Fujian and Taiwan cooperation into Fujian Social Capital Office New Hotspots

Original title: Fujian and Taiwan cooperation into Fujian Social Capital Office, New Hotspot China, Fuzhou, January 10 (Reporter Lin Chun) is located in Taiwan Dexin (Pingtan) ENT Hospital and Pingtan (Pingtan) ENT Hospital in Pingtan, Fujian Province Taiwan) Ai Weikou Hospital has been in less than a year, but has been aware of the popularity in Pingtan. In Fujian Medical System Reform Process, Fujian vigorously developed social capital system, and the medical industry of Fujian and Taiwan has become a new hotspot.

  As the first comprehensive experimental area in the mainland, Pingtan, which enjoys the "experimental area + sales zone" double-wheeled Pingtan is gradually carrying out two-strait medical service base pilot, actively introducing high-end technical talents of Taiwan medical and health professional, and allows qualifications to pay Enterprises Invest in Pingtan Investment and establish a health service agency, allowing Taiwan practitioners to open private clinics in Pingtan. Li Yuanrui, Pingtan (Taiwan), Avikou Hospital, said in recent years, reported to China’s reporter, which benefited from the proficiency policy of self-trading district, and cooperated with local listed companies to cooperate with oral hospitals, bringing a genuine table for mainland compatriots. Oral medical services. In addition to the above two specialist hospitals, Zhongfu Strait (Pingtan) Development Co., Ltd. is also jointly with Taiwan Boutique Medical Team and International Specialist Medical Cooperation Agency, which plans to build five specialist hospitals in Taiwan medical cooperation on Taiwan Medical Park, Pingtan. It covers an area of ??82 acres, with a total investment amount of 100 million yuan, and 390 total beds. "Pingtan Cross-Strait Medical Park will cooperate with Pingtan International Tourism Island and the common homes of Pingtan, driving the development of health tourism industry. After the project is completed, it can receive 10,000 people, and the hospital will receive 10,000 people." Zhongfu Strait ( Sun Guoming, assistant to Chairman of Pingtan) Development Co., Ltd. In recent years, the multi-dimensional docking cooperation in the medical industry in Fujian and Taiwan.

While encouraging support for social capital, Fujian, prioritizing Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia capital or service providers to Fujian to set up joint venture and collaborative medical institutions or wholly-owned hospitals.

The industry believes that this is a positive exploration of Fujian, which is the first before the establishment of the Taiwan Straits.

  In Quanzhou, the largest settlement of Taiwan-funded medical and health projects in China is open at the end of 2016.

The total investment in the project area in the Quanzhou Taihang investment area is $ 500 million, which is the first high-end medical project in the investment of the Department of Medical Industry Funds, the Taiwan Straits. In fact, since the end of the "Quanzhou Summer and Hospital" ended the end of 2015, the Taiwan Medical Biotechnology Industry has been "landing" boom, surrounding medical and biotechnology.

  Taiwan Guotai Medical and High-quality Medical Inspection took over the Delun Park in the Taihang Investment Zone in Quanzhou, promoted the interactive encryption of both strait health fields. At present, the senior technology of the medical and healthy industry in Taiwan’s inventive investment area has reached more than 20 people, and more than 20 medical science and technology cooperation projects. According to reports, the Future Strait Cross-Strait Medical Industry Fund will also be in Quanzhou Construction Medical Science and Technology, healthy and cultural community, and establish an international medical institution, medical health management company, etc.

  Statistics show that in 2016, Fujian Province fiscally arranged 15 million yuan for RMB special funds, and supported social capital held by medical institutions. By fiscal support and other policies, 20,734 medical books in Fujian, accounting for 40 beds in the province, accounting for 40 beds in the province; there are more than 40 social capital hospitals, including Taiwan capital, including more than 10,000 beds.

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