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How could it be her again?
What coincidence in this world appears one after another?
And the more afraid things will happen.
On how to avoid it carefully.
桑拿论坛Actually, she couldn’t say why she would mind Ye Qingting seeing Shen Fangqiao so much.
Maybe it’s because she watched too much idol drama, and she was immersed in such an excessive coincidence.
Or maybe she cares about every girl who has something to do with Ye Qingting.
Just like when I was a kid
Always mind inexplicable sense of crisis
It may be like Xie Xiaoyue’s evaluation of her after knowing this.
She is too self-conscious and sensitive.
She is sick.
But she can’t control herself.
Is suddenly the brain is a piece of white unexpectedly so motionless at the door can’t step out a step:
Chapter 222 Chaper 29
For so many years, she didn’t think that she was deeply fond of Ye Qingting’s habit, obsession or the real method.
It seems that I realize that this boy will become an important part of my life.
But it’s good to see him happy and lost again, or she’s lost one thing.
She’s still in France
She still likes him.
If the reunion was not so pleasant at first, with such a sensitive mind, how could she not have thought of testing his present mind?
six years
She is really unwilling.
My mood seems to be more extreme than when I was a child, and I have experienced a long and deep six years.
So even if he doesn’t belong to himself, he doesn’t want to see him belong to others.
At this time, the girl behind the bar came to whisper "done"
The boy’s eyes next to Lingxi Spring, which has been silent, quickly flashed a trace of worry and stretched out his hand and waved it in front of her eyes. "What’s the matter?"
His voice is as beautiful as a stream, but his worry is obvious in his tone.
Shen Fangqiao quietly looked up at the door.
The beautiful girl looked a little pale there, but the boy with excellent appearance stared at her intently. It seemed that there was no other person in her eyes.
So the chest swelled with astringency and bitterness and quietly bowed their heads.
Lingxiquan just woke up from the mixed emotions. At present, the boy frowned slightly and worried that she opened her mouth and explained awkwardly, "I’m fine, but I didn’t sleep well these two days."
Ye Qingting gave a meal, "Then you go and sit there first and I’ll bring the things."
Then he goes to the bar.
Lingxi Spring was surprised to say "I’ll take it" and it stuck in my throat.
Forget it. It’s always coming.
She is so deliberate.
Ling Xiquan sipped his mouth and saw Ye Qingting walk to the bar. He must have found that he saw the bar and looked back at the girl. Then he took two beautifully packaged cupcakes from Shen Fangqiao and nodded and said "thank you".
Then he turned around with the cake and came back to her. "Why don’t you go and sit down first?"
Boys look strange. Even Shen Fangqiao just looked at each other like a stranger.
Maybe Shen Fangqiao is a stranger to him.
"I’m waiting for you." Lingxi Spring suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said with confidence that Qin Zuo smiled and called her "Hey, I said Lingxi Spring, didn’t you see me?"
She realized that she was rude and quickly sat down with an apologetic smile. "Well, I’m sorry. I haven’t slept well recently, so I’m often in a trance. Don’t mind."
"Spirit trance" Qin left poof bursts into a smile and just saw Ye Qingting coming slowly and asked with a smile, "I said Ye Qingting, aren’t you and Lingxiquan in a junior high school class? Was she like this at that time?"
"Qin Zuo, don’t make fun of me," she said.
Ye Qingting sat down beside her and solemnly replied, "I thought about it as if it were true."
This Lingxi spring can’t "how can I be like this?"
"No," said Ye Qingting, and his eyes were full of smiles. "Every time I look back, you are either staring at the table or staring out the window and talking to you, you have to repeat it several times."
But when was it not because of you?
She can’t say that. She can sullenly refute "that’s all for a reason"
"Well, you do things for a reason." Ye Qingting smiled gently. "When Lian Gang went to the United States, you had a reason to skip the evening study every day."
"Do you remember this?" She opened the cake box awkwardly.
"Yes, I remember what you said, and you said that squirrels were often seen on your campus, so you deliberately scared them. Later, every time they saw you, they jumped into the tree and ran away." Ye Qingting didn’t know what he thought, and his smile was complicated. "Every time I heard you talk about your life, I felt that Britain Day was boring."
"Really?" She started to hide her curled eyelashes for a second and trembled. "I don’t even think about this at ordinary times."
"Hey, can you stop flirting and be afraid that others won’t know how wonderful you used to be?" At this time, Xie You finally couldn’t help but stare at them grumpily
This sentence has stimulated Lingxi Spring.

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