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After the founding of New China, the people and the same enthusiasm, the whole body put into socialist construction, forming a variety of amazing, even incredible great struggles.First, the spirit of Daqing, also called the spirit of the iron man, that is, the spirit of hard work.

In 1960, China has serious natural disasters, the economy is very difficult, and the socialist allies, the former Soviet Union, known as "old big brother", also torn the contract at this time, and the technical blockade of us, the Western imperialism is also We carry out oil embargo, the neck is everywhere, and the new China needs to develop oil, what should I do? An unprecedented oil conference war in Daqing, as a result of the oil worker represented by Wang Jinxi, "There is conditional, there is no condition to create conditions." "," Mr., after life.

" "," Oil workers, the earth must shake! "The entrepreneurial slogan.

In just a few years, fell off the backward hat in China.

So fast, which country has been there? No, only China’s Daqing.

In 1964, Chairman Mao called called for this: "Industrial Daqing!" Subsequently, Daqing spirit became a learning example of the national industrial front.

Second, the spirit of Dazhai. That is, people and natural struggles, governance water, scientific farming spirit, brief "war" spirit.

Here, in 1964, Zhou Enlai Premier Zhou Lao was present in the "Government Work Report", expressed its spirit.

"Shanxi Xiyang County Dazhai Commune Dazhai Brigade is a collection of agricultural construction from the community, and the development of agricultural construction from the students, and developing the advanced typical typical in developing agricultural production.

This brigade has the original production conditions, is a thin-hills of the earth, all cultivated land in the area of ??the eight gaps in the sevengou.

For more than a decade, this brigade has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the masses under the leadership of the party, combined with the processing and transformation of cultivated land, combined with the eight-word constitution, carrying out a lot of, arduous farmland basic construction, putting the past 4,700 dispersion land into the past 900 ladders, becoming stable high-yield fields in drought and flood protection.

The grain mu of production was increased from 287 pounds in 1952 to 772 pounds in 1962, and in 1963, it was still more than 700 pounds.

From 1953 to 1963, the Dazhai Brigade sold 1758000 catties of food to the country.

The Dazhai Brigade insisted on politics, the principle of thought, the principle of thinking, self-reliance, the spirit of hard work, patriotic, love collectively communist style … "A country’s government work report, in such a large number of gangs, the foundation of Dazhai at the center of the central leader. No wonder, some people feel:" If Chinese rural areas like Dazhai, the Chinese food I can’t finish it.

"On December 26, 1964, Mao Zedong 71 birthday, with his own feast, the three tables, banquet Chen Yonggui, Wang Jinxi, Qian Xuesen, etc.

Then, issued: "Agricultural Dazhai" call.

Subsequently, "Dry up, do it, the red flowers of Dazhai are all over."

Unfortunately, it is reported that now the rich Dazhai people spend thousands of giants cover a big temple on the Tiumou Mountain, praying that God bless, will derogate the past "The spirit of the battle" is worth a worth. Ok, this is just their future generations, and the spirit of the struggle of the pre-lost person. Third, Lei Feng spirit.

Lei Feng spirit can be divided into two parts, one is the communist spirit, that is, sacrificing personal interests, helping others, namely: wholeheartedly serve the people.

The second is the spirit of the screw, whether it is screwed to where it is screwed, and it can play a role. In 1963, Chairman Mao personally inscribed the communist warrior: "Learn to Lei Feng!"

"The two spirits of Lei Feng, no matter what country, what society welcomes. Therefore, Lei Feng as a rare human spiritual substance in the world, representing the Chinese, the West Point military school in the United States of America, China’s first realization of contemporary spiritual substances output Western advanced countries Four, two play a star spirit. That is, the spirit of the competition, indicating that the Chinese have a sign, there is a bone, can rely on self-reliance, hard work, create his own atomic bomb, let the satellite on the day.

The Western imperialist forces in the fifty-income of the Western imperialism have been shouting for socialist China. If there is no such thing, if there is no such thing, I can’t lift my head. I have no diplomacy in the international. In order to compete for this, our people’s army and scientists, only five years, let Western countries are shocked. In October 1964, my country has successfully exploded the first atomic bomb. In November 1967, the first hydrogen bomb was successfully exploded. In April 1970, the first man-made earth satellite was successfully launched. Which country can develop nuclear industry and aerospace industry like China, there is no, but the new China standing.

In 1971, the United Nations immediately resumed the deprivation of legitimate seats for 22 years. In 1972, the US president also held hands with Chinese leaders from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

In 1974, Deng ** attended the 6th Conference of the Communist Party of China, said to people: "If there is no atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, the satellite in the 1960s, China can’t be called an impact, Now international status.

These aspects reflect the ability of a nation and a country with a prosperous development.

Five, the spirit of the Hongqi Canal.

That is, the spirit of contemporary "Yugong", saying that the specific point is the spirit of "Artificial Mountain River".

Taihang Mountain’s Yugong Mount is just an ancient fable, and the red flag channel has become a reality, and it has become a spiritual home in "people to win the day". In the early 1960s, Henan Lin County people solved the farmland water and the people’s live water, hard work for ten years, relied on self-reliance, boldly opened the Taihang Mountain, attracting the water to the mountain, completely follow the will of the people, benefiting the people.

This "Yugong spirit" is not abroad, only the Chinese nation has such a creativity.

Just as the recordings are singing in the movie: "Take the people of Lin County, vowing the mountains and rivers."