It’s near

Jing Luan can already see the man’s chest figure above the sea.
What person? Hands up across a short distance JingLuan shouted at there a kind of inarticulate familiar feeling that he didn’t shoot directly.
At this moment, the little guy’s expression has become dignified.
If he’s right, it’s daddy
But how did daddy get here?
It’s also this moment that the little guy is glad that he didn’t tell Shazhou Island that there are more people than Mommy, otherwise Shazhou Island rules that trespassers will die, but if Daddy is really executed by Shigong, he really doesn’t know what will happen to Mommy.
Since I came back from the city, Mommy has never said anything about it, but he found that Mommy has changed, and she is no longer always laughing and laughing as before, just like she has something on her mind, and she often stares at a certain point in a daze.
The motorboat is getting closer and closer.
Jing Luan’s sound is also clearly floating near the ear. Jane stopped paddling and looked up at the motorboat heading for her. When she saw Jing Luan’s small figure, she couldn’t help smiling. Jing Luan … This is definitely a happy surprise. She called him to find Yinghe Jing Luan after he wanted to go to the island, but she didn’t expect him to find the little guy before he got close to the island. This surprise was so great that he looked at Jing Luangen without paying attention to the waters around him when he stopped water.
Chapter 197 Goufu’s Notes (162)
Be careful … Jing Luan didn’t catch up, but shouted this voice, followed by Bang. When a shot was fired, Jane was not a meter away from her side, and the red shark was actually a shark.
Daddy, come on. Jing Luan didn’t wake up from the situation. Jane didn’t leave, and then she handed it to him.
Jane is not reluctant to lend her hand to the big hand, but she grabbed the protruding corner of the motorboat with the other hand and jumped off the motorboat with one hand like a fish.
Daddy is so handsome. The little guy was a little embarrassed when he blurted out his heartfelt admiration. He sipped his mouth slightly. Daddy, did you come to see me and Mommy?
Jing Luan … Jane not from a hugged the little guy is mercilessly hug was excited even words can’t say it.
桑拿Just in the middle of the sea, several thoughts flashed through his mind, and he felt that he would never reach the island not far away, and that he would never see Yinghe Jingluan, but he never thought that he would suddenly see something at this time. Seeing Jingluan, he felt that time was wonderful, even on rainy days, even though he was dripping with water, he felt that this moment was sunny and Wan Li was the happiest moment in his life.
Found the son
He found a son.
Jing Luan Wo Jian Fei felt Jane Fei trembling slightly from her arms, but Jane Fei didn’t say a word for a long time, so the little guy frowned and asked suspiciously, Daddy, how did you find here?
Fang Promise
Er, Uncle Promise is so stupid that he brought you here, but you can’t go to Daddy Shazhou Island now. The little guy thinks about it. Although he is small, he has always been killing and forgiving the private islanders in recent years. He doesn’t want to be separated from anything, but he is his own father.
What? Seeing Jing Luan Jane is 100% sure that Britain is also this island, he finally found her camp and finally saw her and her son, but the little guy refused to let him go to other islands, and he was relieved.
The teacher’s guild will kill your father, and he will. The little guy seriously recalled what he knew about the private island, and he couldn’t help shivering.
Your teacher male …
Yi Yuan, he will really kill you. If you want to have a private island … The little guy with the word death didn’t have the nerve to say it, but he said it was absolutely true. He wouldn’t lie to his father if he lied to him. Dad Jing Luan doesn’t miss you that … that’s what.
This sentence instantly warmed Jane’s centrifugal cold, but also dissipated. He took the little guy’s little face in his big hand and kissed him mercilessly. Good dad listens to you. Since the little guy said so, there must be a little guy’s reason. He didn’t want the little guy to be difficult
Dad, don’t worry, I will always let my mother come back to you. Well, can you give me some time? The little guy couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he agreed to Jane’s departure. If Jane wasn’t small and small, Jane wouldn’t know how many times she listened to him and then ignored the name’ Daddy’. No one would believe that he was a kid.
Good At this moment, Jane is very confident that Jing Luan has found here, and Jing Luan is also a retreat, so naturally there is no need to look at him again.
Daddy, it’s not easy to stay here for a long time. If someone breaks through, I’ll set up a security system and know that you’re here. No one can save you. I’ll send you away.
Send me away? Jane looked down at the motorboat, which is much smaller than the boat. It’s okay to wander around the beach. It’s absolutely impossible to send him to a small county if you want to swim across the sea. He still knows this cognition.
Let’s send you a boat, the little guy said, and his eyes fell on his wrist. The round screen of the watch was gently clicked by him, and immediately the situation around the island was revealed. Soon the little guy pointed to a little way, I’ll send you a boat if there is a boat.
Jane is a little far from looking down. Will it …
Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that I’m upset. I’m the one who loves me the most. He won’t do anything to me. I’m a native of Shazhou Island. Gonggong said that I’m the most authentic one. Even he didn’t live on this island. Jing Luan said triumphantly and jumped to drive the motorboat. Dad, you drive.
Good Jane has to take over Jing Luan’s work. This job should be done by him. He can definitely drive a motorboat.
Looking back at the direction of Shazhou Island, the outline of Shazhou Island has been revealed, although it is not particularly clear, but the position can be determined. He has never seen her, and he has found the opportunity for him. When he sees her, he will definitely let her go unfairly.
Daddy’s gone. Jing Luan gently pulled a simple story. I don’t know what to do. I can’t help but feel a little worried when I think of Yi Yuan’s treatment of the islanders.
Good Jane started the motorboat from here, and the motorboat sailed to the position indicated by Jing Luan against the wind and rain. From time to time, the little guy looked down at his watch and saw that it was getting closer and closer. This was soft and Jane’s departure. Daddy stopped.
Huh? Jane is not separated from nature. She stopped the motorboat and looked at the villain in front of her.
Give me your mobile phone, the little guy handed it to Jane. Come on!
Good Jane took one look at the villain who looks almost like herself. This flip is too much like a full nine distractions. She untied her waist and tied a waterproof bag directly, then took out her mobile phone and handed it to Jing Luan for you.
Jing Luan took Jane away from her mobile phone, and then the little finger quickly clicked the keyboard. Jane away from her watch and soon worried about everything, and then handed the mobile phone to Jane away. If you want to ask me for some information after Daddy returns your mobile phone, just send it to me.
Jane took the phone and looked at the small icon on the phone screen. This is the first time he has seen such an icon. I don’t know how the little guy reached out and touched his head. Who do you learn from?
Sixth Uncle
Jane suddenly remembered that before Jing Luan called Fang’s promise, it was also a promise. Do you call these island men uncle? The little guy has been shouting for so long that he didn’t react until now. This title is really more surprising to him. Does it mean that the people of the British island are brothers?
So is Fang’s promise?
Otherwise, Jing Luan wouldn’t call Fang Promise Fang Uncle.
Uncle Fang turned out to be a brother and sister before the British promise. He was really wrong in those days.

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