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Wen Ya was so angry that she couldn’t refute her. She was afraid that this man would love this man, too. Even if this man hurt her again, she would hate him.

Ink Sina see wenya a pair of soldiers to have means to resist the so-called expression in the mind more agitated, he said those words is hope Wen Ya angry hope this woman jealous crazy, but he was wrong, he misjudged the woman in front of her, this woman calm self-sustaining is mocking him manic, she has proved that no matter what he said, she doesn’t care.
Ink Sina increasingly angry.
"But if Miss Wen feels that she can’t accept my way of speaking, I can suggest that Miss Wen turn around and leave directly. It’s more important that there is no personal dignity." Mo Sina knew that Wen Ya could not leave so as to threaten Wen Ya.
Wen Ya looked embarrassed and bit his lip … Messina really went too far.
Wen Ya took a deep breath or spoke with a smile. "Ink always said that it was a bit exaggerated. Everyone understands different things before they can say different opinions. Everyone speaks words and reflects this heart. I think … Ink always comes to be a person who doesn’t follow one’s inclinations, right? However, it is natural for us to have no interest in exploring your mind. "
Looking at the two men next to the secret, I suddenly felt scared and scared. The secret began to think that the two men probably knew her before, and they had never seen the president so targeted at a person … The situation was still a woman. Although the former president was indifferent to women, he was still a gentleman.
So ….. If the president and this woman were shady in the past, should they be witnesses now? The secret heart suddenly felt depressed and depressed at this thought. After so many years of work, she has long dreamed of it from the beginning, and now she accepts the truth. She knows what the president is like and now wants to be a good secret employee.
The more she knows, the more dangerous she is. Is that … is her horse going to be kicked out of the company?
She’s only been here for a short time. She has children to support. She can’t lose her job!
Woo hoo, please don’t. She wants to be a conscientious little secret, and she’s not distracted by the president at all.
Secret folder ink Sina and Wen Yazhong almost began to tremble. No, never, president.
"But Mr. Mo, what exactly is it that you invited me here today?" And ink Sina tangled for ten minutes to get to the meaningless Wen Ya directly ignored this problem.
KuangWenya heart feel clear ink Sina now move … Points are aimed at yourself.
spa会所Ink Sina Gherardini looked at Wen Ya but opened their contract and pointed to a data opening. "You said that nowadays people like online shopping. It is best to carry out online shopping delivery doors in shopping malls, which can be more convenient and effective. Then I ask you this thirteen percent data. You came from this."
The body of the Chapter 21 Do things can’t be too absolute.
Wen Ya don’t know what is the meaning of ink Sina expression somewhat consternation "this data from the net …"
"Oh, so this means that Miss Wen brought this data without her own evidence, right?" Mo Sina said that the expression in it is consistent with the contract. "Then I think we should have no need to be consistent. Your company’s attitude is so casual … but investors are our data, which is very important for our company because it directly affects whether the company can make a profit or not and how much your company is sincere."
Wen Ya think ink Sina is nonsense, but her language is that she can’t say anything to refute ink Sina. Wen Ya’s face is embarrassed, but she has to hold back some anxiety and look at ink Sina with a smile. "Ink manager, what do you mean now?"
She didn’t dare to ink SiNa is going to cancel them because Wen Ya worried that ink SiNa will really make such a choice.
"I mean? Obviously, you can either do research and get an exact data, or our two companies will stop here, "said Mo Sina, tapping his finger tip on the table with one hand.
Seeing that Wen Ya was still in the same place, Mo Sina was still very patient and smiled. "Why don’t you understand me?"
Wenya very not easy to slow down but still keep calm look at ink Sina "ink always like you … isn’t it a bit too much? If you want to find out the exact data, I will go to ten shopping malls and interview 200 people randomly at each mall … "
"I don’t think I’m forced" ink SiNa also laugh "business is like this, Miss Wen should not I this person is stupid, should not ask anything is an investment? If I can’t see the so-called benefits, what should I support your project, Miss Wen? "
If put before if Wen Ya do things ink SiNa natural conditions support but now Wen Ya has changed … She is not naturally feel can acquire?
Good that ink Sina will give her this chance to look at her and prove herself!
Wen Ya see ink Sina aggressive some unwilling to bite her lip, she can’t give up, whether in front of the company or ink Sina … She can’t give up.
"Okay, I’ll investigate" Wen Ya, although she thinks it’s really forced herself, wants to prove that she is no longer the soft waxy girl who used to play the coquetry and rely on Mo Sina for everything. She doesn’t know what her anger is … Maybe it’s because Mo Sina’s attitude towards her is too harsh to break some fantasies in her heart.
Yes, Wen Ya wry smile from the bottom of my heart. She’s really a stupid woman. How could she be stupid? This child is him … When I find Ozawa, I have to do a pro-appraisal, right? This is just her wishful thinking.
The two of them would have died seven years ago. Mo Sina … didn’t love her for a long time. It was her wishful thinking that didn’t want to accept the fact.
"What do you think?" See Wen Ya has been low head don’t talk ink Sina heart began to panic this woman … No matter how many years to be up can become his weakness.
"Nothing" Wen Ya looked up and his expression has returned to nature. "Then I’ll go first if there’s nothing."
"Go?" Mo Sina frowned. "Where are you going?" He didn’t want to see Wen Ya leave in front of him like this.
Wen Ya saw Mo Sina, which seems to be forced by his own attitude to restore calm. "We always agree that you question the data. I don’t want to talk about the meaning of waves. If you are okay now, I will investigate."
Very good! This woman is really grown up now and dares to say to herself that talking to herself is a wave!
Moment ink Sina anger surging in my heart, but in front of a woman’s face calm, but let him find a fire outlet ink Sina right hand up and some manic put "whatever" he began to give up.
He and Wen Ya feel manic because of their normal attitude of getting along with each other.
Wen Ya nodded and followed and went out. God knows how many words in her heart want to tell Mo Sina how much she wants to rely on Mo Sina’s coquetry attitude in her arms to accuse Mo Sina of how she can treat herself like this.
But she can’t … She can turn around and recognize that the distance between two people is long over.
Wen Ya left MoSiNa company and looked up and looked at the sinister sun outside. She was still a little guilty. In this weather, she would interview about two thousand people randomly … She would die.
Can want to fool the ink Sina nature is not so simple ink Sina will make such a request also points is spite Wen Ya Wenyanai can sigh to accept their fate.
But at this moment, Wen Ya’s cell phone rang and she saw that it was Ozawa. The eyebrows were very gentle. "What happened to Ozawa?" Today is the rest day of kindergarten. Ozawa should be at home at this time.
"Mom, didn’t you say you would take me to the amusement park today?" Ozawa’s sound of milk doodle makes Wenya’s heart instantly soften.
Wen Ya was remembered by Ozawa. It seems that she promised Ozawa to take him to the amusement park a few days ago. At that time, she would say so. After this period of time, she finally got busy with Mo Sina Company.
However, Wen Ya didn’t expect that there would be a temporary problem with the ink Sina, which means that now Wen Ya … didn’t take Ozawa to the amusement park.
She’s going to stand me up in front of Ozawa
Wen Ya thought in his heart that he had been clever and never asked too much of Ozawa in front of her. Today, Ozawa is four years old, but he has never been to an amusement park. It’s because Wen Ya doesn’t have time to work to make money … Ozawa is considerate enough. She promised to do this first … How can I explain it to Ozawa?

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