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Accompanied by Yu Tingchuan’s mellow magnetic male voice, "According to the blood, I admire Professor’s wife as the mother of the whole city, and I also want to address her as a mother-in-law. This family relationship is too weak, which makes my wife or her mother unwilling to look back and remember."

Yu Tingchuan said these words politely and bluntly.
It is precisely because of this directness that the other party is more likely to fall into a state of speech.
Yu Tingchuan’s tall and straight back silhouette is also reflected in the floor-to-ceiling glass of the hotel. His voice comes again in the light. "Sometimes it is a good way for both relatives and lovers to get along with each other to keep a proper distance."
Song Qingcheng drank more than half a cup of milk and moved some warm swallowing.
Maybe it’s something else on my mind.
She put the cup back on the coffee table like some kind of psychological induction, and suddenly she raised her eyes and really saw Yu Tingchuan stepping into the sofa area.
At his age, a man like Yu Tingchuan’s attractive eyes are no longer his appearance.
"Just going to give you a call" Song whole speak first.
"To see the guests off"
It goes without saying who to send.
Song Qingcheng looked at Yu Tingchuan’s tea table and asked, "Are pregnant women all bad-tempered?"
Yu Tingchuan smiled. "Who gave you advice on this pregnant woman?"
"No" Song Qingcheng truthfully said, "I feel that I just spoke too harshly."
She looked back at the coffee table, the bank card and the purchase certificate. "Even if my mother and I are in hot water, we shouldn’t take it out on others. Maybe he is the inducement, but in the end, he doesn’t owe me anything. He didn’t force that person to get pregnant and give birth to me, and he didn’t instigate that person not to want me. I can be alienated from him but I’m not qualified to sneer at him."
Without Song Guan, she and Mu Xinan are strangers who have nothing to do with each other.
"even without him, that man will marry another man."
Song Qingcheng said slowly and looked a little disappointed. However, this disappointment is full of transparency. "I always thought that she would remarry. She won’t have a child to die alone. This attitude towards Muheng’s father may be due to jealousy. The man showed tenderness and love to his daughter."
Speaking of which, the corners of the mouth of Song Qingcheng are slightly bent.
She turned to look at Yu Tingchuan, and her eyes were more than dependent. "Is it often that I think so now?"
Yutingchuan didn’t speak immediately. He raised his hand to pull her head over and let her rely on herself, so he gently touched the back of her head and gave her warmth.
Song Qingcheng’s head was followed by a man’s voice "can have emotions and say that he is still a normal person"
Her cheek was pressed against the shirt in front of Yu Tingchuan.
Hearing his generous and comforting words, the haze faded from Song Qingcheng’s heart.
Song Qingcheng has no hands but hugs Yutingchuan’s waist.
On Saturday, Song Qingcheng stayed at the hotel and didn’t go out, and no one was looking for her or Yutingchuan.
When I learned that I was going to spend my summer vacation abroad, I sent a message to Song Qingcheng at noon asking if Song Qingcheng really wanted to go to Los Angeles with him.
Song Qingcheng replied yes.
So Mu’s family knew that the child was following her to Los Angeles.
Thinking of Mu Guyue’s former attitude and Mu Qingyu’s death, Song Qingcheng was curious about how Yu Tingchuan greeted Mu’s family and let Mu’s family willingly entrust it to her.
Maybe, as she thought, it was because of Yu Qidong.
Don’t want the child to be in an awkward position, just let her take the child away temporarily.
At noon, Yu Tingchuan went to see a business friend in Beijing.
The local atmosphere in Beijing was bad, and Song Qingcheng was pregnant, so it was inconvenient to travel, so he stayed in the hotel for a nap.
At four o’clock, Song Qingcheng received information again.
Ask her why
"I just washed my face after a nap."
Back to the information Song Qingcheng put the phone on the washstand and began to wash.
When the towel dries the water stains on her cheeks, a new message has popped up on the screen of her mobile phone asking her which hotel to stay in.
The message was received six minutes ago.
Maybe because she didn’t reply to Song Qingcheng and just unlocked her mobile phone, she saw the explanation that "it’s helpful for us to improve our painting ability if we don’t learn from me and the teacher in Xiao Pang’s shop today."
The second message followed, "Now that we are out of Xinhua Store, we still need a watercolor private class, but it’s still early. We plan to go to the store in the mall again."
Song Qingcheng told the hotel name after reading it.
Quickly replied, "What a coincidence that we are near there."
桑拿At the end is a blushing and smiling expression.
Song Qingcheng looked at this message and hesitated, or obeyed his own idea and typed and asked, "Are there any adults around you?"
"No, we made an appointment ourselves."
The reply reveals pride that "before the holiday, the school has helped us to apply for a card, and students can get a discount by bus."
Song Qingcheng smiled and asked, "Where are you? I used to look for you."
"There is a sun outside now."
A few seconds later, the message appeared in the dialog box, "I’d better come to you."
Song Qingcheng was not at ease when he asked, "N Xiaopang, can they go with me?"
Received at the entrance of Song Qingcheng Hotel at 4: 30 in the evening.
At the end of June, the primary school has already started to have a holiday. Like his four children, he is wearing a summer school. Everyone is carrying a canvas tutorial bag. When the seven-year-old child walks through the open-air parking lot with childishness, he is like a lively bird chirping and playing.
See the whole song moment beaming immediately came running.
I noticed that Song Qingcheng’s belly was careful not to hit her, and then told her by gesture that they had to spend 13 yuan to take a taxi because Xiao Pang was too hot to leave again.
And the final exam results have come out. He got 9 points in math, but 9 points in Chinese.
Speaking of Chinese achievements, he looks a little frustrated. He grew up abroad and can’t speak. His understanding of Chinese is not comparable to that of other students.
However, it seems that it is not easy for Song Qingcheng to understand other people’s speaking Chinese through lips. It must have taken a lot of effort since he was a child. Now he has studied in an ordinary primary school and is not behind his classmates. He has made too much effort. It is conceivable that Song Qingcheng smiled and touched his head and encouraged him to "get a good test. I was able to get 7 points in Chinese at that time."
Her voice did not fall, but she sneered at the childish man. "Most students in our class got 9 points in the Chinese exam, and the results of the deaf are the worst in our grade."
Song Qingcheng found that he was a chubby little boy.
The other party saw Song Qingcheng come over and left the corner of his mouth muttering, "Don’t I don’t know that grandpa, a little deaf, is very good, so he can enter our school. Because of this, he got the last teacher in the exam, not only did he not criticize him, but also praised his efforts."
Turn your back on the boy and don’t hear each other’s complaints
"Are you Xiao Pang?" Song Qingcheng asked the boy
When the boy heard the word chubby, he was blushed and his face was even hotter. He whined and retorted, "Who is chubby? My name is Liao Jiaxin."
Song City had previously guessed that Xiao Pang should give each other a nickname.
Now I hear the other person depressed and suddenly want to laugh.

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