Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine "Industrial Revitalization" project implementation plan

Targeting the "Chinese Medicine Strong Provincial" construction target Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine "Industrial Revitalization" project implementation program issued recently, Hunan Provincial Health Committee, Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Science and Technology Department and other 13 departments "Hunan Province Chinese Medicine "Industrial Revitalization" Project Implementation Plan (2021 – 2025) ".

"Program" proposed, our province will target the "Chinese Medicine Strong Provincial" construction goal, promote the transformation of Chinese medicine industry, in 2025, realizing the traditional Chinese medicine industry has become one of the characteristic pillar industries of Hunan ‘s economic development.

In terms of industrial layout, "Program" proposed, building 1 Chinese medicine resource database and Chinese medicine specimen, 1 road land and special medicinal plant germplasm, 1 Chinese herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine drinking tablets, 15-20 provincial roads With the characteristic medicinal materials, 30-40 "custom pharmaceutical gardens", 30-40 "custom pharmaceutical parks."

Construction 40-50 Chinese herbal medicines in the first and deep processing demonstration base.

Develop 3 Chinese herbal medicines, develop national standards, industry standards, group standards, and local standards are not less than 30.

Construction of 3 Chinese Medicine Third Party Quality Testing Agency. In addition, innovative research and development of 3-5 new drug new drugs, new cultivation has sold more than 100 million yuan in 20 years, and selling 100 billion yuan in traditional Chinese medicine in 2-5 years.

Create 100 food and health foods, daily use and cosmetics, plant extracts, agricultural inputs and other traditional Chinese medicine derivatives.

Construction of 10-14 Regional Chinese Medicine Formulation Center and 50-60 Chinese Medicine Sharing Tuning Distribution Center.

At the same time, build a national Chinese medicine and literary technology. Create 2-3 National Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tour Demonstration Zone, open up 5-8 Kangsuui boutique tourism routes to create 30-40 provincial forest contributing bases with traditional Chinese medicine.

Promoting the construction of traditional Chinese medicine specialty.

Promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine special foot bath, massage, physiotherapy and other Chinese medicine health care services.

On the development path, the "program" clearly promoted many sectors, and the inheritance innovation is equal.

Strengthening the protection and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine resources, strengthening the germplasm and origin of the germplasm and the protection of the traditional Chinese medicine production area, and improve the dynamic monitoring system of traditional Chinese medicine resources, and continues to support the Quality Monitoring Technology Service Center of Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Raw Materials. The county-level modern Chinese medicine resources dynamic monitoring information service station stably operates, preliminary establishment of "Xiang Jiweizi" and the dynamic monitoring and traceability system of characteristic herbal materials, and construct an early warning mechanism.

"Program" puts forward, establish and improve the research and innovation system of Hunan Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry, strengthen national innovation platform, and the provincial department to build an innovative platform construction.

Intensive Chinese Medicine Research Projects and Fund Support.

Support Chinese medicine new drug research and development, promote Chinese medicine innovation drugs, traditional Chinese medicine modified new drugs, ancient classical cultivated research and development. Support enterprises independent research and development or introduce innovative drugs, and rewards production of production processes and put into production in the province. The conformity new registration Chinese medicine preparation is included in the fundamental medical insurance fund payment range according to the provisions. The "Program" implementation step is divided into three stages of the deployment start, overall promotion, and consolidate the development of expansion. In order to ensure the smooth implementation, the "program" requires the full development of the joint meeting of the Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine, and coordinates the resolution of major problems, and establishing and improve the coordination mechanism of all sectors. Establishing government funds as guided, corporate investment is the investment mechanism of the main body and social funds. Coordinate the relevant departments for special funds to jointly support the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. (Reporter Zhang Chunxiang) (Editor: Luo Shuai, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client download.