Employment public transport payment integrated Shanghai promotes "three yards integration"

Original title: In order to achieve public transport payment integration, Shanghai vigorously promote the "three yard integration", including the digital network of Shanghai urban transportation, management, and service has been prototype. At the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Industry Digital Transformation Work Promotion Conference The hospital provides a platform for parking appointment services will implement "Query a picture, pay a platform, share one button, reserve a entrance", and traffic "three yard integration" work will gradually advance. In accordance with the implementation of the city’s first industry digital transformation of the city’s first industry – "Shanghai Municipal Transportation Industry Digital Transformation Implementation Opinions (2021-2023)", Shanghai’s integration infrastructure development in transportation industry (ie "Economics"), transportation Industry regulatory model is heavy (ie "governance"), the transportation industry transportation service (ie "life") three aspects, put forward 20 main tasks, 60 key projects, currently in accordance with "to complete a batch, reserve A batch of principles accelerated. It is reported that the digital transformation work in the Shanghai Transportation Industry has always around the urban economic development and services of the public, and continues to advance in the field of life, economic digital and governance. The field of life is officially launched in the field of life digitalization, Maas system construction work, this year will achieve "deep break" in "small incision".

One side focuses on the convenient parking, one-button car, green travel induction and other travel scenes, reflecting the existing transportation service function, to obtain a full-time process for public transportation travel, all-in-one, all-class information services, and other basic; In terms of vigorously promote "three yards integration", promote public transport payment integration services.

"Shanghai Parking" has been fully connected to the city’s 3,300 business parking lots (libraries) and the basic information data of 1200 toll road parking lots, achieving all access to the road parking and 1,500 business parking lots (libraries " The "Parking Appointment" function of 10 hospitals such as Xinhua Hospital and Ruijin Hospital has been launched. On the basis of launching the "one-button car" of the weather station, the "one-button car" service into the community pilot.

On June 16th, "a button called car" service into the community pilot project has started, 100 intelligent call installations were completed before July 1, and cooperated with 4 hospitals in August and "a button called car" Hospital project. Since 2019, the Municipal Communications Commission has launched a research on the demonstration engineering of smart highway, forming a high-speed construction planning plan for Shanghai, and has a highway in the long triangular integrated radiation range, first promotes some smart high-speed demonstration project .

On July 1, 2020, Yangshan Port Smart Heavy Card Demonstration Operation Project officially launched container transport business, and completed 10,000 TEU transportation volume during the year.

This year, the smart grade card continued to carry out quasi-commercial operations, plans to invest 14 smart cards to complete 40,000 TEU transport tasks.

Governance Digital Field Municipal Communications Commission promotes dangerous goods digital regulatory projects, using special measures such as satellite positioning, video surveillance, electronic transport, and cooperate with public security, emergency, market supervision and other departments to build a network system.

Realize the full chain supervision of dangerous goods transportation, from traditional "off underground supervision + artificial supervision" turn to "online supervision + digital supervision".

At the same time, explore advanced technologies such as large data and artificial intelligence, realize the prevention and hidden dangers of industry security risk, and help urban safety operation guarantees.

In the lower stage, the Municipal Communications Commission will further promote the key scene of the industry’s digital transformation, combined with the Maas system construction, steadily promote the convenient parking, one-button car, three yards and other work; continue to promote Yangshan Port to demonstrate the demonstration operation; Regulatory work; promote the full management of the northern transverse channel, relying on intelligent supervision means to achieve integration management of construction management.

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