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She has never brought such intimate underwear to a man since she was so big, including her father and eldest brother and her ex-boyfriend Chi Yiming.

She can’t help it if she grits her teeth.
It’s different now. She’s married and a wife, so she has to do what a wife should do.
She gradually adapted to this identity instead of being weak and not facing the reality.
Lu sorrow sat up and opened the quilt "Oh, I come to Malaysia"
Lu sorrow wearing slippers ran into the locker room to pull open the cabinet that a row of drawers inside those pants are wrapped in a ball and put very neatly.
She took one out and felt a little hot at her fingertips. She was very embarrassed.
She went to the bathroom and knocked on the door "Lin Mo Chen, you … pants"
Lin Mochen pulled the door open from the inside, and her hair was stained with water drops, which had a little taste.
He was wearing that gray robe with his waist and chest wide open, revealing the skin inside, and he couldn’t see a trace of fat. Every place was just right and there were tiny drops of water, and his skin was particularly sexy when it rolled.
Men’s color is really harmful.
Lu sorrow so look at all some eyes can’t move away, deeply attracted by his delicious food.
Lin Mochen raised her hand while wiping the excess water from her black hair. "Handsome by her husband?"
Lu sorrow just came to my mind and raised my hand to pat off his hand "Don’t be narcissistic"
Lu sorrow white his one eye and then put his pants into the hands of Lin Mochen "just ran out? Really don’t avoid suspicion. "
As she said this, she turned to the big bed without looking at the handsome Lin Mo-chen behind her.
"You are my wife, and I won’t avoid you from anyone. If I avoid you, there is something wrong." Lin Mochen looked at his hands as pants. "And it’s cool. Unfortunately, you can try it."
夜生活  title=Lu sorrow stared his one eye, and then lift the quilt bed with his back to him.
Lin Mochen went back to the bathroom, put on boxer shorts and then came out.
He left the crystal chandelier at the top of the room straight, surrounded by wall lamps and two desk lamps at the head of the bed. The lights were bright enough and very soft, and they didn’t hurt his eyes.
He walked slowly over and lifted him out of bed.
Lu sorrow behind his back feel side position sag.
Is she stiff because she dare not move?
Then Lin Mo-chen was really close to her, and her chest clung to her back, and her long arm surrounded her waist, embracing her whole person in her arms.
His embrace is like a safe haven for her, which makes her feel Bianca, and she can rely on him safely, wanting nothing and worrying nothing.
Lu sorrow eyes wide open just looking at the French window curtain focus there.
She didn’t speak, and Lin Mo-chen held her and didn’t move any further. Even his hands were kept very well, and there was absolutely no intention to infringe on her.
He ….. Why don’t you move?
Did she let him down by rejecting him too many times? Give up?
He lost patience and impulse with her?
The more you think so, the more you feel suffocated in your chest.
In that case, then she should be happy. She escaped and stopped facing her to be afraid of things.
Lu you slowly closed her eyes and didn’t turn around to look at Lin Mo-chen behind her. She didn’t dare to face him, but she could feel his breathing heat blowing her back neck and scratching her a little, which made her fall asleep.
She just kept her eyes open until they were sore, and then she slowly closed them.
She listened to him breathe evenly, and soon fell asleep in his arms.
I woke up early the next day, and Lu Yu turned over. Last night, she kept sleeping on her side and didn’t move. Her body was almost asleep.
She hit the pillow with one hand as she turned around.
She suddenly opened her eyes and saw that there was no Lin Mo-chen around her.
The pillow doesn’t even have his body temperature left in the bed beside him.
When did he get up? She was so asleep that she didn’t know.

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