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Han Luoxiao stopped with chopsticks. "What do you say to making a platinum zodiac necklace for mom?"

"There is no sincerity at all." Hanrose pursed her mouth and was not very happy. "Mom’s leg is not very good. We should take the right medicine and buy a foot massage machine at least, don’t you think?"
He Lianyin was suddenly named and smiled faintly.
"Since you have said so, I will lend flowers to offer Buddha a massage machine to my aunt. Don’t rob me." He Lianyin kept calling Han’s mother’s dopted mother’s birthday and he couldn’t be absent.
It can be said that Han Luosi is too good at talking.
The way she invite people is really flattering and considerate.
夜网论坛It was true that he often talked with darling daughter, who wandered around behind the big shots, and was natural and graceful.
"Then Sisi is here to thank Brother Yin." She raised her hand and raised her coke.
He Lianyin clinks glasses and smiles charmingly. "Don’t thank dopted mother. It’s my mother’s birthday. I have to be there."
"That’s brother Yin, who is much more filial than my brother. My brother sends my mother a zodiac necklace every year. It’s so old-fashioned of my wife."
Han Luoxiao laughed and didn’t talk. His sister was a kid since childhood. His brother was never her opponent. When they were young, they often quarreled. At that time, his mother always helped Sisi. In retrospect, Sisi was too clever, and his parents would love her. Because she was more considerate, her parents were much more pleasing than his silence.
The sky is full of rosy clouds outside the window
It’s getting dark.
HeLianYin turned black eyes staring at HeLianYin "small Yin you should haven’t seen Korea’s aunt? She is my godmother. Wait for her birthday. Come and visit her with me. "
Section 136
He Lianyin didn’t speak.
Hallows said with a smile, "Come on, everyone. Anyway, you are my brother and friends. Come home and join in the fun, or we children will all have fun."
"Not interested" expressed his meaning instantly in the song.
Han Luosi wanted to kill him for a moment. He really choked himself to death. It’s like a thorn. Whenever she said anything, she was cold at the first time. I don’t know whether he was intentional or natural. But I heard that Yu Ge’s personality is like this. If he doesn’t like things, he won’t be merciful. If he wasn’t so famous, so many girls liked him, she really wouldn’t put up with him.
Compared with this annoying person, his younger brother Yu Zhou is so much loved, always smiling, sincere and pure, which makes people feel good.
"If only people would come when there is no time, forget it when there is no time".
"Okay, I’ll go." Don’t embarrass her. Xia Jin nodded at once. She felt that Hanroth was very nice and didn’t smell like her. She felt that she was easy-going, considerate and filial. She was a very good girl.
"I’ll go, too." Yu Zhou is also a famous person. He is a bit bad. Good people can’t bear to make others feel sad and embarrassed. Hey, Yu Ge ruined the booth and he can clean it up.
Sitting in the distance, Yu Ge seemed to feel the idea of Yu Zhou and silently looked up and saw his expression.
Since everyone agrees that HeLianYin has no different opinions, since Hanluosi is Hanluoxiao’s sister, it’s just her friend, a courtyard person, who shouldn’t divide you and me.
post cibum
Let’s start rehearsing exercises
Starring list such as
He Lianyin plays the fairy king
He Lianyin plays the fairy queen.
Han Luoxiao plays the male one
Xia Jin plays female one.
Yu ge Yan xian tong
Yu Zhou plays Nanji
Han Luosi plays the second female.
The first paragraph begins like this
First, he read a prologue to the song, and he played the fairy as well as the elf.
"This little purple flower still bears the scar of the arrow of love, so that its spiritual force can penetrate into the center of his eyes. When he sees her, the time makes her look solemn and wonderful, just like Venus illuminates the heaven and makes him plead with her gently."
When the plot changes
In a magical forest.
Because the song plays an elf flying over a valley and two high mountains
Recently, in the forest, the fairy king, the fairy queen, quarreled with each other and swore at the fairy method as soon as they met, scaring the elves into hiding in the bushes.
The reason is that the fairy queen got a handsome fairy boy, and he hurt him like a baby. The fairy king was so jealous that he wanted the fairy boy to be his attendant. The fairy queen stubbornly refused to hand over the fairy boy, which angered the fairy king. So the fairy king made a potion that dripped people’s eyelids, and people would love themselves. When they opened their eyes, they saw the first person, the fairy king asked the fairy to drop the potion into the fairy queen’s eyes to teach her a lesson.
I didn’t expect the naughty elf to wander in the forest without following the instructions of the fairy king. I saw two couples who were distressed by love. One loved the man, one loved the woman, two loved the man, two loved the woman, but the two men and one were engaged. The naughty elf decided to help the two couples pair up.
In the middle of the night, two couples of men and women fell asleep. The genie dripped the potion and moved the sleeping woman to the man’s eyes. I hoped that when the man woke up, he saw the woman at first sight and then moved the woman to the man’s side. I hoped that the man woke up and saw the woman at first sight and left after dripping the potion excitedly. Unexpectedly, the woman went out to look for breakfast the next morning, but when she woke up, the woman turned her back to the man. She didn’t find that the man was sleeping by her side and walked to the cabin. When she saw the man sleeping, she went over and woke the man.
When I woke up, the man saw the woman for a moment and forgot to make a vow to the woman. I fell madly in love with the woman.
And the man who woke up behind found the cabin. He saw the woman at first sight and forgot to say cruel words to her the night before and loved her.
In a flash, the woman who was deeply loved by two men was abandoned by two people.
The potion caused confusion among lovers.
Limited by time
The stage play begins with the elopement of two men and two women.
"If you love me, escape from this sad city with me." Yu Zhou knelt on the ground and looked at the rich girl, Han Luosi, with deep affection and pain.
Hanlos bowed his head and held his hand. "I will love you so much."
They didn’t notice that Han Luoxiao overheard the conversation in the corner. Xia Jin fled into the magical forest hand in hand. Han Luoxiao was going to recover his beloved fiancee and followed them closely.
Xia Jin also ran in the forest with his beloved man Han Luoxiao.
She is a friend of a rich lady and has loved Han Luoxiao from the beginning. Unfortunately, his second daughter, Han Luosi, is an unmarried couple.
Han Luoxiao ran for a while in the forest and turned to chase Xia Jin step by step and said, "I don’t love you, please don’t follow me. I’m going to get back my beloved fiancee. Go home."
Xia Jin had tears in her eyes. "You attracted me, you heartless magnet."
"Have I ever said a good word to you? I tell you now that I don’t love you and I won’t love you again. "
Although it was a drama, Xia Jin was dazed, and her blue shadow covered her expression.
Her voice was a little sad. "I love you anyway."
"I have a headache when I see you"
"But it hurts me not to see you."
"You go because I hate you so much."
Xia Jin just stood there.
Han Luoxiao ran away.
Because the song plays an elf, he comes out from behind the bush and sighs, "Alas, the poor girl loves a cold young man, let me help you."
The elf looked at the potion in his hand and said
Late at night
Han Luoxiao is tired from running in the forest.

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