven away by the big troops behind, so you can’t leave if you want to.
Zhou Xiong looked at the ice and walked backwards out of the scope of the emperor’s attack. Then the barrels and Draven appeared in tandem. Because it was a melee, it was a little slow, and the last Silas in the team had appeared in the middle.
Get ready, I’m going to pull. Zhang Hao motioned for himself to prepare the hook. His robot has always been elusive, and countless players across the street have caused tons of psychological shadows.
Wandering Pan Sen crouched quietly behind the robot, and there was a thin wall between the river and their Yin people’s place. Now, once he was hooked, it would be lively, depending on who Zhang Hao wanted to pull.
Draven is on his way to Zhang Hao. It is absolutely enough to visually check the distance. The middle finger of his left hand has pressed the Q key and he is walking in the river. Draven has no idea that the danger is waiting on the cliff.
Crunch a yellow mechanical claw flies out.
Why is my grass a barrel?
At the moment, Zhang Hao and others are confused, but the opposite single barrel is even more confused. It’s just that I’m on my way. How did I hit the hook with an E skill?
Although both sides are confused, La Du has pulled in without beating, even though it was ready for La De Levin before, but now pulling into the barrel will be enough to beat Zhang Hao, an energy iron fist will blow the barrel away, and a Q skill will bomb the barrel body and hand over the imprisonment while blowing it away, leaving the barrel stuck in place.
Then, the Eskill spell surged, and the wandering was released, and the Qskill was passively refreshed. When the Qskill imprisonment was coming to an end, Pan Sen also set off a holy shield to combat dizziness, and the barrels were pierced by spears. The barrels had not yet moved, and they were instantly beaten to death by three people.
nie Withdraws Zhang Hao robot will close when it is too good, and quickly bypass the triangular grass and lead Pan Sen and wandering back to a tower, but before the emperor and others can react, the barrels are gone in these few steps.
After the two sides were deadlocked for a short time on the road, Diqiu took the initiative to retreat. At this time, the advantage was not great. It was unrealistic to go home and update a round of equipment and brush a few dragons. This game is not just firmly holding the road defense tower, which made Zhang Hao people breathe a sigh of relief.
After a while, the two sides entered a period of brushing soldiers. The two sides looked for each other’s flaws. Zhang Hao’s robot once almost pulled the key character, but it was a little regrettable that it was not hooked.
The situation changed in 22 minutes, when the skill was in Aeye and the emperor didn’t respond and was imprisoned on the spot. Then Zhang Hao hook naturally stretched out and dragged it into the crowd. Looking at a pile of Ren Huang, he felt his heart beat faster and his eyes turned black.
Well, why is it so dark and unrealistic? This is Zhang Hao’s current thinking
There are also some feminine people screaming to express their thoughts.
品茶论坛Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Several screams filled the computer room.
What’s the name of the grass? I’ve never seen it stop. In the dark, several Han people were very dissatisfied with it. Just stop in the dark. What the hell?
But the darkness is always temporary, and this time is no exception. Five seconds later, the competition room was once again lit with colorful lights, and the normal fluorescent lamp mode was replaced. Just now, the gorgeous feeling was gone, and the room returned to simplicity.
Seeing that the players on both sides were quietly watching the black brain still immersed in the situation just now, the emperor was hooked at the last minute and then stopped the game.
The people who came to watch the war were a little noisy. What the hell? Why did you stop?
The outcome is not yet divided. Reconnect and fight.
Even this is a custom. Ten people have just retired. It is estimated that this game can’t go back.
No way
Things are not good. The competition crisis has come forward quickly.
I’m sorry, everyone just had a little situation. The game is under review. Please be calm.
Lan Ruoxi’s nifty words sounded again, and both sides were restarting the machine at the same time. However, it is estimated that this game is hopeless. Some people have been to this game before. Once they all quit, they will automatically close the game and return to the initial interface.
After landing, there was no reconnection interface, but at the beginning of the interface, the red game button play is also eyecatching at the end of the interface, which seems to be waiting for everyone to start again.
This everyone is confused. That was a waste of time.
Chapter 96 solo candidate
Thanks to the happy students on the right, there is no panic for the members of the suspension club. The main problem is that the circuit breaker just broke itself because of the aging of the line and the addition of many highpower equipment in the computer room.
There have been many stops before, and members of the Ministry are used to it, but outsiders don’t come often and don’t understand the situation. What’s the matter?
Lan Ruoxi ran to Tang Qinling for advice. What should Sister Ling do now?
It depends on the opposite meaning and everyone’s meaning. Say that finish, Tang Qinling looked at his watch and it’s almost half past five. It will take at least thirty or forty minutes to make such a call, so it’s more than nine o’clock.
This group of people came at seven o’clock, and there is no result yet. I’m sure people will not expect it so much if they play another game. Besides, who will have nothing to do if they want to eat? It’s just a pleasure to watch a competition and sacrifice their bellies.
Hey, are you still fighting? What time is it?
Let’s go for a walk. Let’s eat quickly. It’s really boring. As he said, several people got up and left.
Lan Ruoxi rushed to the stage to pick up the receiver and smiled, Be calm, everyone. The two sides are negotiating a horse race, so stay tuned.
Although Macey’s sister appeared, everyone didn’t buy it, and everyone’s expectations were long gone. This game was very disappointing because of the stop.
But in a hurry, Di Qiu and others are the ones who initiated the challenge. Now they are a little upset that Tang Qinling is the fighting party. It doesn’t matter whether the audience plays or not.
In the noise, someone said, Hey, why don’t you solo1on1 oneonone and forget it?
Yeah, you solo. Let’s decide the game.
it’s solosolo.
It can be said that a stone stirred up a thousand waves, and this solo call immediately got unanimous approval from the audience in the computer room, demanding that the two teams decide the outcome of a solo game
Listening to the shout, Di Qiu got up and laughed. No problem, let’s change this game to solo. I will represent my team to challenge the older generation of competitive clubs. I want to prove to you that the older generation members are no longer able to do it.
Di Qiu’s words won applause, and the pressure suddenly turned to Tang Qinling’s side. Of course, she is the president, and it is the most suitable and representative for her to play.
Tang Qinling frowned and didn’t expect the situation to suddenly change into solo Diqiu’s strength. It is well known that it can play a big role in the college league list, and everything has been said.
It’s a test that a person will be snowballed if he fucks carelessly, which also leads to more factors to consider after singles, thus making the online experience extremely rich. solo with such a guy is the most difficult thing, which is why Di Qiu readily agrees with solo.

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