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Lin Mo-chen grabbed Lu and worried about his chest, making a mess of his hands, which made him surge in emotion.

This is a street. Can you not light the fire?
"Mrs. Lin lit the fire, but she was responsible!" Lin Mochen clasped her finger tightly.
"People are you. How can I be responsible?" Lu you smiled at him more brightly than when he said this. "Mr. Lin can’t go too far."
Lin Mo-chen reached out and pinched the tip of her nose. "Mrs. Lin can also say such disgusting words and make progress."
"It’s not just that people who are near Zhu Zhechi and near’ ink’ are black." Lu sorrow happily took his arm.
"Mrs. Lin has a big problem with me?" Lin Mochen, she is holding on.
"I’m grateful that I dare not ask Mr. Lin to get rid of this fire. Where do I dare to have any opinions?" Lu You teased him.
"Deep resentment!" Lin Mo-chen smiled and smiled at the bottom of the pool.
"If I dare not, I dare not." Lu asked for forgiveness and changed the subject. "I have to hurry home at this time."
Lin Mo Chen also temporarily let her go and took her to his car. "Let’s go home quickly, and my parents are still waiting for us to eat at home."
Lu You followed him. "Have you been to my house?"
"You don’t go home, so I can go back to my parents’ house with you to give you a surprise. I didn’t expect you to give me a bigger surprise." Lin Mowan’s tone revealed Nai. "I just arrived at your house, but you haven’t come home yet, and then the southern dialect called in and told me that you were taken away by Chi Yiming. This kind of hero saving the United States can naturally be left to me, Mrs. Lin. You really make Mr. Lin very worried and have to compensate me in a lifetime."
"I can’t promise?" Lu sorrow blinked tender eyes.
"But" Lin Mochen is in a good mood to allow "two generations then"
"…" Lu sorrow is really language "when I didn’t say"
Lin Mochen drove back to Lujia with landing worries.
When I went downstairs, I saw Liu Songzheng coming out of the kitchen with food. "You’re back, parents can have dinner."
"Why didn’t eldest sister-in-law come back for dinner today?" Lu you put the bag away.
"Recently, ChiShi is busy, and your eldest sister-in-law wants to work overtime." Liu Song’s eyes floated with a dark color and said an unfortunate news. "Jingjing said that she would not go to check the day …"
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Warm marriage and tease wife/bear vine
Palace Pinellia has a mother’s life and no father’s pain. darling daughter was framed by his relatives. Thanks to a man’s help.
From then on, she was haunted by him.
He vowed to "marry me and be my woman. You kill people, I pass knives, you set fires and I pile firewood."
Slag abuse, fighting villain’s way, he cut through thorns to protect her for weeks
The three generations of Feng Jin’s chaebol poured cold blood into the sky but spoiled their wives to the bone.
Section 5
I fell in love with her at first sight a year ago and wiped her clean after a year.
Is strong, such as he vows to label him.
"Don’t have physical contact with other men, don’t look at him, and men don’t let other men."
Three, don’t let her endure it. "It’s itchy to be promoted."
"Wife, I have a place that really itches. Why don’t you touch it!"
[This is a story of a black-bellied overbearing president flirting with his wife and getting farther and farther, constantly overwhelming and overwhelming]
I want to protect Lu You from being hurt.
Lu Song was disappointed and surprised when Li Mei’s eyes floated.
桑拿按摩"Komatsu, what did you say? Jingjing can’t go? " Li Meizhen thought that she had misheard her just now. She still held a glimmer of hope. "Isn’t it the weekend?"
"Mom Jingjing’s company has been working overtime recently. It’s not that she is alone, but that everyone, even the top management, has been working overtime." Lu Song explained to Li Mei.
"She seldom worked overtime before her company. Why should she work overtime this time?" Li Mei didn’t want to believe that she was suspicious and scolded, "She didn’t want Xiao Lin to arrange this affair carefully. Now she says no, so Xiao Lin is not busy in vain and owes people a lot of favor. How can she be so faithless?"
Liu Song looked at Lin Mo Chen and was really embarrassed.
Because Feng Jingjing was arranged to go to Minheng Hospital for examination, it was Lin Mo-chen who arranged it. He was also the president of his own company. In this capacity, it was really lucky for generations to arrange these small things for ordinary people like them. He also knew that Lin Mo-chen was worried about his sister Lu, otherwise he would definitely not be concerned about such small things.
Feng Jingjing said that he gave Lin Mo-chen’s kindness to Lang without working overtime, which made him feel uneasy, nervous and deeply sorry when he faced his big boss.
"I’m sorry to upset you, Mr. Lin, but Jingjing can’t go. I apologize to you." Lu Song doesn’t know what else to do except apologize. "Chi’s recent troubles have caused them to work overtime on weekends."
"It’s not your fault. You don’t need to apologize." Lin Mochen comforted him. "I can’t go this time. There is another chance. My friends in the hospital are very good. I want her to arrange it sometimes. Don’t worry."
Chi’s recent troubles were indeed caused by his Lin Mo-chen, who gave them a warning that Chi Yiming hurt Lu You and did those shameful things. Similarly, the Song family did not escape Chi Song’s troubles to varying degrees. This is a small revenge. If they do excessive things to Lu You again, it will not be so simple.
"Yes, eldest brother, it’s okay. After this matter, it can be arranged that it’s not urgent for eldest sister-in-law to work." Lu sorrow also relieves the atmosphere and doesn’t want his brother to blame himself too much.
"Thank you for understanding" Lu Song felt less uncomfortable.
Lu sorrow shook his head is not since.
She pulled a side Lin Mo Chen sleeve and smiled very sweetly. "Eldest brother, we are all family. Don’t be so polite, but let’s be embarrassed, right? Ink minister … "
"Well, Xiao You’re right. A family should help each other." Lin Mochen is naturally on the same front as Lu You.

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