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Section 55

"Goblin, be good and don’t move. Let me finish reading this information in my hand." His voice was hoarse.
Can’t she feel that change in his face?
"Ah" night Xihan exclaimed that his cheeks were red and his body could not move again.
He likes to see this shy picture of her, which is so pink and lovely that he can’t help but want to bend down and give it a hard time.
Night Xihan sat quietly in his arms, listening to his strong breathing and strong heartbeat. Her heart felt like a deer hit her, and her heart beat faster.
Achieve that desired effect, Mu Lingtian continue to devote himself to his work, and it will take him a few minutes to finish this document in his hand.
I was fascinated to see him and she looked at him intently. To be exact, I was fascinated. His fingers were slender and beautiful. What was written on that side?
Chapter seventy-four She likes it very much
She shook her head and looked back awkwardly. Those were all English, and she couldn’t understand them at all.
Her English is very poor, and she has never failed since she learned to speak this language, which can be said to be a limit.
"Then what are you looking at so engrossed?"
"You … you write those fonts …" She was embarrassed to open her cheeks and burn red.
His documents are like looking at the sky to her, but those beautiful and rigid fonts attract her attention.
"Your handwriting is so beautiful." She praised her cheeks for blushing. She always feels shy in front of him.
Muling’s eyes deepened when it was dark. Her shy expression was simply inviting him to be a beast.
"And your fingers are beautiful, too," she said shyly, and her white fingers didn’t consciously touch his fingers. His fingers were the most beautiful she had ever seen. She fiddled with them for a while, but soon she felt that she was a little reckless. How could she touch his fingers? Little face almost shrank into his neck socket because of shame
"I … I didn’t mean to." She apologized and felt that she had just gone a little too far.
"Do you know that you are leading me to do bad things to you?" His voice is hoarse and full of affection/desire.
"I … I apologized." She also regretted what she had just done.
"Kiss me if you don’t want me to get angry." He bit her soft little earlobe and whispered.
"Don’t" she was embarrassed because he bit her ear and made a stream slide over this man. She really didn’t want to kiss him!
"Either you kiss me or you choose." He said viciously. Why did she wriggle? I don’t know how many times I’ve had sex with him, and I’m too stingy to give him a kiss.
You!’ She was red-faced, angry and wide-eyed. He is such a bad man. Why do you always think such things?
"Give you three seconds to think about three, two, one." He gnashed his teeth and counted down slowly.
At the end of the night, Xihan shyly hooked his neck and kissed his lips, then kissed her in revenge. He took a heavy bite on his lips and then got into his mouth mischievously.
Mulingtian’s throat was tight with a big palm, so he threw it at her, deepened the kiss, and opened a big palm directly into her clothes.
All his strength was absorbed by him, leaving a little face flushed with kisses and a slightly swollen mouth.
She is so shy that men are so strange. It seems that she has a special liking for women.
Soon MuLingTian let go of her lips and went directly to her somewhere. I don’t know when he pushed her away …
"President, your fast food has arrived." At this moment, the secret inappropriate sound came over. Mu Lingtian was playing hard, and the secret just broke in and took a look at this situation. At the same time, he was dumbfounded and broke out in a cold sweat. Why didn’t the president know how to do such a thing?
Ye Xihan’s nervousness has shrunk into a small group, which is embarrassing. Are they seen? Whoops all blame her for not going to the door, or else she will almost stick to him at a low pressure, but she still doesn’t know how quickly she will stick her body to her chest compared to her Muling Day, which is a cold command to "put it away".
The secret didn’t dare to hesitate at all. He put things on the table with his head down and floated out. Don’t forget to take the door before he left.
"Come out. Everyone’s gone."
How dare Ye Xihan come out? Shrink again
"You’re going to get into my place if you drill into it again." Damn little demon jing never misses his chance to ignite.
Night Xi Han was embarrassed, only in hindsight did I realize that my face was really ground in his place. No wonder a hard object just pinched her face and it was still so painful. When I thought of this, her face was almost scalded and she pulled her clothes quickly, so I wanted to get up and stay away from him. This man is not generally dangerous.
"Where to?"
"I’ll go"
"Don’t move. Don’t move. I want you now."
Mu Lingtian took a heavy breath and slapped her around. He really wanted to have her now. God knows what a test it is for a man to ban/desire for so long. Last night, I should have a good love affair. As a result, this little demon jing went to a friend’s house in the middle of the night. He almost went straight to the door to carry people, but he just suppressed a fire.
Night city culvert clever move all dare not move, she can clearly feel MuLingTian there … Also very afraid that he really want to do that to her again.
Mu Lingtian saw that she was clever, so she opened the white lunch box in the new material bag. The dishes in these boxes are very neat, and there are many kinds of dishes, soup and meat.
But his secret seems to be that he ate alone and put a pair of chopsticks in a plastic bag.
How can I eat with a pair of chopsticks when I am depressed at night?
Well, it seems that she’d better not eat it. She’s not hungry anyway.
Watching Mu Lingtian pick up chopsticks and clip vegetables by himself at night is a little uncomfortable. This man is really a gentleman. Why don’t you know how to let her go? Although she is not going to eat, didn’t he just ask her what she wanted to eat? Why don’t you see any concrete actions?
Men really say one thing and do another.
Feel depressed
"Open your mouth" Mu Lingtian’s overbearing command didn’t ask her if she loved to eat. She picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into her mouth.
"Open your mouth"
"Oh no, you eat! I’m not hungry. "Ye Xihan began shyly. How old is she? This is too much.
桑拿会所"Want me to feed you with my mouth?" Mulingtian’s mouth was covered with a smile. No matter how many times he saw her shy appearance, he loved it, especially the tender little face. He couldn’t help but want to take a bite.
"Really, please eat quickly." She breathed softly and her heart was thunderous. Now even her brain is in a short circuit stage. She didn’t hear what he said just now.
"It seems that you really want me to feed you with my mouth." Mulingtian’s mouth gently pulled a hoarse and low tone.
"mouth? Ah … what mouth "realized what he said, and it was so embarrassing that Xi Han’s face became redder at night. Her face never calmed down when she was with this man.
She was ashamed to death.
Du du mouth red face jiao scold a way "you shameless"
"Small demon jing do you eat or not? If you don’t eat, I’ll’ eat’ you directly. "He is warm and ignorant, and his eyes are evil.
Night Xihan couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This man is really bad. His brain is full of yellow thoughts, and there is nothing else.
Clever mouth to eat, he picked up the food, and his little face could not help but raise happiness and embarrassment.

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