Nai Yang Feifan inwardly sighed that only after waiting for an hour, he slowly recovered his energy.

Su Yueying frowned. She always thought that Yang Feifan was pretending to be a pig to eat tiger.
Keep pretending, Miss, and see when you can put it on. Su Yueying bent down and stretched out his hand and pulled Yang Feifan by the collar, trying to pull him from the ground.
What surprised Su Yueying this time was that Yang Feifan not only didn’t resist, but was easily pulled up by her.
It may be that Su Yueying’s strength is too strong, or that her poison has just been dissolved in her body and she is still in a very weak state. As a result, after she pulled Yang Feifan from the ground, she suddenly felt that her waist and knees were out of control and rushed to Yang Feifan’s arms.
As a result of Yang Feifan’s temporary method of condensing energy, he simply stabilized Su Yueying. As a result, Yang Feifan was pushed down by Su Yueying, and Su Yueying also weighed him heavily.
Gravity Yang Feifan fell to the ground for an instant, and the whole person was as painful as falling apart, causing him to cry out.
If Yang Feifan fell alone, he was not so hurt. The problem is that Su Yueying is still pressing him tightly. This feeling is like being pressed tightly by a mountain, which makes him miserable.
According to the truth, the feeling of beauty in your arms should be beautiful, but for Yang Feifan, the feeling is not beautiful but uncomfortable.
夜网论坛Su Yueying poured Yang Feifan’s arms with Yang Feifan as a cushion. She didn’t have anything, not only nothing, but also felt very comfortable.
Yang Feifan’s eyes were shining with gold stars and his face showed pain. He shook his head gently and tried to make his consciousness sober up.
Su Yueying was shocked when she fell down. It was the first time that she had pushed a big man down so easily for such a wonderful thing. Even if it was said, I’m afraid no one dared to believe it.
When Su Yueying saw Yang Feifan with a face of pain, her eyes showed strange mans heart. This stinking guy won’t be so fragile. How can he fall so easily?
Yang Feifan shook his head hard. When Venus faded in his eyes, it came into his eyes. Su Yueying’s face was like a lotus flower.
Looking down her charming face is a beautiful white landscape.
At the moment, Su Yueying’s figure is more prominent because she is wearing a tight shortsleeved white shirt.
Yang Feifan looked up at Su Yueying’s charming face and then looked down at her with her charming face, which was suspected to be a panoramic view of the beauty of her heart.
Su Yueying is a famous goddess. She not only has a devillike figure, but also has a proud size that many girls envy and envy.
Any normal man can’t help but look at such a great goddess theory.
Yang Feifan is no exception. Now he is deeply attracted by the beauty of his eyes, and even his eyes are beginning to stare at Su Yueying’s beautiful heart.
At the moment, Yang Feifan’s shortness of breath, pupil contraction, even nosebleeds dripping into Su Yueying’s body.
I go to you this smelly lai incredibly so ashamed Su Yueying erase Yang Feifan drops her heart nosebleed raise Sandy jade hand to Yang Feifan face ruthlessly.
After a crisp, Yang Feifan was stunned by Su Yueying’s slap.
Su Yueying rewarded Yang Feifan with a loud slap and slowly got up from his arms.
Don’t let miss see you again, or I’ll beat you once I see you. Say that finish, Su Yueying gave Yang Feifan a few kicks.
At the moment, Yang Feifan fainted because of collapse, even if Su Yueying kept kicking him, he was unconscious.
Su Yueying kicked Yang Feifan several times before her resentment gradually subsided. When she was about to turn around and leave, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Yang Feifan, who was lying motionless with her eyes closed.
Su Yueying was startled by this sudden change. She gently kicked a Yang Feifan and roared, When are you going to pack it, you stinky bastard?
Yang Feifan milli reaction still lying motionless.
No, you won’t die like this, will you? Don’t scare me. Su Yueying kicked Yang Feifan again and found that Yang Feifan still reacted and couldn’t help but panic.
Su Yueying took a deep breath to stabilize her mind and then pulled Yang Feifan’s collar and shook it hard. Hey, Yang Feifan, wake up, wake up, Yang Feifan.
Yang Feifan’s mind was blank and he seemed to hear someone calling him.
Su Yueying saw that Yang Feifan was still scared and his face suddenly changed. He immediately put his finger on his nostril to test the breath.
Fortunately, there is breath. Su Yueying took a long breath and gradually calmed down her nervousness.
After adjusting her mood, Su Yueying picked up Yang Feifan’s hand and carefully waited for her pulse.
It’s strange how his pulse condition is so strange. Su Yueying muttered slightly one leng. It’s a virtual pulse and it’s slightly poisoned. It’s strange how he can be poisoned. The poisoned person shouldn’t be miss Yao. How can it be him?
Su Yueying stopped taking the pulse and gently locked Yang Feifan’s eyebrows for a while, then carefully recalled her poisoning process.
When she thought that Yang Feifan’s mouth would suck out her poisoning bit by bit, she suddenly realized.
Yang Feifan helped me detoxify and turned out to be like this. Miss unexpectedly turns around and not only does she not appreciate it, but also kicks him and beats him. Su Yueying, when did you become so coldblooded?
Su Yueying blamed herself and regretted that she was too impulsive just now. Maybe Yang Feifan wouldn’t have fainted if she hadn’t been too impulsive.
Su Yueying is not bad except for her unruly nature. If she didn’t misunderstand Yang Feifan, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be targeting Yang Feifan everywhere, let alone kicking Yang Feifan.
I’m sorry, Miss Yang Feifan misunderstood you. Please wake up quickly. Miss Su Yueying will depend on you for everything. Su Yueying looked at Yang Feifan with her hands cupped in her hands. At this moment, she found that Yang Feifan was really handsome.
After Yang Feifan heard Su Yueying’s words in a daze, she was hit with Su Yueying’s figure.
Is there any way to save him? Su Yueying struggled and still couldn’t figure out a way to save Yang Feifan.
Come on, you’d better lie down here, miss. Go and get you some water first.
Naisu Yueying dragged her tired body forward and stepped away.
Su Yueying had just left, and a small jingle bell came to Yang Feifan’s mind.
Hello, host Su Yueying seems to be emotional about you. You should take advantage of your opportunity. Tinker bell laughed excitedly.
I’m about to wake up. When Yang Feifan heard Xiao Ding Ling say this, it was like taking drugs that stimulate the central nervous system of the brain. As soon as I swish it, I wake up completely.
Consciousness Yang Feifan slowly opened his hazy eyes, glanced around and asked, What did you say?
The host girl said that you and Su Yueying are such a girl. Tinker bell asked weakly, You won’t be confused by Su Yueying, will you? You can’t hear what the girl said clearly?
I killed you this time. If I hadn’t listened to your nonsense, how could I have ended up in such a field? Yang Feifan temporarily lost his energy because he believed Xiao Ding Ling’s words
So is the host girl. Hello, you will be able to recover your energy completely in half an hour. Just bear with it. After that, Tinker Bell continued to sleep.
Yang Feifan took a deep breath and felt that she was not so weak now, so she sat up slowly with her hands propped up.
When Yang Feifan just sat up, a cry for help came from a place 200 meters away from him.
The sound of Help! Help is intermittent and crisp.
Yang Feifan’s face suddenly changed when he heard this sound, and he didn’t know where the power came from, so he jumped up from the ground as soon as he heard it.
This sound is very familiar, even if it is 200 meters away, Yang Feifan can know who this person really is by the sound.

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