Flail knife is a unique weapon of Miao nationality, in which a wooden pole is about five feet long, and both ends are connected with a spear-shaped blade. The holder of the weapon can turn the wooden pole constantly by turning his wrist flexibly, and the two blades will continue to pursue the enemy and will never stop until he cuts off the enemy’s head.

Ling Feiyang’s body has leaned back and evaded the crisis on both sides. He pointed out a sharp finger to the flail knife and the wooden pole. It was just the other day that he learned the one-yang finger fingering!
This means that the wind is faster than the chopping speed of the knife, and the blade has hit the flail knife before cutting to the neck. This sneak attack on the wrist caused a huge shock. The flail knife flew out of the two blades and took a dozen turns before falling to the ground more than ten feet away.
This person didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to escape his own lore. He jumped back and forth. Ling Feiyang immediately pursued the past with a palm of his hand, "Kang Long has regrets", and the palm of his hand swept the back of this person. This population spewed out a stream of blood and fell hard to move!
Ling Feiyang was about to force a woman to scream behind him!
Ling Feiyang quickly turned around and found a long-haired Miao woman behind Yuan Jun with an ugly face and a flail knife in her hand.
"I would have told you not to despise these masters of the Central Plains. You just don’t believe that you are suffering now! Hey hey! " Although this Miao girl laughs, her eyes and nose are twisted together. Laughing is even uglier than crying.
"I won’t kill your woman if you seal the acupoint quickly!" This Miao woman threatened Ling Feiyang
Ling Feiyang didn’t answer that she strode up to the woman and saw that she was five steps away. The woman suddenly shouted, "Don’t go forward or I’ll kill someone!"
Female voice did not fall ling float in the sky has been out of the two steps right index finger suddenly pointed forward!
Ling Feiyang is still a Yang finger at the moment!
A finger refers to the wind that cuts through Yuan Jun’s neck and shoots a woman’s neck without bias. In the middle of this woman’s throat, she gives a stuffy hum and falls motionless.
One Yang refers to a kind of martial arts that can attack from a distance, but Ling Feiyang will now practice to the six realms, with only three steps. As soon as he saw Yuan Jun fall into the hands of this Miao woman, Ling Feiyang walked quickly to her and finally killed her before she was killed.
Seeing the Miao woman killed in an instant, the Miao man who just pretended to be the master of Yi Deng shouted, "You killed my sister and I’ll fight with you!" Reluctantly supported to get up, but his legs fell to the ground again.
Ling Feiyang walked up to this man and saw that his face was uglier than his lover. Two bridled eyebrows were also glued off, so he asked, "Tell me where Master Yi Deng is now and I will spare you!"
I don’t know! This man is very stubborn, and it seems that he is not a wimp who is afraid of death.
"Who instructed you to ambush me here?" Ling Feiyang continued
"What a joke! We Lugu Double Demons have always obeyed orders from others when we were alone? " The man said
"If you want to force him to tell the truth, you will be tempted to move your soul!" Ling Feiyang thought of here and suddenly looked straight into this person’s eyes. This person’s concentration was not deep for a moment, and his mind gradually became confused.
"What is your identity?" Ling Feiyang asked slowly
"We are the two guardians of the Five Immortals Sect in Yunnan, who were ordered by the leader of LanYuzhu to ambush and reinforce the master of the Central Plains in Tianlong Temple." The man’s glassy eyes involuntarily said.
"Five immortals teach? Isn’t that the Central Plains Wulin talking about the five evils of color change? " Ling Feiyang has long heard that the master cloud in the ruling cult, except the leader, the high priest, the second protector, the three elders, the four saints, and the ruling gods are all stunts. What is even more terrible is to teach poisoning and methods. Even a master like Yi Deng may not be able to deal with it.
Ling Feiyang thought of this and couldn’t help asking, "What about Master Yi Deng? Has he been to Tianlong Temple before?"
The man just wanted to answer Ling Feiyang only to see three figures coming in from the gate of Tianlong Temple. These three people are obviously masters of five evils wearing Miao ornaments.
"You two idiots! Even a fine baby can’t fight! " Draw a smile to ling Feiyang walked to come over and pulled out a soft whip from the waistband. This soft whip is covered with a slender bamboo tube, and nine steel chains more than two feet long are fixed in turn. The whole whip is shaped like a centipede, which is the weapon of Miao family. Nine whips!
"Big brother, this northern martial arts is very powerful. Let’s be together!" The second man also came forward with a bamboo tube in his hand. The tip of the bamboo tube is not sharp at all, and I don’t know what kind of weapon it is.
"Second brother, you attack the left and I attack the right!" The third man followed, but his hands seemed unarmed.
"These three Miao masters seem to be much more powerful than those two just now!" Ling Feiyang heart secretly alert this boss has waved nine whips to Ling Feiyang, and nine steel chains turned out to be attacking different parts of his body respectively!
Ling Feiyang retreated backward, but the boss’s soft whip immediately followed him. Nine steel chains flew like a swarm of bees and enveloped Ling Feiyang’s figure!
Ling Feiyang even retreated a dozen paces before finally finding a chance to fight back. Before seeing the enemy approaching, he suddenly used a trick of "Hidden Dragon Don’t" and struck out with his right hand half-punched and half-slapped!
The boss didn’t expect Ling Feiyang’s palm force to be so rapid that he was startled, but his reaction was really slow. He fell down and rolled on the spot and evaded Ling Feiyang’s ten palms!
Ling Feiyang was about to pursue only to see that the middle child on the left put the bamboo tube on his lips and the nozzle was aimed at his throat!
约茶Chapter 162 Five Poisonous Cults of Death
"Hey-"A flying needle as thin as an ox hair flew out of the bamboo tube and shot into Ling Feiyang’s throat unnoticed!
This flying needle has a faint blue light, which is obviously fed with poisonous gas. This second child blows and emits hidden weapons’s technique, which is the unique secret skill of Nanzhao Scenic Area, "Blowing Gun"!
Ling Feiyang is ready to see the flying needle, and immediately put out a finger and flicked the flying needle to one side and flew out!
At the same time, the right old body suddenly jumped up with his hands shaking a dozen bamboo darts and went straight to Ling Feiyang’s body!
This bamboo dart is also unique in scenic area. hidden weapons is actually a small bamboo messenger. Before launching, his fingers bend the bamboo pieces and the direction of ejection immediately changes, which makes the enemy unpredictable and unpredictable. Ling Feiyang guessed that he might be a master of concealed weapons with his bare hands when he saw the bamboo dart coming at him. At this moment, he immediately used the martial arts "tight encirclement potential" of the ancient tomb school. Although the flying direction of these bamboo pieces was erratic, all of them were shot to the ground in a short time!
A few days ago, after Ling Feiyang practiced Yi Jin Forging Bone to the fifth floor, his martial arts has once again risen significantly. "tight encirclement potential" can not only shoot ordinary soldiers to shoot arrows, but also shoot martial arts experts to send hidden weapons!
Boss saw two younger brothers, hidden weapons, who couldn’t stand Ling Feiyang. He had to wave nine whips to sweep around Ling Feiyang, but he was already familiar with his tricks. His figure leaped high with whips, and nine steel chains passed by his feet and then he used a trick "Flying Dragon Day" to shoot at the boss’s head!
This recruit commanding power odd general boss all around three feet over the boss this time can no longer escape rushed forward, but was still hit by palm wind seriously injured in the back and fell to the ground!
"Ceng-"is a flying needle from the second bamboo tube blowing straight to ling Feiyang’s neck! Ling Feiyang sees the flying direction of the flying needle, and the right index finger points out against the flying needle. The strong finger force of the Yang finger actually knocks the flying needle back and pierces the second child’s chest!
The second child knows that he is fed scorpion venom in this hidden weapons and hurriedly reaches into his arms to get the antidote. At the same time, the third child’s bamboo dart spills it all over Ling Feiyang again!
Ling Feiyang drew a circle with his left leg slightly bent, his right arm bent and his right palm bent. It was a trick to push it forward. These bamboo darts were bounced back to the third place by palm force! Several bamboo darts hit the third body, and the blood immediately seeped out of the skirt!
At this time, the second child knew that the three brothers were not Ling Feiyang’s opponents and rushed over to pick up the boss and shouted to the third child, "Third brother, let’s go!"
Ling Feiyang, a master of the Five Poisons Sect, killed so many monks and officers that he could not let them go easily. However, he was about to catch up with the past when he heard a bamboo flute sound. With this sound, a group of poisonous insects climbed in from the gate of Tianlong Temple!
Ling Feiyang thought that Yuan Jun was not as invulnerable as himself, and she didn’t want to go after the three ruling experts again. She hurriedly pulled up her arm to display her flying skills and jumped out of the Tianlong Temple wall!
"Oh, this is the famous Ling Feiyang Ling Xianggong! Do people who have hurt me still want to go? " Just after they landed, they saw five Miao women in front of them. The first woman was about twenty years old. Her right hand was holding a bamboo flute, and her head was covered with silver ornaments. Silver earrings hung from her corolla ears. The eyebrows of phoenix eyes were very beautiful, and her clothes were embroidered with various flowers and plants, and her waist was embroidered with an embroidered belt. The pleated skirt revealed a pair of white barefoot. The other four women were all holding swords. It seems that it was her maid.
"Are you Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the Five Poisons Sect?" Ling Feiyang asked
"It’s my little girl!" Lan Yuzhu giggled. "My two guardians and three elders combined are not your opponent’s good leader!"
Lan Yuzhu’s voice is soft and beautiful, and her soul-stirring face shows a charming smile. You can’t see a trace of murderous look from her appearance, but the words just fell and she suddenly made a bamboo flute and stabbed Ling Feiyang’s throat!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly tilted his head back and gently pressed the root of the bamboo flute with a sharp blade to play out from the end of the bamboo flute and continue to cut to Ling Feiyang’s neck!
Ling Feiyang’s feet quickly slipped backwards. This sharp sword just brushed her chest, and the blue jade bead wrist shook the bamboo flute. A golden ball flew out of each of the six holes. These balls were connected by the extremely thin bamboo flute and smashed into six important points of Ling Feiyang’s body!
Ling Feiyang continued to retreat, but the bamboo flute silk thread also became longer and longer. Six golden balls chased Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang used the "snake-like raccoon dog turn" technique in the Nine Yin Sutra to weave back and forth in the six golden balls of the body, and finally grabbed the blue jade bead and stretched out his index finger to point to her shoulder!
LanYuZhu slightly side of the body was easily evaded the Yang refers to the wind and then the silk thread to a closed six silk thread to ling float in the sky together!
Ling Feiyang’s figure lifted up and got out of the screen, and the aquamarine bead pressed the bamboo flute machine again to enclose these six golden balls, which unexpectedly burst several silver needles as thin as hair together and shot at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang’s half-length dodge has to use the "tight encirclement potential" to pat down these silver needles in succession, but a sharp sword suddenly pierced through the silver needles and stabbed Ling Feiyang in the abdomen!
It turns out that the sharp blade at the end of the bamboo flute can fly away from the bamboo flute by machine control and shoot at the enemy to become a flying knife that can kill people in shape! Ling Feiyang’s martial arts are high-strength, and the strain is amazing, but Lan Yuzhu’s bamboo flute machine keeps coming one after another, which finally makes Ling Feiyang take the road!
This knife pierced the abdomen for more than an inch, and Ling Feiyang felt a sharp pain. He hurriedly used a trick "Kang Long has regrets" to force the blue jade bead back a few steps, and then transported the true qi to seal several acupuncture points near the wound and suddenly pulled out the sword.
"Ling Xianggong’s kung fu is so handsome. My daughter likes you a little!" Giggling, LanYuZhu came up to Ling Feiyang.
Next to Yuan Jun, seeing that Ling Feiyang had been injured, he immediately rushed to block Lan Yuzhu and shouted, "Blue Leader, please don’t kill him. I want him to die!"
"Look at you, too. How did you help the Han people?" Lan Yuzhu smiled and said, "Is it because he has occupied your body and you are willing to let him die?"
"Blue leader, why do you want to take refuge in the Mongolian Temujin?" Ling Feiyang suddenly asked

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