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It’s too exciting, and in the end, I don’t know if they agreed or what, but they actually touched the wrong place

"My mother, will you stop fooling around? I’m a wounded man now."
The body of the Chapter 145 "Mystery"
I’m depressed. Why do these two women want to seduce me? I’m so good that I deserve their temptation. And Yuqing snow, this girl is also trying to fix me up with her mother. Why is it so dirty now? Maybe she doesn’t want to make it in person. I don’t want to do it to the little girl.
And Qin Suwan, what did she think? Because I had a ghost idea that might help her solve the crisis, she looked at me with special respect and took pity on me.
I don’t believe that there will be a big pie this day. She’s like this | nine times out of ten, and she’s probably still trying to get back at my wife. I can’t let them be satisfied.
I quickly reached out and grasped their random tender hands and struggled to get up. "What are you two thinking? Help me up."
Two women were busy with my little face and red face, and helped me to slap me. I turned my head and looked at Qin Suwan in surprise. She was actually a rogue patting my ass.
Pa again, this time on the other side, I looked at Yu Qingxue, laughing and saying, "michel platini’s ass is really elastic and easy to touch."
"Fuck you, big ye". I hurriedly don’t want them to help me and rush up the stairs. They play with silver and laugh. I understand that they are just fooling me with their hearts.
Two women floor to Qin Suwan serious asked "? The body is not in the way. "
"Can’t die" I didn’t good the spirit stared at her.
"You are married, how do people feel that they are still more reluctant than us women? It looks like a child chicken."
"You also said that you are married. How can you be so foolish and not afraid of others gossiping?"
"You are an interesting person. How tired it is to live your own gossip."
Qin Su-wan’s words make me wonder. If we worry about this because of gossip, how tired it is to live by ourselves. However, she said that half the people are alive and can’t just think about themselves and their parents and family. If I mess around by myself, I’m an asshole.
For example, I am fond of gambling, and then I gambled all my possessions at all costs, engaging my parents in wandering streets and my wife in selling | prostitution to support my family, so that living by myself is a beast who is not as good as living by others and can’t be scrupulous, so I should look ahead and look back.
I’m too lazy to argue with Qin Suwan. I didn’t good the spirit. I looked at Yu Qingxue. "There’s still a dead girl who kept trying to fix me up with your mother. Why do you want to have incest when your mother doesn’t want to?"
"Ahem, michel platini, you’re not my own father. It seems that you still talk about incest."
Yu Qingxue’s words made me choke, but it was really embarrassing to call this girl to drill a hole.
Qin Suwan is not afraid of things. "What he said has already secretly eaten your mother, silly girl. Now it’s incest for your stepfather and you, of course."
"Yeah, michel platini said that you are a big liar when you are honest with my mother."
I want to cry and argue, "Don’t listen to her nonsense. I don’t have any nonsense. Go and have breakfast and finish breakfast class."
"What class? This matter is very important and must be clarified."
"Dead girl, don’t make up your mind. I don’t have anything to do with your mother. Don’t listen to people."
I didn’t good the spirit stared Qin Suwan one eye Qin Suwan steal joy way "girl I tell you, men are duplicity eating a bowl and looking at the pot sometime dreaming in my heart?"
Section 234
"What sweet dreams?"
"Of course, how to get your mother and daughter together wrong and how to get me a pot of stew."
"Are you? Michel platini, are you so colored? "
Yu Qingxue stared at me, and I turned red with fear and quickly denied that "no, I didn’t think so."
桑拿会所"michel platini, my mother said that your ears will turn red when you lie. Now your ears are so red, like a white rabbit."
"ah? How is it possible? "
I quickly stretched out my hand and touched my ear, so I burned it. It’s going to be seen by the wolf.
Actually, which man hasn’t thought about three wives and four concubines? Which man doesn’t want to be slept together? However, some people can’t control their desires. Some men are unable to realize these dreams. For me, if I encounter such a good thing before marriage, I will definitely be unable to control it. But now the moral shackles make me have to control myself. Moreover, before my wife cheated on me, I made up my mind not to have sex with her.
It’s a matter of principle. I don’t want to be a man without principles.
Qin Suwan snorted, "Men really don’t have a good thing. You stay away from this man after sunny and snowy days, do you know?"
"What?" YuQingXue seemingly naive asked.
"You’re stupid. You may get eaten by such a man one day."
"But is his man safe?"
When Qin Suwan choked, I could say Yu Qingxue. I argued that "michel platini is lewd, but he was joking before he left. If he really ate my mother, how could I not know? Besides, I have set them up several times, and michel platini has been pushed off. This shows that michel platini is a good man who can restrain his desires. There are not many such men now. If I kick him out, I will find another michel platini. Hey, hey, I’m afraid it’s not so good. Aunt, you told me to stay away from michel platini. Before I heard that you wanted to marry me in michel platini, wouldn’t
"Dead girl, what are you talking about?"
Qin Suwan was said to be red in the face. Yu Qingxue pointed and cried, "Look, look, blush. That’s right, aunt. I’m curious. Why did you suddenly take a fancy to me in michel platini? I heard that you and I michel platini didn’t pay each other right. Suddenly, michel platini said to me that you had ulterior motives."
"I didn’t." Qin Suwan was said to be blushing and like a monkey’s ass. "I just wanted to repay him."
"Is that right? Aunt, when did you become so open? "
"Dead girl, I’ll be very open, okay?"
"Also, you can enter the Baihua Club, which is open enough, but I didn’t take a fancy to michel platini before. Now even if I give you advice from michel platini, you don’t have to be fully committed. I don’t believe it if it’s not tricky."

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