Harbin: Expanding the production scale of the shed chamber to increase the reserve of cold autumn vegetables

In order to effectively ensure the production supply of Harbin Citizens, the Municipal Agricultural Rural Areas attach great importance to the supply of vegetable production enterprises, cooperatives, farmers in Harbin, and actively guide vegetable production enterprises, cooperatives, farmers, and use expansion facility parks in winter shed room production scale, selection resistanceIncreases measures such as reserves in the reserves of autumn vegetables, effective weather, etc.As of November 11, the city’s agricultural rural departments dispatching statistics, this year Harbin real estate fresh vegetables in the field area of more than 1,000 mu, more than 5 million bags in the field, the current total amount of vegetables currently 210,000 tons; daily marketPlace a real estate vegetable (edible bacteria) more than 1,000 tons, plus vegetable reserves in large agricultural products wholesale markets such as Harbin, Runheng, Longyuan, fully able to meet the city’s vegetable market supply.(Reporter Wang Sinna) (Editor: Wang Yan, Wang Si Di) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.