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In front of Zhao Yufang, it’s really not better than how he believed Zhang Meili’s nonsense and divorced that woman in Zhao Yufang!

Worst of all, they made him and Lin Ya so stiff! Otherwise, although he can’t dominate Kyoto now, at least he can eat and drink!
But look where he lives and what he eats now!
He is really blind!
Section 21
Zhang Meili dropped a card and said, "This is my daughter who gave you the night!"
Tang Yuanshan’s eyes were straight at the sight of the card on the table.
I quickly grabbed it and asked, "How much money is here?"
Zhang Meili gave him a contemptuous look and reluctantly replied, "Fifty thousand!"
"Cut ~" Tang Yuanshan immediately shrugged his face when he heard this number. "This money is not enough for me to have a good meal!"
"Then give it back to me!" Zhang Meili’s attempt to win was avoided by Tang Yuanshan.
"Make do!"
After that, I went out with that card!
Zhang Meili called several times and didn’t get his response.
Lou Tang Yuanshan took the card and suddenly didn’t know what to do?
Wandering around, I saw a straightforward advertising slogan, from 1,000 to 22,000 to 40,000!
The devil possessed himself and walked in along the arrow, only to know that it was a casino!
Consciousness wants to look back, but when I turn around, I see a man walking past her with a big bag of cash.
Smiling from ear to ear, "I spent 50 thousand to win 1 million. It’s so refreshing!"
When Tang Yuanshan heard this, his eyes were straight and he couldn’t move!
Immediately turned around and walked into the crowd.
At first, he won money and watched the money pile up in front of him. He was so excited that he couldn’t find the north.
The bolder you get, the more stakes you have!
But later, when I was indignant, the money in front of me was like a hill, and it quickly and slowly decreased until there was no money left!
"Cheat money place!" See brought in fifty thousand yuan also didn’t Tang Yuanshan nasty shout!
Someone immediately came over and carried him out. "Don’t talk so much if you have no money!"
Gambling has its own advantages. Those old people in the distant mountains of Tang Dynasty soon lost everything.
I have no money when I pay the rent! I owe a lot!
When Zhang Meili learned the news, she really wished she couldn’t cut him with a knife and hold him, tearing and pulling!
Lin Ya saw this scene when she came over.
Things in the house were thrown all over the floor, and Zhang Meili’s long hair fell to the ground, which should be dragged.
She stepped on the ground with graceful steps with curved lips, walked in and sat on the sofa with indifference.
I didn’t look at the second watch yesterday.
☆ In 114, the truth was that Tang Yuanshan died.
The room was instantly quiet. After Tang Yuanshan reacted, he hurriedly called Zhang Meili to pour water.
But mei-li zhang stood there staring blankly is motionless.
He couldn’t help but start urging again, "Go ahead, why are you still stupid? Why is the child back!"
Mei-li zhang disgruntled hum but still did not move.
Ya-qing Lin smiled, "No, I’m not thirsty."
"There is no water to drink if you are thirsty!" Zhang Meili, you’re welcome.
The bedroom Tang Ying listened to the noise outside and suddenly became quiet to get some air.
Can this step go to the door and listen to the sound of the woman Lin Ya in the room.
She hung down with her hand clenched into a fist and forced it out. She tore up that little bitch and impulsively pressed it against the door. Listen!
Lin Ya smiled gently and then looked at the corners of the mouth of the room and raised a hook radian.
Incredible tone: "How can you live here?"
Said a low eyes kicked away at the feet of garbage abandon with the wave, "although the situation is difficult now, but …"
At this point, she deliberately paused and sneered, "But there is no need to make such a mess. Can you live like a pigsty?"
夜网论坛Zhang Meili wanted to rush over and was stopped by Tang Yuanshan’s sharp eyes.
Tang Yuanshan looked at her face to please. "What do you want to eat for a rare trip home? Let your mother …"
Before he finished his words, he greeted Lin Ya with a new look.
I quickly changed my mouth. "Let your aunt Zhang go out and buy it for you?"
Before Lin Ya spoke, Zhang Meili took the lead in saying, "I’m not her aunt!"
Lin Ya laughed scornfully. "I think forget it. Do you have any money?"
From this money, Tang Yuanshan’s face changed. Zhang Meili’s face sank and he hated not killing the men around him!
Then he muttered, "We have become like this because of you!"
"Ha ha!" Lin Ya seems to have heard an excellent joke and couldn’t stop laughing at the moment!
In the living room, she was left with a pleasant smile and a harsh smile!
Zhang Meili couldn’t listen to a big drink. "What are you laughing at? Are you particularly happy that we look at your father like this?"
Laugh to an abrupt end, Lin Ya looked at her with a sharp eye.
I will definitely spit out a word "Yes!" without any emotion.
"You little bitch!"
Mei-li zhang ran to sit on the sofa, but Lin Ya reached out and was stopped by Tang Yuanshan.
"You let me go and let me teach this culprit a good lesson!"
Tang Yuanshan pushed her away and shouted, "Be quiet!"
Then the dog leg smiled at Lin Ya. "Ya Ya, don’t argue with your aunt."
Lin Ya smiled and shook her head. "I have nothing to care about when you are all like this."
"You! You little bitch, you just came to laugh at us, right? "

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