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No one showed amazing eyes, but frightened eyes, as if seeing a ghost in broad daylight, and met the most unbelievable thing in the world.

How is that possible? !
Playing two piano pieces by yourself? !
The foreign pianist of the jury looked at He Lianyin in horror. It was not a treasure but a god!
He looked at HeLianYin greedily and excitedly. If the child was put in the world meeting place, it would definitely shock the world’s eyes.
He Lianyin stared at him playing the perfect ending.
I have some in my heart.
And a little excited.
I can’t say what it feels like. She always feels that her eyes have been baptized again. She never knew that a person can be so gifted and terrible.
In the past, she felt that she was different from other children. She could always calculate the main road quickly in her mind or see the numbers. She could always work out the results at the first time with her own brain.
Later, I met Yu Zhou, who was dull but equally excellent. She felt that she had finally found a companion.
Today, when she saw Brother Ling Ling, the genius of Chinese music, she realized that everyone had different talents, some were learning, some were art and some were emotional intelligence.
She is studying.
Brother is art
Yu EQ should be the kind of person who is good at picking up girls.
On that day, everyone was shocked. He Lianyin’s piano skills have been back for a long time, but it’s not world-class, okay? But the cosmic level! How many people in this world can practice this realm? Being able to play two piano pieces when you are only a teenager is simply shocking to make headlines.
Until the championship trophy was awarded to He Lianyin Lingling, she was still stunned. She took the runner-up trophy and wrote it full of pain.
After a long time, she closed her eyes and solemnly said to He Lianyin, "I will challenge you again one day."
HeLianYin disdain hook lip "come on, by that time your finger has been disabled"
She has a problem playing. Although she is arrogant, she is desperately destroying her own method. If she loses her fingers for a long time, she will be useless before she is 3 years old.
Yu Zhou won the third prize, and people like him are the happiest. If they lose, they are not sad. If they win, they will win the prize. He just smiles on the podium, pure and brilliant.
The photographer took pictures as a souvenir.
He Lianyin’s quiet eyes at the corner glance at the beautiful boy in the middle. He holds the golden trophy and laughs wildly.
He Lianyin smiled.
A flash of flash
Picture freeze-frame
This is the first time that HeLianYin and HeLianYin have the same photo, which is meaningful for collection. As soon as the competition broke up, the teenager took the trophy and asked the photographer for a photo. He wanted to put it in his room and had nothing to look at.
The photographer readily agreed to give him an address and asked him to pick up the developed photos sometimes.
The teenager nodded in a good mood.
After the game, He Lianyin was called by the principal to the principal’s office to talk about his international bilingual school’s award of a champion. The principal kept praising him and he also planned to give him another set of awards and publish them in a school newspaper so that the school could watch his brilliant achievements.
品茶"Yin classmate, what do you think of what I just discussed?" The headmaster handed him a cup of tea on the tea rack and smiled like a flower.
He figured that if He Lianyin’s reputation went out, it would be a time for the school to win glory, and it would be able to recruit more outstanding talented students.
"Whatever" is fine. The teenager likes this kind of scenery honor in the end, but then again, this honor is not only a glory for the school, but also for himself. He plays so hard that the school will of course be happy to interview him.
The foreign pianist is also sitting in the principal’s office. Foreigners are very polite. He waited until the principal finished before humbly and politely asking He Lianyin if he would like to go abroad with him for development.
They talked for a long time in the principal’s office, and it was nearly dusk when He Lianyin came out.
President Lian Yin’s outdoor corridor and other teenagers came up and pushed the trophy into her arms. "Xiao Yin gave you this trophy."

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