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Chang Huanyan was lying on the sofa watching the WeChat message sent by Gao Xiaoxiao and almost laughed.

She can almost imagine that Han Shu’s personality is sure that there is a black face, but she has to take a pen to fill out the interview draft under Gao Xiaoxiao’s words.
The bathroom door suddenly opened at this time.
"What’s so happy?" Depressed by low magnetic sound.
Chang Huanyan looked up and saw him wearing a black vest and trousers, and his posture was tall and straight, where his eyes narrowed slightly and his lips drew a slight arc.
Chang Huan Yan also saw many men wearing vests before, but no one can wear a simple vest like him with such a stylish and hormonal flavor.
She thinks it should have something to do with her figure
Although Yu Yu is very tall, he doesn’t feel like a "big fool". His figure is surprisingly wide, his shoulders are narrow, his hips are tight, his waist is straight, his legs are slender and symmetrical.
This figure, combined with that straight face, deep and charming eyes, is a crime
Chang Huan Yan gently "coughed" and stood up and said, "Have you finished taking a shower?"
There was surprise in the tone and a hint of crusade.
Yu Yu nodded, "Well, I just washed myself when I saw that you were busy."
Say that finish with long legs to sit and open the TV and switch to the news station with the remote control.
Always smiling and pouting and angry!
These days, both of them are sharing the same bed, but there is almost no real progress except cuddling and kissing.
Of course, she doesn’t have to make any substantial progress. After all, the doctor said that she was delivered by caesarean section, and it was better to wait until the palace mouth recovered and had a menstrual period before intimacy.
Is to let her didn’t expect is depressed encounter would be so serious, like that every time can endure …
Tonight is even worse. I took a shower first, just because I didn’t want her to help me, for fear that the gun would go off again?
Chang Huanyan looked at his crisp and resolute side face with a straight hem in his heart. He was quiet on the surface, but he didn’t expect his bones to be so bad and so refined.
As if realizing that she was looking at him, Yu Yu turned his head and asked her seriously, "What’s the matter?"
Chang Huanyan looked at his unusual expression and left the pie mouth "nothing"
She didn’t speak again, got up and walked to the front of the wardrobe, opened the door and took a look, then reached for her pajamas.
It was just when she touched the cloth that her eyes moved and she suddenly changed her mind
品茶  title=Chang Huanyan turned and walked directly towards the bathroom.
Because there is still a faint layer of hot air in the bathroom just now, I can still smell the smell of depression.
Chang Huan Yan couldn’t help but sneak a glance back and found that fellow was sitting there watching.
Song Xiaoshou said that the more serious a man is, the more lascivious he is, especially to his beloved woman.
Chang Huanyan really wants to try the accuracy of this statement.
She closed the door with a smile.
After 2 minutes, defender bathroom door "snapped" was opened again.
Section 635
"Husband" often smiles softly.
The sofa looked at the smell. "What’s the matter?"
I can’t see anyone with a voice.
"I forgot my pajamas," Chang Huanyan shouted.
Yu Yu "…"
"You help me get one. That white one is in the closet," Chang Huanyan added.
"Good" Yu Yu got up and went to open the wardrobe door. The white nightgown hung there was taken from the hanger.
Shen came to the bathroom door and said, "Here you are."

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