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After leaving Wang Yejia, I finally felt relieved and sighed, because I have finished everything at this stage, and now I finally have to do what I should do.

I came to Yuanyuan by bus and finally came here again. I went straight all the way. I came to the top floor of the teaching building and the principal’s office. I just wanted to knock on the door when it was opened. Yan Wang came out dressed in a professional secretarial costume. She was surprised but her heart was excellent. She said to me, "Brother Lei Haoge, why are you here?"
"Can’t I come?"
"But but aren’t you cleaning up your house?"
"After the break, of course, do you have to work in the principal?"
"Brother LeiHaoGe, you have been reinstated." Yan Wang said in disbelief.
I answered her uncertainly, "Who knows? Okay, I’m in. Xiao Wang, have you got a lot better? Your ass is up again."
品茶论坛"Brother LeiHaoGe what to say hate"
Yan Wang didn’t joke with me again, picked up the file and left. I calmed down and pushed open the door and went in. Yan Jiaxin was very busy looking at the brain file root. She didn’t notice me coming in. I helped her fill it up and put it in front of her. She consciously picked it up and took a sip, which didn’t notice me.
Her expression froze for half a ring before she said to me, "Why are you here? Aren’t you a sweet shop?"
I looked at her earnestly and then repeated everything to her. After listening to it, she said to me again, "So you are going back to your job."
"Of course, don’t you want me to keep coming back to work? Of course I want to listen to my wife."
"What are you talking about?" She gave me a white look
I quickly straightened up and said seriously, "Listen to the headmaster."
Yan Jiaxin looked up to me normally. She took a watch from the drawer and pointed to it and said to me, "This is a new job list. This is what Yang Dong and I decided to give you after talking. You may not be too white, and I won’t explain it too much. I think Wang Tianyang will definitely explain it to you. If you come back, it’s best not to go to anything wrong, especially to face Gu Zhengfan."
I made a policeman habitually move "yes ada"
"Go" Yan Jiaxin waved to me, and I took two steps back, then turned to Yan Jiaxin and asked again, "Do you want to have dinner with beautiful women at noon? Just consider it as I made amends yesterday."
Yan Jiaxin got up from the chair and held her chest very hesitantly. I walked towards her and nodded her face. "Give me an answer?"
Finally, she reluctantly opened my hand and said, "Well, I’ll go. If I’m not satisfied, you can go back and kneel and rub the washboard."
"Great, I must be satisfied." I happily picked Yan Jiaxin up and she struggled in my arms. "Let go, asshole, this school."
"The headmaster, Director Zhang, asked me to give you the document."
The door was suddenly opened, and Yan Wang was embarrassed at the door with a file. She smiled shyly and said, "Go on."
Yan Jiaxin blushed instantly and stepped on me. "Let’s go, asshole. It’s embarrassing."
I finally didn’t play with Yan Jiaxin again, opened the door and went out. Yan Wang looked at me and smiled, and then gave me a thumbs-up and said, "Brother Leihao, you are really amazing. The headmaster is stuck by you."
"Charm can’t be helped"
Chapter 20 The most favorable news
I came to the personnel office with a job list, knocked on the door and got a response, and then I went in. Wang Tianyang still sat in the chair as usual. His resolute face showed a smile. He seemed to have known I was coming. He said to me, "You finally came. The principal and I were coming back the other day, but I waited for a long time and didn’t see you coming to see me. Isn’t it too bad to come here without something good?"
"Wang Ge, you are joking. How can I not give you a face? I still ask you to help me seal my post."
Wang Tianyang said with a smile, "You are the red man around the principal, and you actually said that begging me is too embarrassing for me. Ok, bring the bill, I’ll cover it for you, and you will also work early."
I put the job list in front of Wang Tianyang, and he took the chapter out of the drawer and stamped it for me. I said "thank you" happily.
Just about to leave with the bill, he stopped me again and said, "Why hurry? Let’s talk first and I’ll tell you something."
I sat down again and listened to Wang Tianyang tell me, "Do you know what this bill means?"
I shook my head and said that I didn’t know that he said again, "Once this slip is stamped, it means that you have such a job opportunity. If there are any mistakes later, you can never return to your school job. I want you to think about it. If you are willing to wait for another period of time, you may not sign such a slip."
I thought about it and asked, "How long is the suspension period?"
"The two-year suspension period is two years."
"Well, I’d better sign this bill."
I told Wang Tianyang for sure that Wang Tianyang nodded at me and said again, "Maybe you can ask a principal why he wants you to sign such a single school, because few people have signed such a single school and forgot a little. There is also an invisible rule that you can’t be promoted before the term of office, but you can sit in this position and you can’t be transferred. There is no chance to go."
"Thank you Wang Ge for waking me up."
"Well, pay more attention."
When I left the personnel department, I walked towards the original office. When I met Gu Zhengfan, I saw that it was my building. His expression was very resentful and he said to me through clenched teeth, "Leihao, how dare you come back?"
Gu Zhengfan stretched out his fist and called me, but the fist stopped in the middle and then the horse was taken back. He snorted at me, "If it wasn’t for the hard and fast rules of the school, I would definitely beat you up."
I also glared at Gu Zhengfan. "Really, I will thank this rule, but I can tell you frankly that Gu Zhengfan is not easy to sit in this position. I don’t know how to fall when the time comes. I think there are many precedents ahead, so I should not say more."
"You wait for me, and I will definitely send you out again. When the new conference is held, we will calculate the old scores together. Don’t regret it then."
After that, Gu Zhengfan bumped into me on the shoulder and left. I found that every owner of the finance office collided with me. Perhaps the two positions we were sitting in were like mutually exclusive magnets. No one would have a good impression on me and would just stay away.
When I opened the door in this long-lost place, I saw the boss sitting in it seriously with a mobile phone in his hand, playing with me and leaving with a bill, and said falsely, "Report to the new director Lei Hao, please check the information."
The boss leaned over and looked at me solemnly. "It’s really hard to sit in your position at last. The face has been giving me pressure. All the rules are aimed at the security of the school. If you don’t sit still and wait, it will be a notice."
I smiled and answered, "But boss, aren’t you ready? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here playing with your mobile phone so leisurely."
I gave my boss a cigarette, and when he lit it, he immediately looked at me and put it on the table. He immediately got serious and said after half a minute, "Why do you sign such a bill? Come here, don’t sign it. The principal wants you to sign it. Do you know what it means?"
"Well, she gave me this slip and said she wanted me to sign it."
The boss was complicated and said again, "This single is not the principal’s hand. The old principal didn’t give this single management to the principal, but gave it to Grain Rain. This single must be given by Grain Rain."

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