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Youkan Mountain took a deep breath and said, "Well, I’ll say that our Youjia family is an ordinary ordinary ordinary people with no background. Huili and I have a limited pension in recent years. Even if Xiao Qiao really wants to get married in the future, we can’t give a dowry. Xiao Qiao is my daughter. I’d rather she find an ordinary man to earn money every day than her. Your family is wronged and despised and insulted!"

You Xiaoqiao immediately after hearing these words, his nose was sour and his eyes were red and swollen.
Just want to open the shoulder was Yu Yuting to press a.
She looked up and saw that Yu Yuting’s jaw line was tight. In the past, her eyes were a little sloppy and frivolous. Instead, she was firm. "Uncle Xiao Qiao has already met my parents and grandmother. They all like Xiao Qiao very much. They also said that they want to sit down with you for dinner several times and talk about me and Xiao Qiao. You can rest assured that our family will not have opinions and I will not hide it from my uncle …"
He looked down at Xiao Qiao’s mouth and said, "Xiao Qiao and I have already happened, so even if you don’t promise us, we will still be together."
YouXiaoQiao feel brain "bomb" a whole person was burnt face burning and hot words all say not neat "boss you … you …"
How could he say such a thing?
"…" Hui-li liu also immediately covered her mouth was scared.
Yu Youkan Mountain was shocked and opened his eyes for a long time before some disbelievers pointed at Yu Yuting. "You … tell me what you said again!"
"Er, Dad … Boss, he’s joking. Don’t take it seriously." You Xiaoqiao said quickly.
Yu Yuting blinked, especially Xiao Qiao was a little unhappy and simply said again, "You didn’t hear me wrong. I said that Xiao Qiao and I had already happened, and it happened more than once … even if you don’t promise, we have already been together."
"Smelly little! You ….. How dare you bully my daughter! I … I beat you to death! " Especially for the mountain, I feel that my whole body is full of blood and I am so angry at my forehead.
He has raised his daughter for twenty-five years, so … he was arched by a pig!
Furious, he got rid of Liu Huili and rushed back to the master bedroom, and then … took a black baton and came out.
"…" Yu Yuting a full face of black line this … for real?
"Dad, what are you doing!" You Xiaoqiao panicked and ran over. Liu Huili also helped to stop her husband together.
"Don’t stop me. I’m going to beat him up. How dare you bully my daughter? I’m going to break your leg today!" Especially for mountain hysteria call way
"Boss, get out of here! Go!" Youxiaoqiao Siming took Youkan Mountain’s arm and shouted at Yuyuting
"If I don’t go, I’ll go with you." Yu Yuting is also a little angry. It’s the first time he has seen such a stubborn old man, which can be compared with the old lady at home!
Miss him. What’s wrong with Yu Yuting? On family, appearance and financial resources, what can he compare with that gorilla?
"Boss, a gentleman can bend and stretch. You should go."
"Don’t run if it’s a man!"
"Xiao Yu Kan Shan is so excited, can you go back first?"
"Boss, go quickly!"
"I’m going to break your leg!"
夜网论坛"The mountain exploration impulse is the devil!"
Three voices are ringing one after another, and the scene is chaotic
Yu Yuting squinted for a while and finally let out a sigh. "Okay, I’ll go first, but I’ll leave my words here. I won’t give up Xiao Qiao … I’m married!"
After that, he lifted his feet and walked to the living room, picked up the car keys and mobile phone and strode out.
I strode out.
What did he say just now?
He said … "I’m married to Joe?"
You Xiaoqiao blinked and felt that there was a warm current crashing into his heart and then he wanted to laugh …
At this time, Youkan Mountain suddenly broke free while she was not paying attention and rushed outside with a baton.
Liu Huili couldn’t stop being too scared to call out "Kanshan! Don’t be impulsive! "
Youkan Mountain chased out the unit building and saw Yu Yuting next to the black Range Rover, which seemed to be about to get on the bus.
"Smelly little you live for me!" Youkan Mountain shouted and rushed at him.
He was already lame, and just fell and ran for a short distance, and he staggered as if he were going to fall …
Yu Yuting jumped out of the corner of his eye and rushed over to reach out and hold Youkan Mountain. "Uncle, be careful!"
Youkan Mountain steadied himself behind him and swung his stick at him. "Kill you, you stinky little man. I have to kill you today!"

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