At this time, without waiting for Yu Le’s oral flower, the explorer E came in, and at the same time, a big move was to jerk the policewoman and the hammer stone.

These two skills call the policewoman’s blood suddenly disappeared by half.
Seeing this, Yu Le smiled. The policewoman and Hammer Stone are already dead!
Even now, the lion and dog have less than onethird of their blood, and Yu Le still has this confidence.
Because the lion dog has a fivestar cruelty value in his hand at this time!
Fivestar q with e landing second!
The lion and dog trick came out again, and the policewoman was beaten to a pulp. Before the policewoman could start treatment, explorer QW Erlian had already taken her head off.
After the policewoman died, the hammer stone was natural, born to die
Let the explorer have a head and the hammer stone head be taken by the lion and dog.
The lion dog needs a head very much!
After taking away the savage’s head, the three men also took away the blue father conveniently, which made it difficult for the red demon Ji in the middle of the road
Take the little dragon! Although the lion dog’s blood is not much at this time, Yu Le still said this.
It is more than enough to play a little dragon when he has W skills and a piano girl.
In a short time, there came a little dragon in the little dragon cave, and the blue hero won the first little dragon fire dragon!
Fire dragon attack bonus is perfect for Ling Tian.
Of course, there is a certain point for Huahuagong. Although this wave of Huahuagong has got a head, he still lags behind the policewoman in recruiting soldiers. There are many economic gaps between him and the policewoman.
There is a small bonus to the fire dragon’s attack power. Now his attack power on the policewoman is quite different.
The enemy hero has been killed!
Just when Yu Le and them closed the little dragon, an icon appeared in front of the blue hero.
And the slayer is Li Qinger Yasuo.
After seeing Li Qinger kill Bly’s demon Ji, Yu Le also praised, Sunny is great, so I just killed Bly.
Bly demon Ji Yule is also somewhat appreciative, and her hand speed will soon show up.
Unexpectedly, Li Qinger died in the end.
Hearing someone you like praise Li Qinger is also a burst of joy. She smiled and said, Brother Le taught me well.
Ah, it’s up to the individual to lead the master to practice. This is all the reason why Sunny learns well, and I have nothing to do with it. Yu Le continued to praise.
Seeing a proud face but so serious and Li Qinger shirking the credit, the fans of Yule live broadcast audience couldn’t help but turn up their eyes.
Xiao Mu is getting more and more shameless!
Huahuagong and Lingtian are naturally full of praise words.
Ah, I really envy Xiao Mu. It would be nice to have a technology so good that Sunny can double row together as I can have a technology.
Yes, I always think that Xiao Mu and Haruko linkage is a tacit understanding, and they are just a pair of fairy couples born together.
Sunny, it’s not how well Xiao Mu teaches or how well you learn, but how much strength you two have to get together. What’s this called? It’s called the natural enemy of double swords!
Hear flower flower male and ling day exaggerated praise music is not from the corners of the mouth twitching slightly.
What do you mean, together, the strength doubles? Does this have anything to do with being together or not?
What nonsense? The truth!
Soon Yu Le also showed appreciation for Ling Tianhe and Huahuagong.
Good, good, good brothers, that’s how to be loyal. Just two more words of praise!
Chapter four hundred and thirtyone Kill addiction
Sunny has already blushed for Lingtianhe Huahuagong’s compliment.
Aware that Li Qinger was shy, Yule also turned to look at Li Qinger and saw Li Qinger’s white face appear in the faint purples Yule. Now I really want to kiss her.
But Yu Le still held back. At this time, it would be bad if he was seen by the super tube in the live broadcast.
This wave is a big profit for the opposite blue hero.
The economy of a small dragon team with four heads has suddenly increased a lot.
桑拿论坛But it’s hard for the red hero.
Holy shit, this wave exploded instantly. How can I fight after it? Listening to the wind, some Nai said that he was left alone in the scene.
And although he is not dead now, he was also beaten by Ling Tianrui Wen, who was able to retreat in the tower.

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