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Is it so nice? Su Mo couldn’t wait to slap her stepmother in the face.

This woman’s ulterior motives are now deliberately making her look like a deserted wife and pretending to be poor and saying that she is good is really disgusting.
Luo Ruixi smiled faintly. "It’s a wonderful thing to fall in love, and it just happens that I am a friend of Sina’s that I know how sweet the old love is. Sina and Su Mocai are going to break off their engagement, and I’m sorry that it’s true that all the people who have been interacting with DOG are me."
"What?" Grandpa Su looked shocked. "What does this mean?"
Luo Ruixi is a face of guilt. "It’s always been my lover in DOG with DOG, and it’s for this reason that she will break off her engagement with Sina. Besides, DOG and Sina are clear, of course, I also respect DOG’s actions before marriage."
Grandpa Sue looks a little slow. He still likes Luo Ruixi very much.
Su Mo looked at Luo Ruixi with a face of shock. How did this man lie? He didn’t blink when he looked so calm … It was almost necessary to fool everyone.
However, although Luo Rui’s current statement is awkward for Su Mo, it is better to take this opportunity to clarify that it is better to let others misunderstand themselves and ink Sina by comparison.
No! Su Mo found the problem in an instant, but what would her grandfather think if Luo Ruixi took all these responsibilities? Will she break up with Luo Ruixi peacefully again?
Section 155
God, Su Mo realized in hindsight that things were far more complicated than he wanted.
Su Mo’s mind is a little confused, and he can’t think of any good way to bring Luo Ruixi here at the moment. Do you want to drive him away at this time? Then Su Mo’s Su family is really between Scylla and Charybdis
Grandpa Su is very satisfied with Luo Ruixi’s answer. The young man knows that Grandpa Su coughs and looks solemn. "DOG is not small this year. Since you have been together for so many years, shouldn’t you consider giving DOG an explanation?"
Oh, my God. Why did Grandpa say he was married? Su Mo was a little worried, but she didn’t dare to say anything that upset grandpa, so she winked at Luo Ruixi to improvise.
Luo Ruixi took Su Mo eyes a face of his white meaning Su Mo has not breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Luo Ruixi speak suddenly froze in place.
Because Luo Ruixi said, "My grandfather and I have the same idea. This time, I have prepared the Gregorian calendar. What day do you think is suitable for me to get engaged to DOG? This year is also a good auspicious day. Grandpa might as well choose a wedding day by the way."
Su Mo stare big eyes constantly winking at Luo Ruixi this guy? Ask him to persuade Grandpa Yi to talk about getting married or not … Isn’t this puzzling?
Sue grandpa suddenly laughed "good young man! I am relieved that DOG can marry me. "
Su Mo was a little anxious. Isn’t it a little too soon to solve her lifelong event? Su Mo coughed in a hurry. "Grandpa, we can discuss it again …" She suggested that Grandpa should ask for his own advice?
Grandpa Su looked at Su Mo suspiciously. "Doesn’t DOG like Ruixi and don’t want to marry him?"
Su Mo was speechless for a moment. Luo Ruixi helped her out. "I know DOG, you are angry with what I haven’t come out, but I promise you that from today on, I will give you love and promise your family. DOG won’t refuse me again, okay? Isn’t it happy that we are stable to grandpa? "
Come on, grandpa, crush yourself, right? Su Mo some chafing stare Luo Ruixi but see grandpa right hand consciousness according to his heart … Grandpa has a heart disease can’t be stimulated.
Su Mo hesitated instantaneous nodded.
Grandpa Su’s face lit up. "Engagement is not troublesome. Engagement can also be dissolved." This point is aimed at Su Mo’s sexual behavior. Even Grandpa said that Su Mo was speechless
But another sentence from her grandfather made Su Mo stand still.
Grandpa Insu asked, "Is it an auspicious day? It’s good at the beginning of next month. I have already studied this year. It’s the best day for you and Su Mo to get married. "
Early next month? It was hit by Sina, but these are nothing.
Luo Ruixi looked at Grandpa Su with a smile. "Grandpa, you are so visionary."
Su Mo was in a hurry. "Is Grandpa too fast in a month?" She came to plan to confess to grandpa after Luo Ruixi left, but where did she expect grandpa to ask her to marry so soon?
Su Mo was caught off guard by such a fast pace.
Sue grandpa some dissatisfaction "how soon? Can’t my family members prepare for the wedding even for a month? DOG, you can set your mind at to do your bride’s things. Grandpa will take care of it. "
"Grandpa, that’s not what I meant …" Su Mo was in a hurry. Why did she feel like she was digging a hole and jumping?
Luo Rui learned to stop Su Mo. "Grandpa DOG is in poor health. We will solve our own contradictions. Don’t stimulate Grandpa."
The body of the Chapter three hundred and fifty That guy’s ashamed.
H city has shocked everyone today because Mo Sina and Su Mo, the unmarried couple who failed to get married together, actually got married separately, and the wedding day is still set for one day.
Su Mo couldn’t stop rolling his eyes at Luo Ruixi when he was sitting in makeup and being made up by a makeup artist. "Can you get out first?" Since the two became husband and wife, Su Mo Luo Ruixi has been a bit outspoken around him.
This bastard fell in love with her at first sight and lied to her until now. Even the wedding was planned by Luo Ruixi alone. How can she not be angry? What marriage? It seems that Su Mo thinks he’s just going through a process.
She didn’t feel any love process.
Although it’s true that I like Luo Rui’s practice, it makes her angry to think that this guy cheats himself.
Besides, Luo Ruixi has long known that Mo Sina’s wedding day didn’t tell her now, and all those media outside are waiting to see the drama.
Su Mo is unwilling to deliberately flash marriage to choose ink Sina married this day.
It’s so reasonable that I can’t say it! Su Mo was humbled to death.
Luo Ruixi looks particularly happy in a tailored western white shirt and red bow tie today. It’s normal for Su Mo to lose his temper. He smiled at Su Mo. "What’s the matter? Do you still mind Sina? "
"Bah" Su Mo is too lazy to explain now.
Luo Ruixi smiled and took hold of Su Mo’s shoulder. "Since it’s no surprise, it’s better to be casual. When we get married, it’s grandpa’s call. This can’t be said that I arranged for you not to take it out on me." Luo Ruixi looked koo.
Su Mo moved a makeup artist and quickly stopped. "Don’t be so righteous. Since you knew something from the beginning, why don’t you tell Grandpa to change the date when he comes out?" Well, whatever you look at it, you have ulterior motives
Luo Ruixi a wink "but what to another day? I also think it’s a good day. I don’t mind if there is not a Sina married person. Do you mind? "
"Hum" Su Mo snorted "What do I care" because I hate those media outside.
"I also know that you don’t mind, otherwise you wouldn’t be so active last night." Luo Ruixi whispered in Su Mo’s ear with a smile, which was quite ambiguous.
Su Mo blushed and spat out Luo Ruixi. According to the rules, the bride and groom can’t meet before marriage, but it’s better to be Luo Ruixi here. This guy said that he hadn’t seen Su Mo for too long last night and missed her and secretly climbed over the wall to Su Zhai.
Su Mo didn’t dare to disturb anyone, so this guy stayed in her room.
Then Su Mo remembered what he heard and looked at Luo Ruixi in shock. "Wait a minute. You’re not as bad as you said, are you?"
For a man, he can’t do it. It’s just seduction.
Then everything happens, and it’s so logical.
Because the next day is the wedding day, Luo Rui wakes up refreshed and can be tossed all night. Su Mo is not so good at treating dark circles … After all, he has to get up at one o’clock in the morning and get up at five o’clock.
But how can this guy be more brave than he said? Su Mo associated with the outside world heard that he was still unforgettable about Mo Sina’s old love, and he was relieved in an instant.
Su Mo snorted and looked at Luo Ruixi. "I heard that Mo Sina is also this hotel?"
桑拿网  title=Luo Ruixi nodded. "The best hotel has this one, but it won’t bump on different floors." It’s not that he chose together on purpose, but that he didn’t want to wronged Su Mo.
Even if you get married one day, you will know the unexpected eyes of Su Mo. He can’t let Su Mo suffer with himself, so you can choose this best hotel.

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