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Shui Huai-quan will be full of anger and dare not expose the slightest bit. Think how uncomfortable he is when he is depressed. Today is his glorious birthday, but neither of his two sons-in-law can offend him. One is the favored prince, and he has to lean on the other. He won’t buy it at all.

People are all sons-in-law, and the gifts are extremely pleasing to him. That’s great. He has to lick his old face, flatter and salute, and dare not neglect Huangfuheng. Fortunately, he will give him a little face. But Huangfuda, who walks sideways, doesn’t take him seriously and doesn’t know anything polite. It’s a blessing that he doesn’t care about his blood.
According to Su Qian’s little mind’s eye, I can see that the atmosphere is wrong. I immediately turned my attention to Shuiyunjin with a smile. "Yunjin will come to my mother soon. My mother misses you day and night when you get married."
After her shouting, she immediately let everyone see her appearance casually.
A water-blue dress is elegant and dusty. The gold and silver thread is embroidered at the cuff skirt, and it is in bud. The begonia is delicate and beautiful. The black and clear hair is tied into a simple and exquisite bun. A few beads of begonia are elegant and luxurious. The palm-sized face is beautiful, and the lips are slightly raised, which makes her look refined and gentle. The whole body is full of freshness and self-confidence. Is this really the stupid stuttering water cloud hibiscus?
But for a few days, it seems that I have been thoroughly remoulded, so my beauty has never been seen before.
Su Qian nature also feel what’s different, a pair of eyes tightly staring at the water cloud park Hou Fu it aunt is also a face of doubt.
I haven’t spoken for a long time. At this time, it’s Shuiyun Park. His eyes are sharp, gloomy and bottomless. Shuiyun Park is reflected in her eyes. She seems to be different a few days ago.
Thin and thin body seems to be more and more graceful and tender, slightly pale, with a rosy face and white jade leisure. The whole person can’t tell the ice muscle. jade bone City has its own light aura, but at the moment his heart is as uncomfortable as a knife.
"Let mother worry about Yunjin. It’s very good. My second sister is married. Mother should be more concerned about her." Shuijin tunnel with a smile on her face.
Su Qian was this anodyne declined to face some would, this just a few days this dead girl dare to just contradict her, when it’s really a rely on scruples is that the medicine is what she watched to drink, how can there be no symptoms at all?
Luckily, it’s hard to understand how deadly the medicine is without leaving a trace, and it’s really hard to treat this dead girl badly.
These days, she hasn’t thought about it less, and she lost her letter in front of the duke. This girl is a jinx. If I had known today, I should have strangled her in my life.
No, Su Qian’s eyes narrowed. Just now, I heard her speak clearly and steadily, without disorder. How can she be fluent and unobstructed? With her eyes wide open, she asked tentatively, "Yunjin, how can you speak so smoothly?"
Shui Yun-jin smiled extraordinarily charming. "Not only did my mother feel strange, but I also felt strange. I had a dream that night when I married into Lan Wangfu. I dreamed that my wet nurse remembered her loving smiling face and took care of her young age. I remembered that she taught me to say the first sentence."
Looking at Su Qian’s shocked face, she went on to say, "Nurse, I left the government when I was five years old. Mother knows if she is still healthy these years. If I can see her again, I will repay her kindness."
Su Qian suddenly felt a quiver and softened involuntarily. Thanks to Mammy around her, she suddenly changed color and was shocked like a body blow.
It’s amazing that other people don’t stutter when they dream with a blank face.
There are Huangfuda corners of the mouth pursed eyes light deep Huangfuhang is dazed, looking slightly dignified Shuihuaiquan is squinting at Shuiyunjin sullenly.
"Mom, let’s get into the house. It’s a scandal outside." Shui Xinru pushed forward the absence with some dissatisfaction. Su Qian was just a dream and was scared like this.
"RuEr report two male please come in" water bosom spring immediately accepted the face look whisking made a posture, please a face of decent smile.
Pursuing the article, friends. Ho ho ho.
Love you
Recommend a new friend [it is inevitable to find a wife and a debt princess]
He is the country of the night, saying that at a young age, he has made great achievements in military affairs and loved a suit. Just his name has fascinated many boudoir girls to be married.
She came through in a daze, and the little one will be sold to the capital by the alcoholic father before it is understood. A big shot is dying and the only child is his eleventh wedding bride.
Outside him, Bailichen is a rare woman with integrity. Her lucky star not only believed it thoroughly, but also foolishly took refuge in his house, willing to be a little maid and live happily in a different world.
But who can tell her where the South King, who is not close to the truth, is?
Small theater one
Thyme Chen leisurely sitting room rosewood case after a pair of comfortable deep eyes tightly staring at the girl he lowered his hand and slowly said, "Girl, since you entered the house, you have broken thirteen bowls of Wang Wu clay pots and a white jade tickle you to say how to compensate."
What does Fuxing have to do with me?
Can’t get a response. Bailichen cool thin’s lips casually evoked and then said, "How can the Wangfu housekeeper recruit a mute for me?"
Fuxing, you are the mute.
Seeing a man with a face of light clouds and light winds, the girl grudgingly muttered, "My adult is kind to others, and my handmaiden is clumsy, so please forgive my handmaiden this time."
Bailichen raised his eyebrows unfathomable and picked up the case. The warm jade inkstone was about to fall. "Sweet words can offset interest but not gold."
You looked up and Fuxing bit her little fangs and jumped at her. "I’ll eat it."
Be tackled, sb. smirk
Small theater 2
Leading the big baby holding the little baby with an unborn baby in his stomach, Fu Xing looked at Gong Bailichen with a face of injustice and complained, "Your report said that it would make you pay off your debts. Now how to calculate this in your stomach?"
With a faint smile on his lips, he hooked the beautiful woman into his arms, and lovingly caressed Fuxing’s high-rise belly and micro-steadily said, "The former debt was paid off, but my wife didn’t know that adopted children also needed silver?"
Fu Xing Er ""This also counts.
One-on-one warm and sweet pet inspirational to the occasional careful machine is a honey-adjusted oil welcome girls into the pit early adopters:
Chapter 42 Su Qian beaten (first)
Huangfuheng hid his thoughts and nodded and went in.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and stood motionless, as beautiful as an old well. After seeing her eyes hanging high for a while, the corners of Hou Fu’s mouth ticked a little cold and slightly hectares. He stretched out his hand and held Shuiyunjin’s small hand hanging down and walked with her into it without saying a word.
Shuiyunjin was led by him and turned to look at him. When he saw his elegance and outstanding face, there was a warm heart. According to his mind, he must have recognized the meaning of her words.
Warm and warm hands clasped their slender and cold hands, and the temperature was warm from the fingertips to the bones, so that the feeling of being cherished made her feel relaxed and happy. She raised her head and smiled at him, but he stared at a place that I didn’t know what to think.
Because when they were all taken to the front office.
However, when you have a cup of tea, you will see that the rosewood round table is already filled with delicacies, luxuriant and exquisite decorative mats and sterling silver to make bowls and chopsticks. A group of maids dressed in green are carrying boxes of fresh and precious fruit wine in an orderly way, and the wine in the cup is attractive in color, which seems to be a lot of thoughts.
They cleaned their hands. This table greeted Huangfuheng politely, but he symbolically declined the center position. Shuihuaiquan was flattered and slightly surprised to sit, while Huangfuheng and Huangfuda naturally sat on his left and right sides.
约茶  title=Two people are sitting beside each other with Shui Xinru and Shui Yunjin, and Su Qian has finally recovered some sanity from just sitting there. She is devoted to serving the people with tea and wine behind her, which is more earnest and thoughtful than serving the servant girl.
A table of people with different minds is not only polite and flattering, but also full of taste. Besides Huangfuda’s carelessness, even Huangfuheng is absent-minded, which makes it even more depressing and depressing.
Shui Huai-quan’s flattering words are also volatile at this time.
Shuiyunjin looked at a circle without moving, and finally decided that Su Qian smiled and asked with a heart tone, "Mother seems to look pale, is she unwell?"
Su Qian looked at Shuiyunjin with a white face and smiled at her mouth. She felt cold to the bone and immediately shook her head. "I’m fine."
Su Qian panic everyone see eye water hin shavings is also a face of doubt looked at her in the past this occasion is the most niang specialty especially in front of everyone niang is the most dignified and refined, comfortable today?
It’s just a stupid girl. You can hold it as you want. Even with the support of Lan Wangfu, how can you compare with her identity?
Tightly frowning reveals her extreme impatience and dissatisfaction. At this moment, Shui Huaiquan suddenly opened his mouth. "You should come and sit with your family. You don’t have to be so formal. Let people come."
Su Qian hesitated to nod before he dodged, and was gradually replaced by a malicious and complete change.
She knew that those words just now didn’t scare Su Qian, although she panicked, but later she would wonder what she couldn’t do with her, because the evidence had been erased by her, even if who would believe that her mother would let people deliberately teach toddlers to stutter?
According to her reputation in Su Qian today, even if it is said, the result will be that she will end up as a disloyal and unfilial woman, and she will not reinvent the wheel.
And more importantly, Su Qian knows what Shui Huaiquan has agreed with her over the years, otherwise she wouldn’t be so arrogant.
Looking at Su Qian coming straight towards her, Shuiyunjin smiled and knew that she was wary of her. She dared to sit next to her. It was really courageous, but it was just an appetizer. I hope she can always be so calm.
"Yunxi, see you now, my mother can finally feel at ease. Finally, I no longer blame myself for mistreating you over the years. After that, who dares you in Yangcheng next year? Those who are not mothers will never promise." Su Qian said with a full face of righteousness and a half-hug Shuiyun, and finally with a hint of anger, a picture of licking calves.
ShuiYunJin eyebrow chuckle Su Qian This is to wake yourself up, but also to wake up. Is it so easy for everyone to change their reputation? This stigma will follow their generation.

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