Countdown 1 Day "Global Mission 3" new version will open tomorrow

  In a full perspective, the third-person PVE shooting online game "Global Mission 3", those with different styles of the world, the styles of the terrain, always exudes endless charm. Players who hold the double gun can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, experience a passion of the passion! At the end of the year of the year from December 14, it will showcase the unreal space of the new map. The first high-custom fashion can be free.

Today, let’s take a look at their scenes and exterior! Demally, the big version, the new map scene has been exposed to experienced a few years of confidential research and development, the National Union finally launched a new generation of virtual reality (VirtualReality) training system.

Through virtual battlefield environments, single soldiers and multi-human simulation training are created to create a variety of realistic battlefield scenes, greatly improve training effects and safety.

Since this picture class is a new map in PVE nostalgic mode, players can’t use their own weapons in this mode, they can only use the map to kill the points to exchange new weapons. Today, how many comrades have been left around? Let us wear equipment, pick up our weapons, summon your companions to returning to the past, and write under your own memories. Exploring the source code, the new fashion is about to debut his technology is not the best in the hacker, but the legend of its experience is sucking the whole world. He has extremely different from other hackers, except for the whole, green light and shadow will also arverse. When survived world proves to be an illusory, then what else is worth trust? Maybe, the ghost on the online will give you an answer.

The cool black ink mirror is equipped with a handsome gas, wearing this empire elite agent is exclusive to fight, and the combat power must be strengthened. As one of the old version of the year, the new version of "Global Mission 3" will be sent free of charge after the update on December 14! "Global Mission 3" The year-end version will hit on December 14, new map, game fashion is about to be unveiled, more benefits are waiting for you! Full-perspective PVE shooting online game "Global Mission 3" new version of the phantom shock is online! Here is the most shocking sci-fan war scene, the most distinctive full perspective real action shooting combat combat and various PVE gameplay of the hot blood stimulus.