Economic development new movement can be more powerful (economic new orientation)

  Source of data: National Statistics Bureau: Cai Huowei’s cultivation of growth, new movement can accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance economic development, and promote high quality development. The National Bureau of Statistics recently released that in 2020, my country’s economic development new movable index is, growing more than the previous year.

  "The results show that in 2020, despite the serious impact of new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the new industry, new business, new business model is the main content of the economic development, and the rapid growth of the potential, the economy shows a good toughness, and it is promoted Powerful support for high quality development.

"Director of the Statistical Research Institute of the National Bureau of Statistics said. The network economy index has grown the fastest, and the maximum economic development of the total index growth is the new industry, new business, new business model (referred to as" three new " ) The statistical index system for main content, reflecting the trend and process of economic new energy development, including network economic index, economic vitality index, innovative drive index, knowledge capability index, transformation upgrade index five classification indicators.

  According to the new characteristics of the new situation of "three new" economic development, this measurement is revised for the original statistical index system. According to the latest index system, my country’s economic development new movable index is ,,,,,,%,%,%,%,%,,,,, In 2020, the classification index has improved, in which the network economic index is, the growth rate of the total index growth rate is% more than the previous year. The network economic index has grown the fastest and contributes to the growth index growth.

  Internet users continue to expand.

At the end of 2020, my country’s mobile Internet users reached from 200,000, an increase of 165.6 billion GB over the previous year; the total number of times and 2014 in 2019; fixed internet broadband access users David, Growing% over the previous year. "The network information technology is increasingly mature, the network infrastructure is constantly improved, 5G infrastructure speeds up the layout, the construction of the Internet of Things is in-depth, and it is strongly supported the rapid growth of the network economy." Yan Haici said. New state is constantly emerging. Online office, remote consultation, contactless delivery, etc. New consumption growth.

In 2020, the country’s online retail sales is trillion, press comparable caliber, which is more than the previous year.

"New consumption demand in adapting to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, network retail new formation is constantly emerging, and consumer scenarios are in-depth.

"闾海 Qi introduced.

  "Last year ‘three new’ economic added value accounts for greater GDP, and the new movement of economic development can be more powerful." Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Director of China International Development Knowledge Center, said. Innovative ability is continuously improved, providing a solid guarantee for the cultivation of new movements, in 2020, the innovation driver index is, the growth rate increases than the previous year, and the growth rate is second only to the network economic index. "my country continues to increase basic research investment, enhance the original innovation ability, accelerate the promotion of key core technical research, and fully carry out the exhibition of emergency response, scientific and technological innovation has achieved new progress, emerges a number of new results, providing a solidity for cultivation Assure.

"闾海琪 said.

  In 2020, the national research and experimental development (RD) fundamental expenditure and GDP ratio is%, raising a percentage point over the previous year; 4639 patent licensing per million RD personnel, grew a substantial growth in the previous year, is 2014 Double; technical market transaction contract amount billion yuan, growing up than the previous year, and the technical factine market maintains rapid growth. Longhai Bo said that my country’s overturgies prevention and control and economic and social development have taken the lead in achieving completion of completion of completion, and take the lead in achieving economic growth, which is insecting to create a new drive development strategy.

"Digital, intelligent promotion, replenishment, and realize industrial digitalization, intelligent upgrade, China’s economic structure, in my country.

"Innovative ability is improved, and you will not create a new person.

Vigorously play the advantages of human talent resources, continue to strengthen innovative talents, and my country’s knowledge capacity construction is continuously promoted. In 2020, the knowledge capability index is more than the previous year. From the main constitution indicator, in 2020, the proportion of master’s degree in the economic activities of the economic activity is%, and the proportion of high-education in my country has increased year by year over the previous year.

In 2020, my country’s total number of employees RD personnel in China had a year, grew up than the previous year, and the human capital is steadily accumulated, and the roots of knowledge capabilities are effectively built. The market vitality is constantly inspired. The economic development toughness has continued to enhance 2020, and the economic vitality index is that the index value is second only to the network economy, which is more than the previous year.

  In 2020, the number of new registered registered markets in the country was 25.02 million, net increased by 10,000 households than 2019, and growth%. "Last year, my country has a new registration of enterprises. The total number of mains at the end of the year is 100 million, and it is reflected in the economic recovery." Yan Haiqi introduced that my country’s actual use of foreign billion dollars, growth%; high-tech industries actually use foreign investment $ 42.8 billion, growing%, reflecting the powerful vitality and attractiveness of our market.闾海 Qi analysts, governments at all levels have focused on promoting functions, and the supervision methods are constantly improved. The business environment continues to optimize, and it has promoted the vigorous development of entrepreneurship. The new market entities rapidly increase, further stimulate economic vitality, and enhance economic development toughness. In the five indicators, the transformation upgrade index is, growth%.

  Strategic emerging industries grow rapidly. In 2020, my country’s strategic emerging industrial added value accounted for a total GDP proportion of GDP, raising a percentage point than the previous year, and raised a percentage point than 2014. "my country actively responds to epidemic challenges, strengthening work coordination, and introduces a series of policy measures to support emerging industries. In particular, the industrial Internet innovation development strategy, cultivate integrated circuit industry and software industry, create artificial intelligent innovation application pilot zone, strong support new The energy automotive industry has promoted the growth of new industries.

"闾海琪 said.

  High-tech manufacturing accounts for continuous improvement. In 2020, the added value of my country’s high-tech manufacturing has grown than the previous year, and the growth rate of industrial added value above the scale is more than the above-scale industrial added value, which is more than one percentage value, which is increased from the previous year. The industry presents clustering. Information and intelligent development trend.

  "From long-term, enhance the knowledge ability index and transition upgrade index, it is the key to improving the new kinetic energy of economic development.

These two dimensions have great potential for future development, take a long time.

Long Haibo said.

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