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Luo Ruixi has been thinking about this problem, but if you think about it carefully, it seems that it is too mean to yourself. What do some others think of him? He is quite unpreparedness, but if Su Mo is also pawned, it will really outweigh the benefits.

Think like this Luo Ruixi face difficult to show some hesitation.
But he also knows in his heart that he likes to be with women for a long time, but he doesn’t do anything further with them, as if he likes men or not.
Anyway, there are only two possibilities.
Ah, thought of here, Luo Ruixi couldn’t help but evoke a smile. By contrast, he is much more pitiful than Su Mo. How can his father find confidence and criticize Su Mo?
"Rui Xi, what are you laughing at?" Because Luo Ruixi has been immersed in his imagination and neglected Miss Gu, she looked at Luo Ruixi lightly chastising, as if she wanted to get closer to Luo Ruixi.
Luo Ruixi paused for a moment and coughed gently. Suddenly, he stared at Miss Gu with great interest and asked, "I don’t know if you have heard too much about me?"
Section 119
Since Miss Gu often goes to nightclubs, does it mean that Miss Gu should also know something about her words?
Sure enough, Miss Gu looked a little uncomfortable when she heard this.
But probably thought that it would reveal that Miss Gu often went to nightclubs to clear her throat and looked at Luo Ruixi with a face of koo. "Rui Xi, what are you talking about? How can I have no idea? "
It’s quite watertight for Miss Gu to do it. Luo Ruixi’s mouth evoked a smile and showed a somewhat sorry expression. He thought what he was doing now was quite interesting.
When Miss Gu saw Luo Ruixi’s sadness, she naturally asked, "What’s wrong with Rui Xi?"
The body of the Chapter two hundred and seventy-six It turns out that she is here, too.
Su Mo frowned and looked at the man in front of him. "Are you finished?" She came out on a blind date for her father’s face, and as a result, the man gave a long speech and didn’t even look at her.
Su Mo doesn’t want to please this man with a knife and fork in his hand. How can he have an appetite unless she has no appetite to eat? The man looks like he used to be, but he looks like he’s 40 years old … How can she eat with a Mediterranean hairstyle?
You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this man keeps talking about what she should and shouldn’t do after she gets married, so that Su Mo doesn’t feel a little disgusted.
Who is this guy? Why don’t you remember when you promised this man to marry him? Isn’t this man a little narcissistic? What a nuisance
Thinking about her father’s dissatisfaction, she and Mo Sina canceled their engagement, knowing that his father was angry and obeyed his father’s opinion, and he didn’t want to go out on a blind date with his grandfather at home.
But this blind date really turns Su Mo off.
Men see Su Mo’s elegant manner, but he is somewhat angry at random. "Miss Su, I think you should know in your heart that you and Mo Sina have been together for seven years. Although you are not married, you are second-hand to the outside world. I am willing to sit here and have a meal with you to meet you. I am willing to let you be my wife. You should be grateful to wear it …"
"Stop" Su Mo squinted at the man "What’s your name, Kim … I can’t remember anything, but these are all so-called, but don’t you think you’re going a little too far? I used it, so you’re not used? Don’t make a mistake, you have a drag bottle! Your daughter is fifteen years old this year, and I am much older than your daughter. I think you seem to be mistaken. I should abandon you! "
Where did Qipa come up with a bunch of wonderful theories? Why did he dislike himself as a second-married man? At least she is the eldest daughter of Huanghua, and have all these people’s heads been eaten by dogs? She dumped Mo Sina. Don’t make it look like she was dumped by Mo Sina now, okay?
Is it really necessary to hold a press conference so that these people will know exactly what they should do?
It’s just cruel!
The man was trembling with anger when he heard Su Mo say this, pointing to Su Mo. "How can you be so incompetent … can you say these words casually? Su Mo … How can you be such a woman! "
"What kind of woman I am is none of your business!" Su Mo’s mood is not very beautiful, so she just started swearing. "This gentleman, please see clearly now. Now I don’t like you! I would never marry a man like you. Well, I feel much better and hungry now. "Su Mo glanced at the beef on the plate and was tied into a horrible shape by himself. He waved his hand." I want a new steak here and two chicken wings. I want a glass of freshly squeezed peach juice. Thank you. "
Su Mo said and looked at the man, "This meal is on me."
The man got angry and got up. "It’s ridiculous. No wonder a woman like you can’t get married."
"hey!" Su Mo was angry and slapped a table. The man immediately trembled with fear. Su Mo came to be really angry, but looking at this man, he couldn’t do anything. Su Mo smiled for a moment.
"Forget it, I’m too lazy to tell you that a man like you … whoever looks at you is blind." Su Mo sat back again and ticked a smile at her mouth. She came to Ink Sina as it was already extremely good, but she didn’t think that there were more really original ones.
People really need to compare. Isn’t it not so bad to have a look at ink Sina? Su Mo shrugged, and she wasn’t going to rest assured about these things.
After a delicious meal, Su Mo still has some headaches in his heart. How can she explain to her father? Are you looking for grandpa? This little thing she didn’t want to trouble grandpa, but her father was afraid that grandpa would come out … Oh, I can’t help but be upset when I think of these Su Mo.
This kind of thing … Why do you have to listen to others when you get married or not?
Su Mo waved to the waiter to come to her side. She paid the bill to Xiao and was about to get up and leave when she suddenly saw Luo Ruixi sitting by the window. There seemed to be a woman opposite him.
Wow! Su Mo felt very uncomfortable.
A certain principle Su Mo has regarded Luo Ruixi as the culprit who humiliated himself. This bastard actually took her first kiss and kissed her again! The move is simply rogue!
Luo Ruixi this guy is now zha blind date?
Ha ha! Su Mo was amused, but at this moment, Su Mo’s heart was born again. Don’t forget that she is Su Mo and can bully Su Mo people at a little cost!
Kuang Sumo really doesn’t like to see Luo Ruixi meet other women on blind dates.
What is this? Su Mo thought for a moment, probably because Luo Ruixi looks a little happy. What … makes her alone?
约茶No way! Luo Ruixi kissed her in front of so many people, which made her lose face and become a laughing stock in others’ eyes. Of course, it was her initiative to dissolve the engagement … Whatever! That bald man can laugh at her because her plan was interrupted on grandpa’s birthday that day!

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