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Song Qingcheng nodded

Jiang Chi and Yu Tingchuan got to know the whole situation of the Song Dynasty better, chatting and saying, "There are only a few days before the Spring Festival, especially after the Spring Festival, relatives have to walk around and eat, and they have a headache at this time of the year."
Said Jiang Chi caught a glimpse of the wedding ring in the left hand of the whole Song Dynasty. Speaking of it, "Back to dinner with old Yu with Han Chen, Han Chen made fun of him and said that you are somehow a city company boss. Why didn’t you see you being so diligent and not putting on a wedding banquet? Even if you get a certificate, you can buy a few thousand wedding rings." Even I know how to buy a diamond ring. "
喝茶约茶Song city listened to the right hand consciousness to touch the platinum ring.
"Old Yu smiled without saying a word."
Jiang Chi tapped his finger on the steering wheel. "Old Yu is a little different from man show and the outside. Overall, he is still a good person."
"I know," Song Qingcheng said frankly, "I bought this platinum ring."
Jiang Chi seems to have guessed it a long time ago. Follow her words and say, "The most important thing about the ring is whether it is expensive or not, but it is not interesting to wear millions of diamond rings, don’t you think?"
Song Qingcheng suddenly changed the topic without nodding. "If Dr. Jiang accidentally hits someone to death while driving, should he be criminally liable in addition to compensating his family?"
Jiang Chi gave her a look. "Why do you suddenly ask this?"
"I’m going to take a driver’s license. I just thought of asking you about this."
"There must be criminal responsibility, but it’s just probation, probation and no jail. If you hit someone after driving, don’t escape."
Song Qingcheng. com has seen cases of hit-and-run including male stars being sentenced to jail after escaping, but the details are not very clear. Ask, "How many years will you be sentenced if you escape?"
Jiang Chi said, "It depends on the situation. Some escapes after the accident constitute traffic accidents and are sentenced to three years and seven years of criminal punishment. If the other party dies due to escape, the number of years will be more. I remember it is seven years in prison."
Words fall Jiang Chi looked at Song Qingcheng and smiled, "Wo Wo just went to learn to drive like you, and worried that he would hit someone and go to jail for three days. It is necessary to obey the traffic rules and don’t rush the traffic lights. The chance of suffering from accidents is still very small."
Song city thought that Liu Xishan didn’t answer the words immediately and heard Jiang Chi say, "If something really happened, I wouldn’t help him as a friend, but it’s really not too difficult for him to handle this kind of thing."
In other words, even if she really killed someone, Yu Tingchuan would try to fish her out.
Song Qingcheng remembered Lu Xishan’s angry words just now. He said that Yutingchuan could solve Jiang Chi’s problem. So it is no wonder that Lu Xishan would hold such thoughts.
Jiang Chi sent people to the door of the villa without a car.
"I won’t go in when my aunt cooks dinner for me. Say hello to Lao Yu for me."
"Good" Song Qingcheng smiled gently.
Song Qingcheng returned to the villa and found Yu Tingchuan in the living room, afraid that he would see something. She took the key and went to the kitchen first. "Does Aunt Gong wash the dishes?"
The dining room and kitchen have been cleaned up.
Aunt Gong went back to the next building to have a rest at the moment.
Song Qingcheng poured himself a cup of hot water in front of Liuli. I also thought about Lu Xishan. It is impossible for Lu Xishan to leave from Yunxi Road and return to chansons Garden. Maybe he has left Nancheng. Sometimes people’s emotions are really higher than reason.
There is no way to be indifferent to life and death.
A hot place in the jaws of her left hand also made her instantly recover.
Song Qingcheng spilled water on her slippers and the floor out of her ability to let go of the glass.
Put the kettle on and she squatted down to deal with the mess.
The glass whirled around and gave a crisp sound.
Song Qingcheng just picked up the cup and Yu Tingchuan went into the kitchen. "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing is that the water overflowed the cup." Song Qingcheng turned and walked to the sink and took a rag to wipe the water stains.
One second, the arm was gently held.
Yu Tingchuan asked, "Is it hot?"
Song Qingcheng raised his left hand to show him some redness in escaping and said, "This water is boiled at noon and should not bubble."
Yutingchuan took her to the sink and took her left hand to wash with cold water.
Spicy pain to the whole song did not back down.
"What did you say when you met your uncle?"
Then YuTingChuan openings ask
He asked casually, but he didn’t answer.
Yu Tingchuan noticed her strange and deep eyes, left her side face and saw that she was somewhat absent-minded. "Can’t you tell me?"
In the past moment, the whole city of Song, uh, sighed, "I can’t tell you for the time being."
After that, she turned her beautiful eyes and looked at the man around her. "You will always be by my side, right?"
Yu Tingchuan dropped the faucet and took a towel to cover the back of her hand. "Why do you suddenly feel the spring and autumn?"
Song city didn’t answer the words, put his hand around his waist and let himself rely on his arms. "I still think it’s not true now."
Yutingchuan hugged her back and whispered, "It seems particularly clingy today."
"Then I will stick to you like this every day."
Said the whole song dynasty tightened his arms and wanted to hold it like this, just like hiding in a powerful harbor. Those storms are no longer pestering themselves.
It’s already a machine state to go back to the room and play Lu Xishan dialect in Song Qingcheng.

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